Saturday, April 28, 2012


Before I get to the secret, I'll be at a flea market this weekend(which is like now). I'm telling you this because you can find me if you wanna see the LIVE testimony of the secret I'm about to tell you.

FLEA MARKET with more than 30 booths.

City Square Mall Level 1
Nearest MRT station: Farrer Park station

28 & 29 APRIL 2011, 11am to 9pm

Mother's Day Flea_3
Poster image credits:
Adrenalin Events and Education Pte. Ltd

And I'll be at one of the booths --- T38. It's a booth located in the centre; my first flea booth.

In fact, I panic the moment my booth application form was approved.
What was I going to sell?
How should I decorate the booth?


Then one by one, my family members offered their assistance:

  • Aunt Karen is a flea-expertise who offered to sell her newly-imported accessories & bags at my booth.
  • Aunt Angeline gave me a bag of her clothes worn only a few times, most with price tags still attached.
  • Younger Sister brainstormed for booth decoration & promotion ideas for the booth. She chose & gave me pretty apparels of her own too.
  • Jackie Goh offers to help out at the booth & drives everything to the venue.
  • Silver Zir lent me her table cloths, wall paper & decos to decorate the booth.
  • Mom & younger sis went shopping and bought useful items I need for my booth. Then, they stayed up all night and helped me wrapped up everything to beautify the booth.
  • Fenny offered her help too! she has some beauty stuff with her.
  • Hankook Cosmetics extended their generous sponsorship to the booth too! There'll be a special Mother's Day lucky dip and plenty of freebies for everyone!
  • Rocher Creations has also decided to sponsor their flower bouquet for the lucky dip!

Everything from my loved ones combined so nicely together I realize my booth is now FULL of pretty stuff to share with YOU!

So, YOU must make time and come visit the booth alright! This is a booth full of love, set up with the help of everyone's effort. The world is so beautiful if you are able to see how much people around you, love you.

Kindness STILL exist in this world & it warms my heart, very much.
Thank you, my family & friends.

I've posted more tweet & path pictures & tweets throughout the entire flea preparation. Follow me here:

So to YOU reading this post:
Make this Mother's Day a little more worthwhile. Come along with your friends, your family, your mom. Head down to City Square Mall and spend time shopping, walking, visiting, kpo-ing together. Who knows, you might even see something cheap and good that you like here. Better still, get something your loved ones might like! :)

Oh Yes, don't forget to drop by Mint's Family Booth Of Love ~!
Come say HELLO & take photo #yayala~

Sister's 2nd hand apparels. :)


Bought the cloth rack. I cut my pinkie whilst I was trying to dissemble the steel rod. OUCH!

Sis suggested the steel rods be wrapped up with wallpaper. She's so creative!

Sis' idea + Zir's wallpaper deisgn = BEST combination.
If you wonder how my rack turns out to be, come down!





Our booth is in this colour:


So stress over the booth my pimples came popping out #LikeFree overnight. I had been using my Detox Bubble mask these few days to keep my skin in the best condition, all ready to meet you!

Not only that, I have been using the MAGIC WAND too!

If this is the first time you're reading my blog... *REWIND*
I have been sharing with friends and readers how I manage to slim my face down & maintain my facial skin conditionwith Hankook Cosmetics products. I feel that the products are extremely effective! You see quick results too.

Friends have been telling me that I looked so much slimmer and you know what, it's because of my face. From my previous two reviews, you will witness how significantly my face has slimmed down and how my skin condition has improved over the past few months. Of course, my face is not 100% pimple free, zero pores.

I'm only human.

What i'm saying is how the products that I'm using now has tremendously improved my overall skin condition as compared to last time.

Posted my bubble mask & Merdel series(toner + moisturiser) review here, and about the Magic wand & time curator series(botox) review here.

Photo taken on TUESDAY, 24 April 2012. See my pimples! :







See how clean my face looks?
Come down to the booth because I have testers there for you to try it out yourself.

That's not all.

YOU stand a chance to bring some home & see the results for yourself too. Try it to believe it, both guys and girls!



===== THE MAGIC WAND =====

I've alot to say about the magic wand but I seriously need to go to bed now otherwise I won't be able to wake up for the flea later.

Quick intro:
The magic wand is a face massager. One side of it is GENUINE 24K gold-plated, the other is 100% platinum. This massager is what I've been using to keep my facial features sharp, face slim, look fresher & more awake.

The 24K gold plated side is warm(highest temp. 38 degree celcius) which helps circulates your blood, open your pores for better absorption to the skincare products you apply on your face. The platinum side which is cold(as low as 12 degree celcius) seals your pores so that the nutrients are being locked inside.

The massager will only be officially launched later this year but I have been told that there are ELEVEN wands left to be purchased for this pre-launch promotion with a 30% discount! The promotion will be taken down IMMEDIATELY once everything is sold out.

Ladies & Gentlemen, may I present to you, my dark secret:




24k Gold Plated side:

Platinum plated side:

2 levels of temperature to choose from, mild and max:



#1 Use the GOLD (warm) side.









#2 Apply your skincare products.

This time round I'm using the Time Curator(botox) series. Psst: Hankook Cosmetics having a 20% + 30% Mother's day promotion on this!

You know how much discount is that?
You use only $294 to buy a $700+++ worth of products!
That's why I bought the set for my mom the very next day. :)


toner + moisturiser:


Eye cream

LAST STEP #3. Use the cold side to seal it up.





I got from this:

To this in March 2012:

Read detailed information about the Magic Wand here.



VISIT to know more about their discounts and offers. Before you even do anything though, Log in with username & password: HankookC to be entitled for the best discounts.

Last but not least, see you at the flea market LATER or Sunday!

Mother's Day Flea_3

Now i tuck myself in bed.
Good Night!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Quick Post about Hosting & Kor's 27th Birthday!

I'm dropping a quick post so that I'll be able to wake up early to host a roadshow for Highlanders Brown Rice Tea, my 2nd day at Bukit Panjang Plaza.

Blogging is for penning down my milestones, my memories, my past and special occasions to remember. So before I forget, I must quickly update my thoughts and memories which I've collected recently.

Hosting Ain't Easy

I need 999999999 HOURS.

The above statement is actually a blessing in disguise as I have embarked on yet, another new journey of my life: Hosting.

I did my very first public hosting event for CROCS Fashion Show 2 Saturdays ago, which I hadn't time to blog about it. I'm still consolidating photos from my blogger friends. I hadn't taken much photos myself.



Kudos to ALL hosts, emcees, DJs and VJs in the world.

Now prior to the actual event day, hosts have to do lots of homework: researching on the topic they are going to talk about, pronunciation, diction, immediate reactions, preparation, dressing, ESPECIALLY THE CORRECT NAMES OF SPECIAL GUESTS, timings, adaptability to unforeseen circumstances, tackling weirdest questions in the world, making sure you know the background of your guests etc.

Hosts have to memorise and familiarise them all.

Then comes interaction with the audience, the ability to build rapport with the crowd, the emphasis on essential points and more. These secondary skills are what all professional hosts possess. I'm working really hard on reaching to this stage.

Last but not least we talked about the X-factor, the humor, the confidence and the appearance of the host, other talents like sing, dance....

Hosts work wonders.
They either bring the particular show up and pull it down.

A horrible perfection I am, I fare myself badly for conducting this hosting event even though all my friends encouraged that I have done great as a first-timer. Someone ever told me this, first-timers are never excuses for not performing up to standard. Those watching you from the floor are people who don't know you. They can never tell that you are a 'first-timer'.

To them, you are either awesome, or NOT.

Of course, this is not going to bring me down. I'm telling myself(even right now) that my next hosting event will rock the house down!

Hosting for weddings is so different!
I've done a few and it's no where the same as an event hosting!

That means I have to do MORE HOMEWORK: watch more videos, learn and practise on more techniques, observe how other hosts and promoters work wonders at roadshows, events, fairs, carnivals, Youtube and on TV.

Then there's tuition classes, blog events, singing performance, rehearsals, briefings, emails...
Where did ALL THE TIME GO?


I'm back with LIVEOMUSIC!

Liveomusic is most interesting.

That means no matter where you are, as long you have a laptop,  iphone, ipad, android phones and internet connection, you may log in to and watch LIVE SHOWS like a LIVE broadcast TV/Sport Channel!

For about 2 months last year, I hosted an online mandarin show with Gim Goh call "We Can TOK Anything" where Gim and I will talk and play C-pop songs revolving around different themes weekly. It works like a radio station except you can SEE US. You can even SMS/Tweet in to ask questions, give feedbacks, say Hi...


I've posted photographs of all our episodes and the playbacks on my facebook page here.

The studio was then in Kallang.

Liveomusic Studio is now in Forbidden City, Indochine(Clarke Quay)!

I'm hosting a brand new segment alone now, LIVEO LIVE C-POP.
You'll be able to catch LIVE C-POP Related performances and exclusive interviews with musicians, bands, performers, dancers!

The C-POP is not just chinese singing mandarin songs. It can be anything like playing a chinese instrument,  a person of a different race singing CPop songs, the songs can be cantonese, hokkien, teochew etc, chinese dance, hip hop dance with a mandarin song etc.

This is Ivan B.

He Qs me when I'm on live. Together with Milton, Kwik, Kelvin and Mohan, they are the crew preparing my segment for me; coolest people in the universe!


Yingzi, her brother Hong Da, and Fenny were my special guests for the very FIRST Episode!



Fenny shocked her audience with amazement when she sang a korean song. You'll totally buy it if I told you she's a korean. SHE'S A SINGAPOREAN.  The floor went silent and mesmerized by Yingzi's GuZheng performance.


Catch the 1st episode playback here.
Like I said, I'll definitely improve on my hosting skills and my brush up on my chinese. :)

2nd episode was just as exciting as the 1st!
Elynn and Weiqian was invited to come up on the show.

Watch the 2nd episode playback here. Remember to scroll the time bar to 1:00:00. There was another 1hour show before mine; LIVEO LIVE Accoustic.


Elynn sang "Cha cham bo!!!"


Weiqian did a Hokkien song and another local song sung by Fann Wong.
My favourites!

The person on the camera is Kelvin.


I sang on my 3rd episode, keep scrolling and you'll get to it.
Click here to watch if you're not afraid your window panes will crack. Heh-heh.

Ice-skating at Jcube

I was at Jcube again on Monday for only about an hour to celebrate one of my BFF's brithday: Steven Low. I had to rush off for my singing rehearsal and performance at All About Eve Bar after that.

He's a year older than me, my secondary school senior.  We knew each other since I was 13 years old. That's THIRTEEN LONGGGGGGGG Years.


As usual I didn't pluck up enough courage to skate in rental boots. My ice hockey boots were all rusty, mouldy and cracked!  I don't even know if they are still usable. The photos of my skates were posted up on my twitter(@mintleong). So I bought the viewing ticket for S$3.50 and became his personal nanny: fetch water, take care of his belongings, bullied by him(the usual).   > -.-"  <


Steven doing his hockey brake.

Oh yes, I insist on buying a birthday cake for him!
While pinching BOTH his cheeks, I screamed, "Kor, you are 1 more year older loooo!"




Switch specs. :p



I always tell him how handsome (PUKE) he is while he's skating. Honestly, I'm not a great skater. I do crossings clumsily, I can't run very fast on ice, I always fall down and sometimes, I can't even brake as I want to!

Looking at how suave he is, I tell myself I have to start skating again soon to catch up!
Skating makes me forget about my worries temporarily. The coldness freezes your mind, the constant moving around the rink keeps you agile(slims you down too!); it's like your time has come to a stop. You feel relax for that little while .

Happy 27th Birthday, Low Kee Choun! (real name alert. :p)
Every year I have to tell you to stop growing older.
You're getting older means I'M GETTING OLDER TOO!

Si Gina!!! (internal joke)