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It's My Life! - In Random Snippets

Thought I'd just sit down here and really think about what I've done since the last week of November…

The last week of November was completely hectic!
I don't remember sleeping at all, burning the midnight oil to prepare schedules, emcee scripts, rushing out blog posts, host events and meet clients.

Work. Work. Work. Work.
But $$$$$$$$$$$

*Inserts Mega Heart Shape*


One of the most unforgettable experience was enjoying myself at Budweiser Made For Music Festival 2013! It's one of the biggest event I ever hosted so far for the year.

With this experience, I hope to handle bigger crowds and more extravagant events in the coming year!
Thank you Julian WBudweiser and especially Intune Music School for this wonderful collaboration.
I seek to improve my hosting skills and build up on my confidence on stage.

Here's a BIG THANK YOU to Heritage Hair for your utmost support to style my hair up for this 2-day event despite FULL house at the saloon on both days and all of them had skipped meals.

So here's to Sandra, Kenn and Joyce from Heritage Hair:

PS: Sandra, thank you standing in the rain while trying to hail a taxi for me. 
How can I ever thank you enough for your kind gesture?

Purple and red highlights done at Heritage Hair in November:

Hairstyle on Day 1 of Budweiser Made For Music Festival:

Hairstyle on Day 2 of Budweiser Made For Music Festival:

Then there was this weekly Anlene Shows I hosted for the entire month of November via A Dam Funky Talents.

Photo credits: A Dam Funky Talents.

Photo credits: A Dam Funky Talents.

For friends who have been asking about the credibility of A Dam Funky Talents…

A Dam Funky Talents has opened up many hosting opportunities for me this year, in fact the most. I've made a group of wonderful friends in ADFT (Adam, Jade, Yuko, Qin Jie…) and so blessed to learn and grow up with them in terms of stage presence and roadshow-hosting techniques. So if you're considering joining ADFT as their talents, please do!

For the rest of you who are interested in doing events too: singing, dancing, acting, hosting, mascots, brand ambassadors, magicians etc, look out for more postings on ADFT's Facebook Page.

They are constantly calling for auditions!

With my loved ones.

They say when you work hard, you gonna play harder!

That being said, I went to Montigo Resorts for my 2nd time within a month!
The first time was with #MyDreamGuy and I came back posting an article on 20 must-know travel tips to Montigo Resorts.  It's has almost 3000 reads and counting, read it if you haven't!

This is my FIRST family overseas trip in years with my mummy and her two sisters.
In the past, we'd hold gatherings to bowling centres, Malaysia trips, beach outings but as the cousins grew up, the gatherings got lesser and lesser.

This is a small one but definitely 'gian'-ing for more with my own siblings and cousins!

Left to right: Aunt Irene, Me, Aunt Lina, Mummy

I'm tearing while looking at this group shot we took together.

Life hasn't been all smooth-sailing for all of us for the past decade.
It's such a rare opportunity that we can get together like this once more.

I don't really know how to show my love for my family as expressively as I could towards my friends, but I know I really love and treasure them so far.

Our parents have aged so much, nonetheless still energetic and ever fun-loving.
I wish that the cousins and I can sensibly take over the initiative to plan family gatherings and trips, passing on the closely-knitted bond that our parents' generation have built.

Superb dinner which was on Aunt Lina.
Thank you!


In case you wish to know,
I got the Pio Cesare Moscato for $50+ at a wine parlour located at B1 of Tampines One Shopping Mall. The last bottle that day.

That almost 'seh' look.
I'm in batam safe with family, who cares if I were wasted for the rest of the night?

The next morning, Mummy bought me this beautiful floral beach ball which totally made my day!

Got this black high waist bikini skirt at my younger sister's bikini shop for about $20+ - MilchScape.

Interested to see more designs and testimonies?
Follow MilchScape on Instagram. :)

17 DECEMBER 2013.
I'm not the best elder sister in the world, but I'd do my best to protect and give you the best I can give.
Happy Birthday, lit Sis.
May all your birthday wishes come true and your business continue to prosper!

On the other hand, my naughtiest and funniest uncle who dote on us so much recently encountered breathing difficulty and was warded in the hospital. He was discharged after two days and currently back at work.

Uncle Jeffrey is a chef and I love his fried rice!

I wish Uncle Jeffrey will be in the pink of health and don't overwork yourself.
Get well soon!

大舅, 你是我的开心果。

Hmmm… I should really do up my family tree and introduce my beloved family members. :)


Spent 69734650937098999 days with #BubbleLeong.
It's only fair!

I was away so often for the whole of November and could only imagine how lonely he was at home, afraid of thunder and loud noises...

I couldn't stop laughing when I had nowhere to put him but in the clean laundry basket for awhile because the floor was wet and I had to wash the dishes. When I came back to him after my chores were done, he gave me this awwwwww look:

#BubbleLeong ah #BubbleLeong.
Any cuter you'll become a stuff toy and Santa Claus will come kidnap you for a giveaway next christmas.

Cuteness Overdose.
Sooooo adorable I have to give you MORE more more more more more love.
I love you, little one.

There's a compilation of his most adorable/epic/special moments on his Facebook page, once a day. Visit his Facebook page for more videos and photos!
Serves as a happy pill and doggie-diary for me.

Click HERE.


As much as I can, I'd exercise.
Downloaded a few apps to keep track of my fitness including this for my pushup routines:

Of course, I finally went for my long-anticipated Ice-skating session with #MyDreamGuy and his dance friends. That's exercise too!

Photo credits: Po

Currently reading up about Atkins Diet and trying to stick to it to see if it really works.

Photo taken from Google Search

If you've heard about Atkins Diet, it's a flexible diet plan where you can feast on meat, eggs, cheese, vegetables and more!

I've lost 2KG in 4 days.

Mint on Atkins

Mint on Atkins

Mint on Atkins

I'm still testing out if this diet works
So be sure to come back for more information soon!


My life.
My passion.

Attended @RuthMiaoRu's EP Music Showcase and I'm so proud of her!!!
It's her first EP where she showcases 4 of her self-compositions (own songs).

It's her dream come true!

What Miaoru did simply motivates me to hold on to my dream and work really really hard towards it. If I work hard enough, my dream will come true one day too.

Photo taken from: Ruth Kueo's personal Facebook

Here's one of her songs which has been playing on Yes 933:


Hey, I met Collin Chan (my secondary school senior) at Miaoru's showcase!

#MyDreamGuy Colin Chang meets Collin Chan.

We celebrated a VERY early Christmas with #MyDreamGuy and his Taekwondo friends last week.
The gifts we got were so thoughtful- a precious moment diffuser and a power bank.

Left: Kailun, #MyDreamGuy, Me
Right from front: Tian Soon, Justina, Daniel
Photo credits: Justina

Time With #BFF

I can never do without my Bff Silver, never ever!
She's my problem solver, listener, ever-smoochie, everything a bff could ever ever be.

Photo taken from: Silver Ang's Blog

So, we decided to support and accompany her to a blood donation session.
She donate blood whilst we wave pom-poms!
*Also testing out if Colin Chang will faint if he sees blood lol*

Zir is so courageous and calm throughout!
She's blogged about her blood donation experience at Woodlands Civic Centre so go read about how you can make a blood donation today.

Time spent with her is never enough!

Oh yeah, met Jac Jac and her son Dylan for the first time.
So bubbly and expressive her little Dylan!

*pinch pinch your cheeks*


I'm influenced by CalvinTimo's idea of Cafe hopping around Kampong Glam.
More and more cafes are rising in the area. Besides, I'm always there every Monday for my singing gig at All About Eve Bar in Arab Street. So i don't mind trying a new cafe every Monday for dinner! If you see me and recognise me, say HI!

I AM Cafe was my first stop.

I was there with CalvinTimoAngieFenny and #MyDreamGuy to celebrate Calvin's belated birthday. The place used to be Mosi Cafe where they serve the best cous-cous, where did Mosi go now?!

Left clockwise: CalvinTimoAngieFenny, me, #MyDreamGuy

The ONLY thing I'd go back for would be their Rainbow Crepe Cake.
So if you're craving for a rainbow crepe cake, go to I AM cafe but as for the other food and cakes…..


Their rainbow cake is covered with a rich cream-cheese buttery cream that I like.
Despite the different colours of the cake, all layers have the same taste.


The rainbow crepe cake was special and quite yummy so I ordered one for my sis' birthday.

The cafe was closed on the collection day and someone called me in the morning and told me he'll be around the area to wait for me to collect the cake at 9PM. In the end, I waited more than an hour outside the cafe (from 9pm - 10.08pm) before a group of them came together to open up the shop to get my cake.

I was so late for my 10PM gig.

The cake was $70 but I managed to get a discount.
It didn't come with chocolate syrup but upon request (because they were late I guess), they gave me a finishing bottle to bring back.

C.A.D. cafe at 27 Haji Lane.
This is one cafe I'd definitely BE BACK.

Cosy, Yummy all-day-breakfast, affordable rates, friendly staff, happy customers, chillax…
Their food is made with so much passion.

It's a pity they don't serve full course meals except sandwiches and all-day breakfast.

SUPERB SMOKE SALMON FOR only $3.50 as add-on:

I'm drooling at my french toast again, yummy!

More cafe hoppings next week, it's a deal between #myDreamGuy and I!


Well, this HAS to be the best birthday(also Xmas) present ever!
What have I done to deserve so much love?!?!

I got another wish on my wish list strike off.
Getting my nose fillers done by Dr Zhang Yi Jun from The Face Aesthetic Clinic!

*cartwheels non-stop*

I'd be updating the FULL filler procedure with Dr Zhang with a video!
So if you wanna know what I've gone through and my experience on fillers, come back.

Sincerely thanks Silver for this for she's was there to witness, film and photographed down the process because I was so scared~
So loved.

Thank you for being there to keep me calm and cool, Zir.
She's always there to witness a major milestone in my life.

Thank you, bff.

Looks like Bubble Leong got his Christmas Present too - His new pram from MinuteManSG.
He is following the pram everywhere LOL.

We got this pram for $190 at Pets Station.

It can also be a pet carrier and a comfy bed for him.

I'll be back for my nose filler review with Dr Zhang this coming Monday so it'll take me awhile to blog but be sure I'll write about it so wait for my sharing okies!


Good night and Thanks for reading!

For bite-size updates,
Follow @MintLeong on Instagram and Twitter.

Monday, December 9, 2013

[Mint.Music.Lifestyle] It's A WRAP PARTY at N.E.mation!8

N.E.mation! 8 Wrap Party
06 DEC 2013

Here's the party checklist that day:

#1 Confetti overdose
#2 Balloons more than humans heads
nemation wrap party

#3 Popping Of Champagnes 
(enough to make you drunk but these are actually sparkling juices)
nemation wrap party

#4 Floor games for everyone to participate
Warning: Not For The Faint-hearted

This is the 2nd segment of their floor game activity.
The students and instructors gathered to play 2 games here:
"Jumping Frog" 
"Hello Henry"

Game 1: Jumping Frog
First, everyone form a big circle.

nemation wrap party

Then the students have to take turns to say each of these lines without making any mistakes

 Student 1: One Frog
Student 2: Jump Into The Water
Student 3: Duum
Student 4: One Frog 
Student 5: One Frog
Student 6: Jump Into The Water
Student 7: Jump Into The Water
Student 8: Duum
Student 9: Duum
Student 10: One Frog
Student 11: One Frog
Student 12: One Frog
Student 13: Jump Into The Water
Student 14: Jump Into The Water
Student 15: Jump Into The Water
Student 16: Duum
Student 17: Duum
Student 18: Duum

… The game continues until someone loses count…

Watch them play part of this game here:

Game 2: Hello Henry
Let me try my best to explain how this game works.

First, everyone form a big circle again.

The first person starts by saying 'Hello Henry' the person sitting next to him/her (2nd person).
2nd person has to respond 1st person by saying, ' Yes, Henry?'
At this point, the first person points to the THIRD person in the row and says, 'Tell Henry'.

The game repeats with the 2nd person now becoming the 1st person.

1st Person: Hello Henry
2nd Person: Yes Henry?
1st Person (points to 3rd person): Tell Henry

Instructors giving a demonstration on 'Hello Henry':
nemation wrap party

The Catch:
You'll get a pinch of toothpaste on your nose if you make a mistake and players will have to address your name as 'One Dot' instead of 'Henry'.

nemation wrap party

I can't help but notice a really cute 'one dot' here:

Eye Candy alert in 

nemation wrap party

It's a candid shot and I think she look soooooo cute with that smile!!!
Which team is she from again?

Over at Synch, 
we've got 2 One-dots and 1 Two-dots by the first round. 


nemation wrap party

My One-dot Trish from UnicornsAndRainbows;) from the 2nd round because she has too many Henrys and Dot names to remember!  She says the toothpaste on her nose is really spicy and 'mint'.

nemation wrap party

#5 Video Games
Within an hour, the blue screen studio was transformed into the best dance club ever!
The teams took turns to play Dance Mania on Xbox 360 Kinect.

It's a night full of screams, grooves, more screams and my guess is, we're forming fan clubs for our 'dancers'!


nemation wrap party

nemation wrap party

nemation wrap party

nemation wrap party

nemation wrap party

#7 Doodling With Colour Pencils, Checked.

Meanwhile, members of Synch were at their workplace doodling and finishing their art piece for me while waiting for other games to commence.

nemation wrap party

Elyse and Jaren at work:
nemation wrap party

The team even signed off and left a long message (love letter) at the back of the drawing.
The message (mushy stuff only we will understand) left me in tears as I read.


#8 Behind-The-Scenes Set Up

How many Instructors does it take to set up and install an Xbox?
2 is an underestimated number here.

nemation wrap party

Apart from 2 of them you see in the picture: That's James and Genghui, we have one more standing behind the TV, one on his way to grab an internet cable, 2 of us waiting to try out the game to see if the sensor work.

That's 6 of us figuring back-end work for the last 20 minutes just to make that ONE Xbox 360 worked.
Kudos to the instructors and their guests trying to keep this party running smooth for the students.

nemation wrap party

nemation wrap party

nemation wrap party

nemation wrap party

nemation wrap party

#8 Cleaning Up

I'd have to say this is one of the BEST segment for the night!
Balloons popping, team work, tearing down everything was equally fun~

Everyone played a part in the cleaning up and the party area was sparkling clean in a good 15 Minutes.

nemation wrap party

nemation wrap party

nemation wrap party

nemation wrap party

nemation wrap party

Trish and Xin Pei from UnicornsAndRainbows trying to vacuum the confetti that were stuck on the ceiling.

nemation wrap party

So it's a wrap!
3 weeks of production passed at the speed of light.

The party was a blast and all the students deserve a pat on their back.

Now I know if you've been following N.E.mation!8, you'd want to see their finished products.
Me too!
Let's be a little more patient as they'll be released in January 2014 for public voting!

Meanwhile, remember to 
Support RainbowsAndUnicorns as well as Synch for their wonderful clips.



We'll see you in January 2014 for the voting phrase.
Keep yourself updated on


A scene taken from Synch's Clip:
nemation wrap party

To Sum it all up, read my previous N.E.mation!8 blog posts:


Friday, December 6, 2013

[Mint.Music.Lifestyle] My FINAL Visit To The Home Of N.E.mation!8 Top 10 Finalists

I still remember my first experience when I stepped into NYP Lounge 3 weeks ago.
Cold, strange, totally new to the surrounding, full of curiosity and thrill to meet my teams.

The NYP Lounge is the home of the Top 10 N.E.mation! 8 teams; For the next 3 weeks they have to film, edit, draw and complete their animation clips - the production period.


In the wink of an eye, 3 weeks of production will be soon coming to an end.
Everything happened so fast that I wasn't even ready to say goodbye!

It felt like just yesterday when I first met my 2 teams, learning about them and their story for this competition.

Synch narrating their story to me during our 1st meet up:

UnicornsAndRainbows;) sharing with me the idea of their story when we first met:

In a short span of 3 weeks, a few hundred layers of drawings and sketches was completed by Synch alone, and counting.  I was so amazed by the amount of work the teams have done!

Evidence of layers done on Adobe Effects on Elyse's monitor.
Elyse is a member of Synch:

A beautiful painting of a soldier Ching Gje has painted on her tablet.
Ching Gje is a member of UnicornsAndRainbows;) :

I'd like to give thanks to the instructors working behind-the-scenes, making miracles happen.
The sweetest instructor of both my teams.
Everyone, say Hi to Jade :


I would see her running back and forth the students' workspace ( in fact all the other N.E.Mation! 8 instructors too), giving valuable advice, patiently guiding the students, suggest ways to solve difficulties during the making of their clips, encourage them, plan their schedules, tell them jokes and make them laugh, keep the work place in order and most of all, nurture these students into better selves.

I noticed how much the students respected Miss Jade,
willingness to listen and appreciating her help.  They would tell me how much Miss Jade has helped them.

Jade and teams, thank you for allowing me to Kpo around your tents even though everyone was busy rushing out the video. Sorry for all the inconvenience I've caused (if I caused any) to anyone of you. Like making you guys laughed too loud disturbing the other teams, spent too much time with you and end up you guys have to stay back and finished your work, touching all your stuff and make you all pose for my camera….


So for my final visit, I spent some time with each student giving my sincere thanks with a little souvenir I made.

I edited, printed and laminated our 1st group photo together. Then wrote what I really wanted to say to each of them.

My love for Synch:

And love for UnicornsAndRainbows;) :

The students have taught me so much over the past 3 weeks.
Not just about typography and digital animation, but they also remind me of determination, perseverance, teamwork, focus, encouragement, sincerity and forward-learning.

Values I'd forget once in awhile.
Values you find in WINNERS.

I hope you'd give your utmost support to these students during the voting period.

Vote for your favourite animation clip COMING JANUARY 2014 so that they have a chance to win a trip to USA and more prizes!

Here are some little fun facts about each student which I've noticed/found out about them.
I hope I get them right:

Jason from Synch:
- Loves Manga
- Leader of Synch
- Horoscope: Cancer (wuuu... a family-oriented guy) or are you a LEO?

Elyse from Synch:
- Enjoys learning about videography and photography
- the main support behind the team getting everyone together
- She has an instagram account: ElyseAwesome


Sze Yong from Synch:
- his english name is Jeremy (which is not written in his ic)
- In the school's media club
- I notice that he is a giving person who doesn't mind being 'suan' by his friends because ultimately, he knows we all still love him as a friend. He's a friend we can keep for life. :)


Jaren from Synch:
- LOVES manga
- Can DRAW AND SKETCH manga characters so well!
- His interest in manga started in primary school
-the fella who spelt their team name 'Sync' as 'Synch' accidentally; turns out the group name is PERFECTLY UNIQUE. Synch is so much better than Sync in my most honest opinion.


Talking about Jaren's talent, look at him sketch out an image of the team and me!
I've ALWAYS secretly hope that someone will draw me in manga and it came true~

I'm the 2nd character from the right:

I asked if I could help with the tracing of the letters in the drawing since the team is trying to complete their video clip on time:

That's me, sitting next to Jaren and trying not to screw up the drawing :



There, done with the help of Elyse!

As much as I'd like to help with the colouring…
I think I better wait for the finished piece to be scanned and uploaded on my blog.

The girls told me that they are so behind time, I didn't want to interrupt too much of their work time. Here's are some little facts about them too:


Xin Pei from UnicornsAndRainbows;)
- She's so funny and always making everyone laugh!
- She secretly take pictures of thrash bins using her friends' mobile phones and leave it till her friends found out!
- She is the leader of UnicornsAndRainbows;) who insist to include the ;) icon at the end of their team name.


Images of thrash bins she'd take using different friends' mobile photos:

The bear she drew is super adorable now, no longer 'haunted':

Xin Pei really, how did you scar yourself this badly in the toilet???

Yumi from UnicornsAndRainbows;) :
-She's a malay who took up mandarin as her 2nd language
- she listens to music all the time when she work
- At the beginning of the production, she didn't eat and felt giddy a few times.
-She can DANCE really well!


Spotted a family picture of her grandma, her mum and her on her work desk:

Ching Gje from UnicornsAndRainbows;):
-She's one year older than her peers.
- Loves Manga
- The quietest girl in the team.
- Her chinese name is Qing Ru.

Here's something Ching Gje has drawn in her sketchbook:

Trish from UnicornsAndRainbows;) :
- She's from the Philippines
- She has a great laugh!
- She likes to ask questions all the time (in a good way).


She asked if she could have this toy from one of her favourite band and she got it!
Now it's her lucky charm:

On a side note, thanks for the treats girls:

That's it about the the teams and team members!
Help garner more votes for their clips during the voting phrase~

Updates of the voting phrase will be via

UnicornsAndRainbows;) and Synch!!!


N.E.mation! 8 brings to you 'Because You Played A Part'.
So VOTE for them when their works coming January 2014