Monday, April 9, 2012

Singapore Music Band Performs in Taiwan.

Photo source: LGF Facebook page.

Live For The Moment is about FIVE amazing local bands who are releasing their singles! The launch was held on the 17th March 2012; it's over but you'll definitely want to look forward to so much more future performances they had prepared just for us!

Behind the scenes video of Live For The Moment Photo Shoot:

I particularly like Regine Han from the LGF band. We met at the Guinness Live singing contest previously. I remembered telling everyone how totally awed I was by her capability to build rapport with her audience, keeping us entertained throughout her singing performance.

Click here to read my post on her PK match with Alfred Sim. I've recorded videos of her solid voice!

LGF stands for Little Green Frog; a Guinness Live unplugged! band.

Introductio of the band members:

The Vocalist - Regine Han.


Photo source: LGF Facebook page.

The Keyboard/ EFX/P Programmer/ Composer - Seto

Photo source: LGF Facebook page.

The Bassist - Chern Hui
Photo source: LGF Facebook page.

LGF have performed for:

★ Singapore,2011 Tiger Lunar Extravaganza @ Promontory Marina Bay

★ Singapore , 2010 – 2012 , 6-month Guinness Promotional Event

★Taiwan, 2010 - 2012, Spring Scream and live houses

★ Malaysia KL , 2010 , Indie Music Festival 8

★ Singapore , Chingay Parade 2010 (after party)

★ Singapore , Huayi Chinese Arts Festival @ the Esplanade 2006, 2008, 2010

★ Singapore, Istana performance 2005

★ The band’s 1st single, Grey, used as the soundtrack of the online drama series, LUMINA. (Hong Kong)

★ The band’s 2nd single, 这样的我, is compiled in the compilation album “PlaySpeak” featuring veteran artistes from over Asia.

★ The band has also done shows for corporate clients like Singtel (INQ phone launch), Google Singapore, Nikon Singapore, British American Tobacco, 
ExxonMobil, Asian Pacific Breweries, Creative Video Awards 2012, COMPASS Awards, etc.

Information source from:  LGF Facebook page

LGF's 3rd mini album is out and you may do your purchase from their facebook fanpage!
It's called <>.


Are these Regine's sexeh legs?!
*wolf whistle*

You may purchase the album at the price of  only S$5.90.

In general, I think it is only logical that the initial support Singaporean bands/brands receive should always begin within the country itself, then spread far and wide and not the other way around.

Livr For The Moment are now performing in TAIWAN at various locations.

Check our their schedules from their official poster.


I'll be ending off this post with a recorded clip I've found on YouTube:
Live For The Moment on Taiwan Radio Station, 2nd April 2012.

Once again, let's #SupportOurLocalTalents.


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