Saturday, October 31, 2009

Surprises From People who Care

Surprise 1:
I was preparing to dash out of school
when i bumped into Saiful and Lao EE on Thursday.

Lao EE said,
"When I saw you from a distance,
i thought you looked familiar.
It took me awhile to realize u're Mint.
So low profile for what?!"

Saiful added something like,
"Yeah man!
It's like you practically camouflaged with the background,
and became part of the school!"

Of course,
our encounter must be captured as a memorance.

See you guys next Wednesday. :)

Surprise 2:
I was working on my new song,
when i received a letter from my secondary school friend,
Jennifer Lim, also my Jie Jie for a good 10years now.

This letter was written from me, to her,
many many years back!
And there was a song attached
which i've written for her back then!

How Wonderful all my songs are coming back to me!
I'm going to sing it!!!

And I love my Jennifer Jie!
*Muacks Muacks Muacks*

Jennifer is someone who really is there for me, genuinely.
She kept her promise to take care of me,
and she has been doing that ever since.

I'd have alot of first encounters with her;

she brought me to pierce my ears as my 16th birthday present.
was there when i wore my 1st spagetti-striped top,
gave me my 1st bible-from precious moments,
my first ang-bao as my 'godmother',
protected me from those 'ah lians' in sec school,
was a friend when i hadn't any friends,
accompany me to city harvest church,
attended my 21st birthday party,
helped me when i'm in serious financial needs
by searching for part time jobs for me-Beds, Jab 1, MLM,
invited me to help her when she opened her first pub-Jens.

She lends a listening ear when i need it,
shower me with care and concern,
and love me for who i am.
She, is always her for me.

She's a real darling.
She simply give and give without asking for anything in return.
I can never thank her enough.

She is,God sent to me.

I'm really ashame of myself for not being there for her at all.
From now on,
I will be.

I will never forsake this friendship for anything in this world.
Sisters for Life!

I love my Jennifer Jie.

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