Sunday, October 25, 2009

Recording @ Flutter Music

I finally satisfied 3 long weeks of craving over @ Flutter Music;
i realize i cannot live without making music anymore.
This is a New CCA, like those activites u participate during your secondary school days.

working doubly hard to write my chords for my new songs.

Probably one of the best pianist around.
my new friend found;
but i keep forgetting his name!

Desmond- the magic man who can figure out my chords in a jiffy.
And my songs will come alive! :)


Our Rewards for our day of hardwork.
Although it seems a little too much food for 3,
we managed to clear majority of these.
I must learn how to figure chords.
I think i cannot be fully dependent on my friends all the time.
They have their own work and committments too.

The dice represents resorts, chalets and mountains;
The coaster represents the island.
The white survey represents the tides.
Find me a better way to describe monsoon?

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