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[Mint.Music.Lifestyle] Foster Friendships Even During Competitions, like N.E.mation! 8


They say each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.

I can never agree more.

A friendship requires more than just a hi-bye after meeting someone new. One has to make an effort to nurture, build and protect the new friendship. Each friend brings different memories for us to keep for life. Every friend we keep until now is a priceless treasure who bring joy to our lives.

Here I am, sitting on my bed with my mini table set up and ready to write a new post after 3 consecutive days of show preparations and hosting. (all burnt out and running a slight fever)


Sitting just across my table, my soulmate annoying burpasaurus fartasarus Colin Chang also one of N.E.mation! 8 ambassadors, is drafting up his blog articles at the same time. He'll be sharing his week 2 experience about N.E.mation! 8  and his teams Hashtag and WAYNE STARK CO.  Rawr!

Same same yet different.
Despite vast differences in our personalities (I'm so out-going but he's so reserved. He likes it quiet while I prefer a room filled with music...), I'm amazed how we compliment each other in terms of interests, life perspectives and FOOD. Even after being so long together, we still seem to have so much to talk about to each other, all the way into wee hours on most nights!

We both took part in this N.E.mation! 8 ambassador challenge. Yet the challenge hasn't affected our friendship a single bit. We even share about valuable experience and interesting findings during our visits.

This is also a plus point for me because due to time limit, I couldn't cover news and updates of all 10 NEmation finalists but got to learn more about them through our daily conversations~


Here's another long-time friend of mine.

Earlier this afternoon, I attended a good friend's 21st Birthday bash.
Happy Birthday Samantha Whang aka Xiao Bu Dian.

I have known you FOREVER, Xiao Bu Dian.
Since what, when you're 12?!


Happy sweet 21st, my pretty princess.
I'm sorry I cried when I saw you today because I'm overly happy and proud to know that you're doing so well, grown into such a fine, joyful lady and most of all, pink in health!


Samantha and I met years ago (when Samantha was 12) when we took part in a 2-day drama workshop held by Mediacorp known as December Dazzle. We hardly meet up but whenever we do, we'd be chatting away for hours, asking about each other's life and  exchanging gifts.  (actually she prepares more gifts for me than I do. OPS)

Both our common interest then?
In Media.
That's why we became good friends so fast~

I wasn't the only one who attended at Samantha's 21st birthday bash.
I bumped into friends I know!
Meet popular bloggers Joey, Angie and Yingzi (left to right)

We met one another at different blog events but are all mutual friends.
Our common interest - Blogging!


Yingzi's also one of N.E.mation! 8  appointed ambassadors by the way.
We were really excited to share insights of N.E.mation! 8.
All the best to Team Delta-gaytor and Dairy Product!

Thanks to N.E.mation! 8  ambassador challenge, Yingzi and I got even closer together.
Now we have MORE things to tell each other, yeah!

All in all, I wish to convey this special message to everyone out there, people who take part in competitions and challenges:

As much as there's only ONE winning title which you badly hope to be the one walking away with, it boils down to the fact that all participants who join the same contest as you are, carry the same passion and love for the same interest. 

In a singing contest, everyone in it LOVES to sing.
In a drawing contest, everyone in it LOVES to draw.

All of you are LIKE-MINDED people who should foster strong friendships and grow that SAME passion in this society together.  In the near future, you should find opportunities to WORK TOGETHER and help one another improve, compliment one another's talent to produce even better results.

That's the power of competitions;
it's a platform to bring like-minded people (and I mean the elites of that trade) together.

So cherish the golden opportunity of making friends.

Well guess what, new friendships are budding at NYP Lounge on my recent Tuesday visit.
(I don't know why people still ask me when I'm going down to Nanyang Polytechnic again when my previous article already mentioned I'll be there every TUESDAY. duh.)

Nemation 8

Nemation 8

I bumped into Sarah, the 3rd N.E.mation! 8  ambassador I'm mentioning in my post here. She happened to be there to support her 2 teams - Momento Mori and The 4 Of Us II.


And Teddy looks so adorable that day, hugging his Banana friend.
Previously scary because Team UnicornsAndRainbows;) and I agreed that it's a haunted teddy bear.

I beg to differ now.
Look at him, awww……

Nemation 8

Firstly, I went on to check on my kind angels from Team UnicornsAndRainbows;).
The mood in their work area was slightly different from the previous week (the happy room)

They were all serious at work with their instructor, Jade.
From what I know, the girls are slightly behind schedule and a little worried about their progress.

Yumi wish Instructor Jade(pink):
Nemation 8

Xin Pei bumped into a problem during the digital tracing of the character and seeking advice from Instructor Jade:
Nemation 8

Found a random drawing of an anime character on the floor, probably a de-stress tool for one of the girls. Who's drawing is this? You can draw very well la:
Nemation 8

Despite the work stress and seriousness, the girls managed to crack jokes for me.
Xin Pei said, "Mint Da Jie, this is you looking at us do our work."

Nemation 8

Eh, I look so fierce meh?
Hahahahhahahaa this is so cute to turn a table lamp into a character.
I'd bring my picture for them on my next visit~  :p

I thought that this picture Ching Gje was tracing looks like me:
Nemation 8

Girls, press on and complete your work.
I look forward to see your finished work, screened on the big TVs.

I'll be so proud of you that you've showcased such a beautiful story.
I hope more people get to see your clip and get the message of spreading colours to others around them.

So a few nights later, I sent them a little encouragement on our group chat:



Press on Trish, Yumi, Xin Pei and Ching Gje.
Hope to see you girls back to your bubbly and confident selves on my next visit!

Nemation 8

As this year's N.E.mation!  theme suggest, 'Because You Played A Part'.
They are just doing so.

While the whole of secondary school students are spending their holidays playing and resting, these girls (together with 9 other teams of students) are pushing themselves to the limit, trying to complete their animation clips to convey a special total defence message to YOU.

They don't have to do this.
But they are.

That's why I love all of them so much!

Over to my next team, Synch has drawn and designed a team logo for themselves.

Nemation 8

I noticed too, that our most talented Jaren has also drew some anime characters (THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!) and pasted them at his work area.

Nemation 8

The team also pasted quick guide to help them with the software they are using to do their clip.

Nemation 8

N.E.mation! is a digital animation competition organised by Nexus for youths to express their thoughts on Total Defence. It is a competition with training and guidance provided for the students. That's why students with no prior experience in animation have been able to produce clips of broadcast quality to screen on free-to-air television. Some of these clips were even selected for international animation festivals and won several awards.

Bumped into one of Synch's member, Sze Yong, who was helping to clear out the thrash of the day:

Nemation 8

Synch comprises of a team of extremely sensible students.
As playful as they (except Elyse) are, they know how to set their goals and prorities right.

By now, have you noticed common interests between Team UnicornsAndRainbows;) and Synch yet?
That's right - animation and anime!

As I mentioned earlier, it's important to make friends in the same competition.
To get them to know one another better, I suggested playing some games together that day.
We even had dinner together, wohooooo!

It was late and only the Korean stall was the only stall left opened by the time we got down.
The auntie suggested we order the same dish so she'd cook for us all at once.

Each day, the students will be issued cash vouchers to purchase their meals at Koufu (NYP).



Here's the FIRST group photo of my teams having dinner together:
Nemation 8
Left row from the front:  Jaren, Sze Yong, Trish and Yumi.
Right row from the front: Elyse, Jason, Ching Gje and Xin Pei.

I'm glad to know every single one of you.
Thank you for sharing and being a friend, allowing me into your circle of life.

I pray that one day, your friendships will continue to blossom and all of you will become good friends years from now. :)

Follow TeamSynch on Instagram & Twitter. Hashtag #NE8C07.
Follow UnicornsAndRainbows;) via hashtag #NE8C09.

You can follow their pages via Facebook by clicking on their group pictures HERE.

PS: To the korean stall auntie, thank you for the additional dish on the house so that we can eat more. 
You are so nice! The perfect real-life example of the teams' messages to everyone: 

- Spreading colours and help one another (Team UnicornsAndRainbows;) )
- Reduce gap and soreness between one another with a more giving heart and understanding (Team Synch)

Thank you, Auntie!

Nemation 8

2nd week of production almost completed, ONE LAST week to go!
I've sent Vitamin C supplies to both my teams:

Nemation 8

They are drowning themselves with plenty of water too:

Stay healthy, guys!

To know more about N.E.mation! 8, visit


"While most are dreaming of success, winners wake-up and work hard to achieve it."

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