Monday, January 27, 2014

[Mint.Music.Lifestyle + Giveaway] 5 Sets Of Limited Edition CNY Taiwan Beer Package For You, Huat Ah!

Thank Q U for this Limited Edition CNY corporate sales Package!

The box includes all 6 flavours of Taiwan Beer Gold Medal, Taiwan Fruit Beer, and Sweet Touch series.
18 cans in all!

It's not for sale but now that you're reading this, you can get them as gifts for your family, friends, clients and even for yourself this CNY through this exclusive blog promotion!

Special Promotion is going on for each 福 set,
 Retailing at only $46!

Contact Karin Seah at 6269 7381/ 9272 1868 
Email to
to order.

Please QUOTE that you're a reader of Mint Leong's Blog to get this exclusive promotion!


My family, friends and I finished 2 cartons of Sweet Touch series on my birthday parties this year!
The Green Apple and Lychee Sweet Touch beer is so LOVED.

But Bubble Leong you cannot drink. 
Don't block my camera view can?

Eh mister, 
ask you not to block me, you walked and sat next to it?!
No no no oh no, not that pair of innocent eyes again. 

I know, the lychee beer is so sweet right? 
Of course, it contains up to 9% fruit juice inside!
Heh- heh.

But still, you cannot drink.
Let's give the kor kor and Jie Jie out there a chance ok?

Good boy!


 Taiwan Beer is giving away 
5 sets of
 Limited Edition CNY Taiwan Beer Package 
5 lucky readers!


#ONE: Share/RT this image on your Twitter/Instagram/facebook
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#TWO: Mention @MintLeong in your message.
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Note to winners: 
1. It'll be a Self collection.
2. Winners have to be at least 18 years of age.
3. You have to be residing in Singapore. 


It's 4 more days to Chinese New Year and a longggg weekend,

Thursday, January 23, 2014

[Mint.Music.Lifestyle] Ultimate Frizzy, Curly And Dry Hair Fixed At Heritage Hair!

Backdated Post.

I was at Heritage Hair on two separate occasions; the first time for my hair straightening and a second time after a week for highlights. 

I'm born with ultra thick, frizzy and dry hair with natural curls. 

My usual hair after a wash:

Not only am I required to sit at the salon for very long hours just to get my hair done, I also need maximum chemical mix in order for my hair to achieve effects which I requested for. 

Hence the Hair Salon which I visit has to have hairstylists with alot of strength (to 'kiap' my hair for very long hours), be extremely patient throughout all treatment processes as well as to listen to me talk talk talk and talk for the next 4 to 5hours... 

My hairstylists are the most patient humans in this world. :)

This time round, I wanted a hairstyle which is easy to maintain and here's what Heritage Hair gave me for the New year, my birthday and the rest of the events.

Take a look at my Before and after photos. 



Heritage Hair Welcomes Male Customers!

MinuteManSG's first visit to the salon and Kenn worked out something for him for the New Year too:

A lighter hair colour(Hazelnut Brown) for the DreamGuy and new haircut for S$99:

Steampod Straightening Treatment

Meanwhile I was doing Steampod Straightening to get rid of my frizzy, dry-looking and anyhow-curl-here-curl-there hair:

Steampod Treatment is like rebonding where a preparation cream, which is packed with cuticle-smoothing keratin and ceramides, is applied to the hair. However unlike using a normal hair straighener, the treatment gets a bit more focused with the use of a specialized straightening iron which releases steam while the detangling comb attachment straightens and add a high gloss shine to your hair. This tool delivers a localized stream of high pressure steam to the hair shaft, deeply hydrating the hair without causing heat damage or drying it out.

Notice a black box with the iron in the picture?
That's a water filtration system to produce pure steam to rehydrate and nourish damaged hair.

Steampod is suitable for ALL hair types as the tool has five temperature settings which can be adjusted to suit your hair, even coarse, curly and thick locks can reap its shine-boosting benefits. The steampod tool can also be used to curl and volumise the hair!

One can immediately notice the shine and softness!

My front portion is done and already taken 1++ hour.
In the steampod straightening process, the hairsylist can only straighten a very small segment at a time (say about 50 strands?) to make sure every strand of hair is moisturized and steamed to perfection.

NOTE: This treatment was not done on my bleached area (front 2 sides of my hair with lighter shades).

Here's Week 1 of my hair, steampod straightening, done.
Steampod Straightening starts from S$228 at Heritage Hair.

All ready for Christmas!

And just in time for my Christmas carolling gig at Jurong Point the following day!

Week 2: Colour Highlights and Moroccanoil™ Hair Treatment

Allow your hair to rest for at least a week before you do any other hair chemical treatments.

Following that week, I was back for highlights and hair treatment with their latest products, Moroccanoil™.

This product brand is salon exclusive to very limited salons in Singapore. 

Find out from
(NOTES: Singapore is not listed in the website yet, as the genuine product has just arrived in our land).

Moroccanoil™ products are Sulfate, Phosphate and Paraben FREE.

Moroccanoil™ has the unique quality of instant absorption into hair, creating an instant shine without leaving an oily residue. Moroccanoil™ products contains a special, ultra light, non-greasy formula that seals in shine producing silky perfection for all hair types. Moroccanoil™ combines traditional methods with contemporary needs and technology. It revitalizes hair and brings new dimensions to stylists and their clients.

Moroccanoil™ has created a revolutionary styling, finishing and conditioning product line for hair that will guarantee an enhanced result. Hair looks and feels healthier after just one application. They include a signature argan oil in all Moroccanoil™ products. A remarkable gift from nature found growing only in Southwest Morocco, it is a powerful antioxidant, UV protector and free radical neutralizer, rich in vitamins that strengthen the hair and increase the hair’s elasticity. Moroccanoil™ continually strive to create unique products using the highest quality formulations to deliver extraordinary results. Moroccanoil™ is an effective and frequently requested conditioning line of hair products for stylists and their clients.

I was the FIRST customer to try the Hair Mask and treatment oil,

My hightlights were done first before the hair treatment.


Joyce bleaching thin strands of my hair after asking my preference:

I looked like I'm wearing a shower cap, haha:

Hair colour and highlights ready after 2 hours!
You'll think that it's blonde but the colour on my hair is actually ash-green against black hair:


Hair Colouring: S$88 onwards
Hightlights: S$98 onwards

Moroccanoil™ Hair Treatment

My hair is extra glossy and even softer than before!

This shot was taken last Saturday on my way to N.E.mation!8 Downtown Picnic with MyDreamGuy.
The colour is lasting and my hair is still silky after ONE MONTH.

My desired hairstyle achieved, I'm so blessed!

Thank you Heritage Hair - Kenn, Joyce and Sandra Lovergirl.
I'm heading down this weekend for another round of hair treatment and to trim my fringe.

My hair will be all ready for Chinese New year!

The seashell necklace I'm wearing is from Student Ching Gje from  N.E.mation!8 Top 10 final groups, Team 9: RainbowsAndUnicorns;) as a birthday gift. It's my lucky charm now. 

Since I'm on the topic of N.E.mation,  quick shoutout here to vote for Team 9: RainbowsAndUnicorns;) and Team 7, SYNCH to be the Top Teams of  N.E.mation!8. Please vote for them!

Heritage Hair is at Tides @ 217 East Coast Road #02-03, Singapore, Singapore 42891.
Contact:  6345 9902

As usual, let them know that you are a reader of and receive 15% discount for hair services except wash, blow and styling.
Appointment preferred.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

[Mint.Music.Journey] Did a Japanese Song Cover titled Ai No Uta with Classmate Zhi Hao

Ai No Uta
By Fukui Mai

'Ai No Uta' stands for 'Love Song' in japanese language.

It's the theme song of heart-wrenching Japanese movie Koizora(Sky Of Love).  I cried buckets of tears watching this movie in my teens.

Image taken from Google Search.

Koizora is about Mika and Hiro, who have just started their high school years. Mika was afraid of Hiro at first but after she understands how gentle he is, they gradually fall in love with each other. Jealous, Hiro's ex gf, Saki, hired a group of men to rape Mika. Despite the event, Hiro vows to protect Mika.

Soon after, Mika was pregnant with Hiro's child but suffered a miscarriage when Saki pushed her down a flight of stairs. Devastated, Hiro and Mika build a grave for their unborn baby and promise to visit the memorial yearly on the day of the baby's death.

The story goes on when Hiro discovered that he contracted cancer and made a painful decision to break off with Mika. He even kept his health condition a secret to Mika so that it would not caused her anymore pain.

A couple of other heart-wrenching events happened after that.

Mika eventually found out Hiro's condition and made up her mind to spend Hiro's last days with him...

*sobs sobs*
Eh why this girl's life so kelian one huh…

Ai No Uta is one of Zhi Hao's favourite song and I'm honoured to do this Japanese song cover with him although I can't speak japanese at all. Also, Zhi Hao is camera shy and it's really brave of him to overcome his fear and complete this cover with me! Bravo~

It took me more than 3 months to learn to pronounce the words.
A little patchy but I tried my best!

By the way, we did this cover last year that's why my hairstyle is not updated la. 

Here's the cover of Ai No Uta by Zhi Hao And me:


(Zhi Hao and I did the parts highlighted in RED)

Yasashii kaze ga fuku itsumo no michi de
Anata ni ae rutoka sonna koto de ii

Chiisa na kodou no yure ga omoi ni kasanari
Shizuka ni tokeru no o tada matte iru
Hito wa doushite kotae o motomeru no
Watashi wa kore de shiawase na no ni shiawase na no ni

Ai no uta ga kikoeta n da
Sore wa chiisa na ai ga
Hohoemu you ni yorisou you na
Yasashii oto gashita
Toki wa nagare yume wa nagare
Ironna katachi kawatte mo
Anata ga tada koko ni ireba
Sore dake de ii

Anata no yobu koe ni kizukeba toki ni wa
Ushita mono ni tada te o nobasu dake

Toki wa doushite owari o tsugeru no
Egaita ima wa ashita no sora ni
Tsuzuite iru no ni

Ai no uta ga kikoeta n da
Sore wa chiisa na ai ga
Hitotsu hitotsu matataku you na
Itoshii oto gashita
Toki to tomo ni ano hi no hoshi
Namida de nagarete shimatte mo
Anata ga tada koko ni ireba
Sore dakede ii

Negai wa toki ni tooku
Muri ni tsukamo utoshite mo
Te moto o suri nukete yuku kedo
Sono mama kieteyuku you na
Ookina mono yori
Chiisa na ai ni kizukeba

Itsuka toki ga hana o sakashi
Yagate ooki na ai ga
Utau you ni kanaderu you ni
Futari o tsutsumu darou

Ai no uta ga kikoeta n da
Sore wa chiisa na ai ga
Hohoemu you ni yorisou you na
Yasashii oto gashita
Toki wa nagare yume wa nagare
Ironna katachi kawatte mo
Anata ga tada koko ni ireba
Sore dake de ii

Anata ga ite soba de warau
Sore dake de ii

Now let's listen to the original by Fukui Mai with snippets from Koizora:

I'm planning to watch the TV series.
(If I have the time, that is. :p)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

[Mint.Music.Lifestyle] Mint's 3-Day Birthday Celebration!

Who in the world would celebrate her birthday for 3 days?


Technically speaking, 4 days.
There was a mini birthday cake-cutting ceremony on New Year's day at my grandma's.

My family, friends and I had so much Taiwan Fruit Beer on all 4 days!
They come in bottles now. *Burps*

Once again if you're wondering where I got my new hairstyle - the bangs, highlights and straightening, it's from Heritage hair!
They say that cousins are our first friends.
They are so right.

Meet my Cousins and siblings on 1st January 2014.

This is an almost-full attendance cousins photo.
One of the cousins, Jianing, is currently studying in London but she'll be back at the end of this year, yay!

When I was younger, my birthday celebrations would always be celebrated with my cousies.
Back then, we'd have a family gathering at Grandma's.
We'd play games all day and night.
*In recent years, the games were 'upgraded' to Mahjong (which I seldom join in).*

Consider it's something new for us as the choice for this year's games were Dice Town and the classic fishing game*

We never grow up, do we.
That's why I love them all so much!

In the evening, there'd be a Swensen's birthday ice-cream cake for the January Babies after dinner.

It's been years I celebrated my birthday with the cousins and family.
It felt like the good old days and for me it's like, 'hey let's do this again!'


We have 4 January babies in my family.

Left to right: Me, Melson, Jiaxin and Tyrus(little cousin right in front)
Tyrus LOVES cars so the aunts chose this cake for him.

Oh oh, before I forget, Melson and I were born on the SAME DAY, 3rd January.

Cousin Ben trying to open his bottle of Taiwan Fruit Beer.

*Manfred, children under 18 cannot drink huh. See See can.*

Ice-cream cake served, Happy Burstday in advance to me!

On my way to the supermarket on the next day, (2nd Jan 2014),
BDD surprised me with a bouquet of Stitch.

It was HUGE!

You won't believe it when I say I walked around and shopped for groceries while carrying that bouquet around. Everyone was praising how beautiful the bouquet was and children even stopped to touch the little Stitch heads.

THANK YOU BDD for your big big surprise, muacks!

Time to party, for the next 3 days~

03 JANUARY 2014, DAY 01: Hurray, My Burstday!
MyDreamGuy was the FIRST to wish me a Happy Birthday in person at 12 midnight.

Together with my Twinkle, her bf and my mum, we spent a happy day at Adventure Cove Waterpark.

Thanks to Ang Zir Zir, I can take photographs with my camera phone without wetting it.
Waterproof phone casing ROCKS!

She revealed she had bought it from Taobao.

Almost choked to death at the tidal waves pool when i was trying to take videos and pictures of everyone.

Colin has this affinity with animals.
He always manage to capture great pictures as the animals will pose for him.
See that ray above his head?
It posed there the whole time I'm trying to get mummy to stop moving.

Photobombers Johnson and Twinkle alert:

These two rascals, one trying to meditate on a float as he braves under a mini waterfall, the other trying to capsize his float:

Mummy's first ride at Adventure Cove Waterpark.
It's a slide where you try to slide down with a mat:

Colin (left) bumping into the side of the slide and mum(right) laughing at him.

What a coincidence because because we bumped into Melson, my cousin whom I just told you that we were born on the same day, and his girlfriend! Bumping into him at the waterpark is like a double bonus~

There, a group shot together would be nice~

Dinner at Imperial Treasure.
I'm famished!

Then my loved ones surprised me with a black forest birthday cake!

Just so happen the little boy in yellow top is also celebrating his birthday and gave us a huge slice of his cake.
Happy birthday to you too!

Thank you Twinkle and Johnson, for specially taking the day off just to celebrate my actual birthday with me. Life becomes more complete with wonderful friends like you.

To Twinkle:
I feel so loved. :)
Whatever you've done for me is genuinely so much more than what a normal friend will do for anyone. Thank you for your support. You have added so much fun and beautiful things into my life: my nails, our  friendship, your laughter, jokes and so much more...

So really, you need not apologise for anything at all. 
I am blessed to have you in my life, Twinkle.

Home but still not resting yet.
We were still up at 10.30PM making egg mayo sandwiches for the great picnic day the following day.

DAY 02: Picnic at Sentosa Siloso Beach with BFFs(Blogger-friends-forever)

A day at Siloso beach with my close bloggers friends.

Thank you BDD once again for ordering BBQ food for all of us even though you couldn't make it to the party.

Putting my JBL Speaker to good use:

Notice the bags of food behind me, they are all from BDD!
Then there's this beautiful and most yummy cake Colin ordered from ThePatissier.

I think has got super powers too!
How do they know we have a carton of Taiwan fruit beer without any bottle openers?!

So when I received this packet of customised bottle openers, I got the biggest shock of my life!

Thank you SUPERSTORESINGAPORE.COM for the badge-cum-magnet-cum-bottle-openers for all of us who turned up for the picnic, perfect door gifts!

Oh look, Bubble Leong & Brover's here to play!
Sister Smith, thanks for taking care of Bubble, coming over to our place early in the mornning to collect the logistics and drinks and send them down to Sentosa!

Fur-Nanny Chris looking after the dogs so that we could concentrate on the ice-breaker game.
Thank you

Picnic time!
We held a mini food contest for friends who have brought a food dish.
The person voted for the best food dish received a medal and an early angbao!

Bubble got a share of his doggie food too:

Let's meet the participants.

First up, here's Caren with her Smoke salmon Canapes.
I was invited to do a guest post on her blog for January, read it up:

Caren also won the early bird prize:

Yingzi posing with her spicy ramen:

William made curry vege for us and it's full of ingredients!
Hp on his left giving William his full support~

Yongwei with his 6.5minutes hard boiled egg.
"IT MUST BE 6.5 MINUTES", he said, "then the yolk is juicy and poached-style."

WOHOOOO he's telling the truth!

Cookie prepared pasta and Salmon Yogurt dip.
We were all surprised she can cook so well!

Fenny brought sushi for us:

last but not least, here's HP with his Mint flavoured ice-cream:

More BBQ food from BDD Mandyshima, with love.

It's voting time.
The participants were invited to stand in a line as we cast our votes by pasting stickers on them:

I invited my students from N.E.mation 8 to have some fun~

The participants with their stickers:

The winner is COOKIE with her prize:

The game masters, Colin and Daiyu ready to brief the next game:

It's called Mint's Burstday Photo Bingo Game.

The guests are divided in to 3 teams and given a list of tasks to complete.
Here's what they received:

To view what they've done, search #MintBday on Instagram.
Some are really so funny!

Here's Calvin's team trying to make Bubble Leong smile:

Cookie's team discussing how to go about doing the instavideo of the birthday song:

The skies got dark really quickly due to the rain.
It was pitch black by 6PM so everyone took out their torches to lit up the area.

A photo with my favourite boy before we sing the birthday song:

GROUP PHOTO is the best!

Daiyu got a macaroon with gold flakes of his own.
He totally deserves the best.

He was up with us since 11am to help run errands.
From buying ice, to cake collection, to carry heavy food and facilitate the games:

MyDreamGuy deserves only the best too!

Lucky Draw!

4th Prize winner, Daiyu.

3rd Prize winner, Ching Gje.

2nd Prize winner: Xin Pei

Grand Prize winner: Hong Peng!

Brother Leong is the best!
Calvintimo came down to surprise me even though he has work to do on that day:

Thank you EE!

DAY 03: Steamboat at Aunt's place with Besties

I've known this group of friends for at least a decade.
Some of them, in fact most of them, met again for the first time after more than 10years!

These besties went through thick and thin with me, in times of good and bad.
I wouldn't have been who I am now without anyone of them at any point of time.

Clockwise direction: Jaime, Weida(yellow top), Collin Chan (in glasses and checkered top behind Weida), Kyel (on the floor in a black top in front of Weida), Wenhui, Jennifer, Me, Colin, Rachael, Della, Ivan, Sharlene(white dress), Joel.

I'm grateful to each and everyone of you, whether it is helping in terms of financial, job opportunities, studies or just being there to listen when I needed a listening ear.

I'm thankful that you're in my life.

Found another way to use the badge has given us!
Besides being a badge, a magnet and a bottle opener, it's also a coin holder + paper weight when we played blackjack!

Friends and family, thank you for ALL these lovely birthday gifts.
They are most creative, useful, thoughtful and most unpredictable.


My year started with a huge blast and full of love.
I'm sure this is going to be the best year ever.

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy 25th Birthday, SilkAir!

SilkAir will be celebrating its Silver Anniversary with the delivery of New Boeing 737-800 and commerative activities!

You'll be thrilled to know that one of these activities would be about Special Promotional Deals where 250,000 tickets will be made available at special rates for all of us.

Look out for more details coming Feb 2014!

New Boeing Aircrafts!

Marking its anniversary celebrations, the airline will be taking delivery of the first aircraft in its new fleet of 54 Boeing 737s in early Feb 2014. A total of 8 planes will be expected this year, with the remaining to be delivered by the end of the decade.

You'll be flying in new SilkAir aircrafts, yay!

With the new Boeing 737s, new enhancements will be offered to improve in-flight experience for us including upgraded cabin interiors, more spacious overhead luggage compartments and lighting systems.

Meet the friendly Cabin Crew Fara and Angel!

Bring Boeing Home With SilkAir Event

Would you like to fly and bring SilkAir's new Boeing 737-800 plane into Singapore?

150 selected members of the public (Some of you reading this) will join the 'Bring Boeing Home With SilkAir' programme at Flight Experience Singapore (Singapore Flyer). These 150 fans and aviation lovers will be invited to fly a simulator SilkAir Boeing 737-800 plane into Singapore. We'll be tracking the actual delivery route of the aircraft from the Boeing Factory in Seattle to Singapore's Changi Airport via Honolulu, Majuro and Guam.

NOTE: This is Asia's first 25-hour flight simulator event held at Flight Experience Singapore (Singapore Flyer), taking place overnight from 7th - 8th Feb 2014.

To join this event, visit SilkAir's Facebook Page for more details in the coming week:

New Flights to New Destinations!

SilkAir will be flying to new destinations,
Kalibo, Phillipines from 27 May 2014 and
Mandalay, Myanmar from 10 June 2014 onwards.

With the latest additions of the new destinations, SilkAir now offers flights to 47 destinations in the region!

Planning a holiday to exotic destinations including Phuket, Kuantan, Tioman and more?
Visit SilkAir.

Happy 25th Birthday in advance, SilkAir!
Its actual birthday is on 21 February.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy 2014- Resolutions

Heppeh Niu Year!

My celebration mode was switched on since Christmas 2013. 
Endless parties, quiet moments, naps, catching up with friends, spending time with my loved ones and …
just simply away from Social Media on most occasions except instagram-ing and Tweeting.

I'm back.
Refresh. Recharge. 
Ready for 2014!

For those who have been constantly visiting,
following me on my other social media platforms such as instagram and Twitter @MintLeong,
here's my warmest 10Q for your endless support and love. 

Thank you for growing up with me.
----  ❤  ----

My blog posts are piling up like back-to-school homework!
about my nose fillers, my hair, my birthday, Colin's birthday celebrations LAST year, my sydney trip, song covers with classmates…

By Hook or By Crook.

If you'd noticed by now, I do have tabs located just below my blog banner where you can access other pages of my blogs, one of it is named 'goals'.

Yesu yesu, 
it's where my annual new year resolutions and wish list are.

An annual thing I do;
to review my New Year Resolutions and make new ones. 

Different people work differently.
I like to do it this way because I feel more goal-oriented, there's something to look forward to complete and I keep track along the way.

Mint's New Year Resolutions 2013
Here's how I derived them last year. Read HERE.

Stike off = Achieved.
  1. Go on a Taiwan Holiday! (Half done because tickets are booked for July 2014! MyDreamGuy and I are bringing mummy too, hurray!)
  2. Get my driving license 
  3. Learn and Play the Ukulele
  4. Upload at least 5 Youtube Video Covers for MissMintLeong Youtube channel.
  5. Achieve and Maintain at 48KG (48KG for first half of 2013)
  6. Start my teeth straightening and whitening treatments
  7. Save up at least 5K BY Dec 2013
  8. Earn AT LEAST 2K per month
  9. Give myself a break ONCE a week.
3 + 0.5 + 0.5 = 4/10 goals achieved.
I need to work doubly hard for 2014 to review and complete the other 6.

To this anonymous person who left me this particular comment in 2013:

Thank you for giving me the drive to PROVE YOU WRONG.

Singing and Emceeing IS a proper job.
I'm earning a decent income here, and much more than you think.

There is a need for talents in this trade.
Otherwise who in the world will do roadshows, D&Ds, functions, weddings & other occasions.
By the way, you spelt 'GIGANTIC' incorrectly!

I can only LAUGH at you.
And now we shall let others have a good laugh at you too to start Year 2014.

Thank you for bringing joy into our lives.
Ok, shall move on.
----  ❤  ----

I've not completed more than HALF of my resolutions so we'll keep them because I'm actually  STILL working on them.

1.Get my driving license.

This is a MUST achieve!
Travelling is really a hassle for me.
Meetings, events, back-to-back schedules are killing me. 

I'd need to spend less time on the go.
I don't think I can afford a car yet but at least, I can drive around should I have a ride. 

I heard it's getting harder and harder to pass. 

2. Learn and Play the Ukulele AS WELL AS the keyboard smoothly.

I'm already taking keyboard classes with Chi Sheng Lao Shi at Intune Music since 06 January 2014. I've ALWAYS wanted to learn the keyboard, always.  

In April 2013, I took up a 2-month intensive piano pop lesson with Ocean Butterflies Music Academy as well so that I can be eligible for the WDA song writing course and managed to learn basic pop piano techniques. It's really very basic though: recognising the notes, basic music score reading as well as basic comping.

Well, everyone begins somewhere.
Although small, I'm moving forward I know. :)

3. Start my teeth straightening and whitening treatments.

Although many friends suggested I don't have to, I feel this is really important to me because I really hope to improve my side profile, my smile and my confidence on stage. 

The consultation has been done.
A HUGE sum but I'm determined to save up for it.
I'd need to pull out my wisdom teeth, cleaning, make braces first due to the huge gap inside my mouth...

4. Save up at least 5K BY Dec 2014.

I'm not kidding.
This is simply a baby step to start my own little family soon. :p

5. Pay off my bills promptly on my own.

Tuition fee loan; Yes it's still ongoing. 
Monthly phone bills. How can I miss this? :)

It's not like I'm not paying promptly. 
But sometimes myDreamGuy pays them first before my pay arrives.
I'd like to be able to pay themselves whenever the bill comes. 

6. Lose weight and maintain at 48KG PERMANENTLY!

I'm a 53kg now, boo-boo.

No junk food!

7. Make and upload at least FIVE better-quality videos of my originals compositions on my youtube channel.

They can be collaborations with friends in terms of lyrics, melody, MV-filming, mixing and mastering, editing or brand new songs we co-write together.

Time to put the song-writings techniques and skills I've learnt to good use.
They get mouldy and forgotten when we learn but don't use them.

Dreams-come-true always manage to find its way to me somehow.
I'm blessed.

8. Give myself a break at least ONCE a week.

If I don't write this, I'd forget to take a break. 
The woes of a workaholic.

9. Practise and Improve my emcee skills such that I'd be able to present myself confidently, fluently and more flexibly at events and functions. 

Life is a journey.
Keep Learning and push yourselves to greater heights!

10. Spend more time with my loved ones.

I cherish all my loved ones: My mum, Zir, Bubble Leong and myDreamGuy.
They are always waiting for my attention.
This year, I'd set aside time for them by asking them out FIRST.

I'd also want to bring my little niece, Jasmine Chia, out at least once every 2 months. 
Setting aside a small amount of my pay to splurge on her when I do isn't too much, right?
Come on, she's just a 3-year-old little girl who is so loveable!

11. Take more B.M.W.

Bus, MRT, Walk.
that is.

Yah, cabbing is sucking up most of my income. 
I'm going to make sure I have enough time to travel around using public transportations. Also, the schedules I plan will be more spaced out so that I have time for meals too.

11 new year resolutions. 

1.Get my driving license.
2. Learn and Play the Ukulele AS WELL AS the keyboard smoothly.
3. Start my teeth straightening and whitening treatments.
4. Save up at least 5K BY Dec 2014.
5. Pay off my bills promptly on my own.
6. Lose weight and maintain at 48KG PERMANENTLY!
7. Make and upload at least FIVE better-quality videos of my originals compositions on my youtube channel.
8. Give myself a break at least ONCE a week.
9. Practise and Improve my emcee skills such that I'd be able to present myself confidently, fluently and more flexibly at events and functions. 
10. Spend more time with my loved ones.
11. Take more B.M.W.

Made yours too but make sure it's achievable okies.
2014 is going to be AWESOMEeeee!