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[Mint.Music.Lifestyle] Tackle ADULT ACNE With The Face Aesthetic Clinic

Myth: Acne breakouts happen only to teenagers (before 20).
Truth: Acne became one of my biggest personal problem in my mid-20s.

For those who know me personally, you'll know that I'm not a beauty/fashion person.

  • I started putting on basic make up only 2 years back with the help of Trixy.
  • I still don't know how to apply eye shadow properly.
  • My basic skincare routine first began after I met my beauty sponsor, Hankook Cosmetics in 2012.
  • I can't decipher the ingredients in skincare products.

I badly need help with skincare knowledge.

This acne problem of mine gives me such a headache.
Not headaches literally but my frustration of needing to conceal the pimples before shows, gigs and the pain I need to go through when I accidentally scratched them while washing my face.


My face is planted with enormous pimples with pus, some taking more than 3 weeks to heal, leaving visible acne scars up till now. Spots corrector, Anti-acne masks, T3 oil, pimple creams have helped to hasten these pimple-healing period but they still take months to completely disappear.

Images of my forehead taken in end of 2012:


The breakouts eventually spread to my chin and cheeks…

Early 2013.
yup, it's THAT BAD.

Of course, my daily skincare routine (apply toner and moisturiser) aids in the improvement of my facial complexion but every now and then, I'd still get 'deadly' outbreaks, especially when my menses are due.


For those in your 20s who are still using normal bar soaps or just plain water to wash your face, PLEASE find out more about basic skincare and take better care of your skin!

Last month, I had this ENORMOUS pimple on my left cheek (one that's so 3D that I couldn't cover it after applying concealer, foundation and primer), so stubborn that it was still swollen, red and burning after more than 3 weeks!


Look at that bump on my left cheek (the right of the photo below)
The face aesthetic clinic

It was so bad that I decided to visit Dr Zhang Yijun after learning about him via Silver Ang's blog. She has written about recent her laser treatment to remove her freckles(that's a skin problem so maybe can solve mine too?) at The Face Aesthetic Clinic. Dr Zhang treated patients with severe acne and scarring years back at the National Skin Centre. *I see a ray of hope for my fair complexion again*

The Face Aesthetic Clinic. is located at 20 Malacca Street #01-00 Singapore 048979.
That's the street in Singapore directly opposite the famous Golden Shoe Food Centre in Raffles Place.

The Face Aesthetic Clinic

The Face Aesthetic Clinic

The Face Aesthetic Clinic is a subsidiary of Q & M Medical Group.
Over here, it's a 3-in-1 clinic stop; there's a dental, a GP and an aesthetic clinic.

Dr Zhang's Clinic is on the 2nd level.
Walk through the dental rooms and up the spiral staircase.
The interior of the clinic reminds me of White Christmas-cum-robot cyber room.

The Face Aesthetic Clinic

WELCOME to The Face Aesthetic Clinic:

Here's the waiting area:
The Face Aesthetic Clinic

The consultation room which in my opinion looks more like a corner of a cosy coffee house:
The Face Aesthetic Clinic

For once, the ceiling makes me feel TALL:
The face aesthetic clinic

The Face Aesthetic Clinic is special because not only do they provide medical aesthetics services like botox and fillers, the clinic also provides facial, laser treatments for acne/scar and pigment removal with the latest machinery (E-Matrix), eyelash extensions, hair/mole removal and more. Find the list HERE.

Think about this:
Instead of spending thousands of dollars on untrusted beauty and spa saloons, isn't it much safer to visit an aesthetic clinic with prim and proper certified medical equipment and professional staff instead?

Talking about professionals, I can't wait to introduce Doctor Zhang!
The face aesthetic clinic

Is it me or do you also feel that Dr Zhang looks like Pan Weibo - Wu Zun here?
He's so good-looking you'd think he's some hong kong/taiwan celebrity.

From Dr Zhang, I learnt about Adult Acne.

I know right.
Just when we think that we're adults and have outgrown pimple breakouts and acnes, it decided to stay with us.

I read up about adult acne and here are some of the causes:

Nearly everybody thinks that acne results from poor hygiene.
That's just not so. Both Adult and teen acne is caused by a combination of several factors: it can be hormones leading to excess oil secretion, faulty closing of the hair duct, stress and even cosmetics. Adult acne tends to develop around the mouth, on the chin and along the jawline and more commonly affects women than men.

After accessing my skin condition, Dr Zhang suggested that I get an injection for my pimple and chemical peel to rejuvenate my skin.

With the help of Nurse Allison, numbing cream was applied to my pimple area for the injection later.
Then, I was invited to rest in the facial room.

The Face Aesthetic Clinic

The face aesthetic clinic

I feel really comfortable in the clinic.

You know when I told Dr Zhang that I was afraid of injections, he gave me a stress ball to calm me down. I also told him honestly that I have a low pain threshold, which was why he asked Nurse Allison to apply numbing cream for me.  Thank you, Dr Zhang.

The face aesthetic clinic

The face aesthetic clinic

As compared to those facials I have done at spa saloons, this injection felt nothing more than an ant's bite. (so much better than beauty therapists who try to squeeze your pimples and blackheads)

The whole procedure was done in less than 5 seconds.

Colin agrees with me that my 5/10 pain threshold is the usual 1/10.
If i still manage to smile after an injection, it really means that it's painless.
The pain I felt was 1/10.

The face aesthetic clinic

The face aesthetic clinic

In 5 seconds, my pimple is totally flatten!

The face aesthetic clinic
Then, I did chemical peel next.
Chemical peels cause the skin to exfoliate and new skin to regrow.

The face aesthetic clinic

From The Face Aesthetic Clinic Chemical Peel site:

The chemical peel helps to:

  • treat acne, like the black heads, whiteheads and the mild superficial acne scars.
  • lighten pigmentation on skin like sun spots, age spots, freckles, melasma from hormonal causes.
  • minimize fine wrinkles, especially around the eyes, which are caused by chronic sun damage. It does not treat severe wrinkles.

The doctor will decide the type of peel and solution which best suits your skin.

Read up about Chemical Peel:

This is the chemical peel and cream I'd be using:
The face aesthetic clinic

Steps of a Chemical Peel

Step 1: Gently Apply The Solution Across The Entire Face
Hey, this looks like a BBQ brush. :p

The face aesthetic clinic

Apply a few more layers on the face until it forms a dry layer.
I felt a hot sensation on my face as the layer was drying up, a little like sun-burnt.

The face aesthetic clinic

The face aesthetic clinic

Step 2: Wipe dry layer away with the remover wipe provided.

The face aesthetic clinic

Pain index = Totally Painless.

For the next 4 hours, I mustn't let my face get in contact with water. 
Not even rain water, tap water or perspiration.

There the procedure is all done in 10 minutes!

The face aesthetic clinic

Thank you for the treatments, Dr Zhang!
Many many thanks~

The face aesthetic clinic

It's about 3 weeks since I've done the chemical peel and injection, look at my complexion now!
Cleaner, refreshed and more radiant. The breakouts are more controlled too. :)

There are still scars and uneven skin tone but as compared to my previous complexion, it is more radiant and smooth!

The face aesthetics clinic

I'm planning to get fillers done next.
My specs keep slipping from my nose like nobody's business.
*saving up in progress*

The Face aesthetic clinic

Visit The Face Aesthetic Clinic for your skin problems today.

To know more about The Face Aesthetic Clinic, visit their website at and Facebook

For further enquiries about the price of the services and treatments, you may call 6223 6788.
They are the professionals.
If you ask me, I really can't advise because everyone's condition varies.

Acne can happen to everyone.
Please take good care of your skin!



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