Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Not All Abt Two Of Us!

Of course,
it's not all just about Jackie and I.

Over the month of June,
I've met up with some of my bestest friends as well!

There's Nave,
Chrissy, Weida,
Papa Chia, Mom,
visited Grandma house,
been out with my younger brother,
and there's more to come!

Happy Birthday Lao Pa!

That's Nave with his new hairdo ever since he ORD.


My weekends are never boring!
I've got a great planner who will never waste weekends idling at home.

Which explains why I never seem to have time for blogging.

We spent a good old 5hours from 2pm to 7pm,
packing and rearranging his bedroom.
I should have taken the photo before we started packing.

You should've seen the tremendous difference!

I felt that the unpacked room was beyond camera-friendly:
worn clothes, boxes of unwanted stuff, endless plastic bags laid on the floor,
waste papers and documents accumulating in the shelves and cabinets,
dusty baskets, expired bottles, unused stationeries
and books that had turned all yellow.

The boxes and plastic bags were stacked so high,
it covered most of the bedroom window.
There were layers of dust behind the shelves and boxes.

They were all being reduced to the minimum
and classified into various drawers by the end of the day.
Even the old computer moniter is thrown away
and changed into a new hp pavilion flat screen moniter.

DD commented that he looks as if he had a new bedroom!

i'll say it's not that DD has too many things in the bedroom.
He just didn't group them properly into their respective drawers.
which was the main reason why we didn't even have a decent place to walk.

Three garage bags, old and unwanted electronics,
2 boxes of papers, magazines and documents were being discarded.

We're still deciding where to hang this jigsaw of my fav cartoon character, Stitch.

The 'new' bedroom!

It still can be improved.
But I tell you honestly,
I am really proud of my DD who bothered to pack his room after so long!

At least,
he will not say this anymore,
"I remembered I put it somewhere..."

The most satisfying thing I got from it.
Lots of excercise over doing household chores,
and to get to see alot of DD's past photos, certificates,
past items like toys he used to play, people he used to meet,
things he used to do etc.

He used to be so skinny!!!

I'm looking forward to the things we'll be doing next weekend.

Happy Birthday Mom!

So in love with this Ip Man character.
He is never a dull man although a serious and down-to-earth person.

This movie is a success!

All thanks to his son,
who helped fulfilled his dad's earliest wish
to have his auto-biography made into a movie.
Now there's three.

I really don't know;
Am I in love with Donnie Yen,
Dennis To, Ip Man,
or just these heroic movies?

Maybe a little of each.

In the past,
was it really THIS exhilarating in reality?
If it is,
then I want to live in the past.

Years later,
are we going to make our forefathers' movies as well?
they are heroes too.

Mom is sick.
But a sick mom must still celebrate her birthday.

DD, she and I caught The legend is born: Ip Man, together.
After that we gave her birthday present shared between DD,
my younger brother Raymond, his gf and I.

we need to give her an express computer course.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's a wrap!

Tuition classes @ Tampines finally coming to an end.
Hammies getting fatter and growing healthy.
Will be going back to aunt's house to stay permanently.

Want to learn make-up and slim down to a proper figure.
It's time for some singing and driving lessons.

School is beginning.

It's time to take a step back.

A brand new start.
Bad stuff,
go away.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Night Out

I want to do this again!
This time with MORE friends I hope.

We can play mahjong,
board games,
BBQ and most of all,
play pranks on one another!

I finally got my camping stuff and
went for our first camp out with DD.

The very first lesson we learnt:
Never believe in 'fireproof' items.

We tried to BBQ with a disposable BBQ pit ON a
fireproof picnic table and,
the table got burnt!

Our $80 table!!!

It's a relief we weren't found on STOMP
titled: I saw some campers burn their table!


The morning sunrise was amazing,
not to forget the mcdonald breakfast we had.

we just bought another portable fan which runs on batteries.

You should buy one too if ever you get a tent.
It should be FIRST on the list!

Life Is Education Itself

i saw this somewhere,
"Life is an education itself".

And it struck me that I have to do something for my students.
They can't just do homework at the centre ALL THE TIME!
It's dull and lifeless.

I came up with a daring proposal-
to collaborate my secondary school and Pri 2 students together.
My secondary school students shall design a simple maths and english booklet
for my Pri2 students and teach them.
and my Pri2 students shall do the booklet activity and learn topics the fun way.

It worked!

All of them had a wonderful time.

Who says tuition can't be fun?
Not when you're taught by me!


My Hammies

They are syrians and really healthy.
I've been reading up about Hamsters online recently.
There's so much to know!

Hamsters live in the wild desert.
I used to have a Hamster, Kuai Kuai,
which will only wake up in the evenings.
I've always thought he was abnormal.
That was,
until i found out that Syrian hamsters are supposed to be
nocturnal animals.

DD bought a 3-storey hamster cage,
which is like a billion-dollar Villa to them.

The other day we saw a chocolate brown miniature poodle pupppy.
I almost bought it until DD reminded me that we have
no place for a new addition to our family.
We will have to wait until we buy a new apartment few years later.

I will satisfy this desire with my new psp game- Shepherd's Crossing 2;
it's a farm-rearing game.
where i can rear marmots, rabbits, sheeps, chicken and terriers.

you can say I'm officially Farmer Mint now.

Being a maid of a villa is tedious i tell you!
DD and I will spend up to at least 2 hours a day cleaning their cage.
we got the hang of it and the time has been reduced to minimum 1hour.

This is Dai Dai aka dumb dumb.
He will suddenly stare at you when you call him.
And for the next 10min,
he will stay very still regardless of how you try to wave at him.

He's a syrian male.

This is Xiao Dan.
She's a syrian female.

She bites.

Shower Time!

It's a pity we have to seperate the two.
As they are solitary animals,
they'll fight to their deaths.

we tried putting them together when they were younger,
and they managed to sleep soundly together! :)
At least,
they once had a peaceful time.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Live Football

This is a month overdued.
But I MUST blog it down!!!

This is my FIRST and the first of the many times watching a LIVE
soccer match.

Beginner's luck.
A mini tub of Anderson's ice-cream comes along FOC with the first
100 tickets.

The Cheerleaders for the SAF WARRIORS cheering for their Team.
If you think they're loud,
wait until you hear the cheering Band that sat just below them.

Drums, blow horns,
and at least 10+++ men singing at the top of their voices...

The lack of commentation usually heard on TV/Broadcast Radio
is the only bother for beginners like me.
When DD, as well as the other spectators jeered at a foul,
i couldn't catch.

I will watch it again, nevertheless.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


May you rot to 18th Stage of Hell!
I happen to believe in karma,
and by far, i never fail to see its wonderous results.
Just so you know,
God is fair.

You are a sin in this world,
a saddist as termed,
a rodent disguised as a human,
a filthy, despicable, rotten,
digusting, smelly son-of-a-bitch.

You know who you are.
I am waiting patiently to see what is going to happen
to someone as unforgiveable as you....

Friday, June 4, 2010

Passion On..

How does the first time singing in a recording studio feels?


I can't wait to hear the song.

That Place I love

Once again,
it's as if the facebook is down.
Or is it this lousy desktop?!

I cannot seem to upload my zoo photos,
genting photos, mother's day photos,
and lots of other photos!

I'm meeting Nave for lunch later.

First of all,
once again I finally made time to BLOG.
I finally have time to hang out with my loved ones.
I finally get to see my two adorable little cousins and
spent time with them, BOTH.

I'm finally back to the lifestyle where its pace is
just right for me.

These two months have been crazy!
I don't even have time to eat and sleep.
Work, Work, Work, Work, Work and more work!
Having ONE full time job is already a nightmare,
think about TWO.


To loosen things up,
DD accompanied to the zoo that weekday.
And yes,
I really so badly needed it!

Not the endless phonecalls though.
everyone calls about work throughout my trip.

The tortoises in a great shape!

The lemus were just 10cm away from me,

having their hi-tea.

The baboons holding a conference meeting when I visited.

The elephants taking their afternoon naps.

The white tigers having their fair share of whole chickens.

The roos at their token feeding session at $5 per feed.

And not to forget the polar bears chilling under the shades.


DD and I combed the entire Singapore Zoological Garden the entire day.

we planned to loan the electronic 'seat rider' but it's freaking $35 per vehicle !!!

We decided to take the tram ride,
and waited for the 'Ah Meng' ferry ride instead.

The one we are holding is a genuine moniter lizard skin,

skinned alive.

I didn't manage to see the sloth, which was a pity.

How come the zoo has no koala bears and pandas????!!!


DD and I got our PSP 3000 yesterday! :)