Thursday, September 30, 2010

Move On, Charlie & Laren Goh

Live. Love. Let Go.

Thanks to OMY.SG once again,
I manage to catch a really touching movie in which I can relate to so deeply.

The Story of Charlie St. Cloud tells the Story of Mint Leong in the Year 2005-2008 so well.
(I will unfold the relation as you read on)

First, let me thank these wonderful people whom I've seen today:

William and Joyce
William the friendly face always reaching out to help.
Joyce, always so bubbly and willing to share.
Both are helping Nuffnang fold the posters for their bloggers!

Janet and Alvin from OMY.
Seeing this two big shots always gets me REALLY excited!
They are the ones to give us our tickets!!!

See, I got my free seating tickets!
The next step is to wait for Sim Bin Bin to reach Iluma!

Also, thank you William for lending me your shirt.
Otherwise I will be frozen to death!

I was holding back my tears throughout the movie.
Zac Efron is one prince charming.
Honestly, he has matured from the last time I saw him on screen.

The story is about a young man, Charlie St.Cloud, with a bright future.
Together with his beloved younger brother, he had won the sailor's scholarship to further advanced his sailing career. He was invited to a celebration with his friends that night but was forced to babysit his younger brother.

A tragedy happened when they sneaked out that night and was met with an accident.
Charlie's younger brother died but Charlie survived. He couldn't let go of his brother's soul and they promised to meet up in the forest when the Sunset Canon fires into the open sea. Charlie became a cemetery caretaker and gave up sailing thereafter. He could 'see' and 'talk to' the souls of his friends and family who have passed away at the cemetery.

Five years later, he met a promising young lady who is also a sailor since his high school days. inspired by Charlie, she has become famous and was about to sail around the world. They fall in love and Charlie had to make a decision between staying with his brother, or with the woman whom he fell in love to continue and fulfill his dream of sailing together...

Look out for the twist in the story,
the outcome was expected yet convincingly surprising when being brought across.

The storyline was so well written, Binbin and I decided to take a photo in front of the poster together! Readers, this is a must-watch romance + meaningful movie!

For such a meaningful story like this, I rate it 4.5/5;
minus 0.5 for expecting the storyline as I watched.

Here's the relation between Charlie and I:

Warning: Paranomal phenomenum of Mint's TRUE STORY.

I had a really close Buddy who wanted to help me fulfil my dream of sing my self-composed songs to the world- he never gave up helping to try and gave me a lot of confidence in singing.

The week before he left this world in a bike accident, he'd wanted us to meet out for supper and chit-chat session. He had also borrowed a tape recorder and wanted me to record down my newly composed song to send for future auditions. On top of that, he'd wanted me to accompany him for supper to celebrate his belated-24th birthday.

Back then, I was self-studying to retake my O-levels, suffering from tremendous broken relationship and serious family financial problems. I rejected the meet-up; something which I had regretted my entire life.

After he had passed away, I continue to live in his daily company, "seeing and talking" to him nightly at west Coast Park. I didn't want to lose him, not when I already did. Everyone thought I was crazy and no one believed I could talk to him.

Few months later, I met him again- my secret admirer whom I've lost touched with many years. We began hanging out more often and soon, we got together. One night, I stopped going to West Coast Park totally. It was a painful choice between letting go of my dead Buddy and being with my bf who is alive. Agonised, I rejected my bf many times so that I could continue my meet-ups with Buddy.

Buddy came to my dream one night.

In reality, Buddy was never known to sing mandarin songs. In fact, he sucked at it. But in my dream, he sat in front of a keyboard and while playing, he sang "难以抗拒你容颜(Can't defend myself from your smile)" by 张信哲(Jeff Chang) to me. I swear I hadn't heard of this song before in my life. Yet when I woke up, I could not forget the tune. I started searching for the lyrics of this song on Yahoo and was surprised that it really exist.

That very night, my tears welled and soaked up the entire pillow. I told Buddy that I love him and I promise to live a better, fulfilling and successful life. One which will never disappoint him and waste his efforts in believing my capability of achieving my goals. To date, I continue to work hard towards fulfilling my dream- to be able to sing my songs and let them all be known one day...

I felt my life being reborn and given a 2nd chance that I didn't die in the bike accident with him. I must be thankful for everything I own in the living world and that I am alive.

The message to bring across in BOTH stories:

Someone who broods over things in the past lives in it. This person will stay in the past, unable to move on and go forward.

Live. Love. Let Go.

The past are memories which you can keep.
The future is what you should aim for.
The present is a motivation for you to encourage and urge yourself to move on.
Do not forget to cherish your existing love ones.
At the same time always remember those whom you had loved so much.
Do not waste your life brooding over the past.
Treat it as a lesson learnt,
and move forward to the future to fulfill your dreams and goals.

Buddy Laren Goh Tian Rong, I miss you.
Thank you for believing in me.

Your absence has only taught me to love and cherish all my friends even more!


After movie I still went down to Yishun to meet Chin Kaile and Sim bin bin for supper. The all-Girls' session was superb!


I felt my monthly contact lens expired in less than a month for the 3rd pair this year. What a waste of money! This is one of the friendliest optical shop I've been to!

Located at Bugis Junction Level 1, I was served by a really polite person, Sylvia, and she had offered the most compatible lens for emergency use for me. The best thing is, she said she could have the contact lens I ordered sent to me by mail.
GREAT! Now i don't have to travel all the way to get my contact lens!

Way to go, Frames and Lenses!

Has my genuine friendship with my buddy touched you?
Do leave a comment and if you can, help pass on my true friendship story to your friends and family.

This is for Buddy, I love you!!!
Of course, go and watch Charlie St.Cloud!

Monday, September 27, 2010

My 2 Lit' Sunshine.

It's Manfred's 5th Birthday!

I was there at my grandmother's house to celebrate this happy occasion for him.

The very first thing he did was to open his birthday present.

Yup, and he's very happy to receive his new Dumbo The Elephant DVD and a series of mandarin children songs!

The cake from icing room is heavenly! All the chocolate, although sinful, makes me really happy!
That's Manfred's Family: My youngest uncle and his wife, Manfred Chua and his younger brother, Cody Chua.

They are NOT fighting. I told Manfred to hug his brother and they started to pose for the camera after some 'discussion' between themselves.

These two little rascals bring me so much joy with their innoocence and smiles!

This is my Karen Aunt, who really dotes on both boys alot. Distinctively, they call her 'ah mu'.That's my cousin, Melson Chua, who just came back from KOREA 3 days back. I'll love to visit Korea one day.


I was late for practice and recording over at Flutter Music.

When an aquarius meets another aquarius + a scorpio, you'll see a capricorn(me), who studies horoscopes personalities, laugh at the weird humour among them.

Nevertheless, we completed our two missions:

1. practised for today's live performance

2. Lunchbox recording completed.

Though it dragged a bit and ended only at 4am + supper after that!

My 2 little sunshine, Ah Min Jie Jie loves you both!


Friday, September 24, 2010

Bottom Line





Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On Shuffle...

I told myself I'm not going to blog today because of my splitting headache.
Then I realize Blogging is already part of my life and I will feel lost without penning my day down.

Was at Lido on Wednesday with Hpility, Joanna, William and Mum.
Wanted to take a photo with William but can't find him anywhere.
Thank you OMY for choosing me to attend The Legend Of Fist-Chen Zhen Movie Gala Premiere!

I love my new dress bought from Lydia's!

Mom was super steady to watch it with me!

3 Reasons why you should watch The Legend Of Fist- Chen Zhen.

1. Donnie Yen will take off his top towards the end of the movie. *SCREAM*

2. His fighting scenes reminds you of a combination of Ong Bak and Ip Man.

3. The really posh settings and costumes of Shanghai and Shanghainese respectively!!!

I was on this week's U-weekly issue, thanks specially to OMY once again!

Only knew it after Jackie's younger brother flashed the page at me. :)


Ice-cream never fails me.

It's finger-licking good!


You are all my love now.

I am contented just to have you, and only you.

Thank you for being by my side during the loneliest nights, the most suffering days, for fighting my nightmares away, for brightening up my day, for making me smile, for licking my tears away...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pamper Yourself with Bubble Tea!

Sweet Talk Bubble Tea.
Not new to you, I know.

Choose toppings to accompany your Bubble Tea.
Not new to you too, I know.

How about this:

Tea Empire + Sweet talk?!

And how about being able to choose the sugar level of your Bubble Tea there?
That, my friend, is something all brand NEW!

And how about some Yandao serving you Bubble Tea at the stall sealed with love and a kiss?! (Nah, I'm Kidding! William is ours already!)

Stay with me and you'll be rewarded!

Here at Tea Empire + Sweet Talk,
you will be spoilt for choices and colours!

Recommended Adult's Choices:

Grass Jelly Milk Tea (topped with homemade grass jelly)
M&M Coffee (For a quick boost)
Perilla Honey Green Tea(Strongly recommended for Office Ladies)
Fresh passionfruit Black Tea(with real refreshing passionfruit)

Recommended Teenagers' choices:

Blue Fantasy Soda Freeze Ice (top left)
Fresh Mango with pomelo (top right)
Oreo and M&M with ice-cream (bottom left)
Mango Smoothie (bottom right)

The drinks were tested and proven!

It was like a self-proclaim International Bubble Tea Day for all 8 of us.

As long it's the Bubble from this list, you CAN choose the sugar level you want.


    ONE>>> Go to any of this TWO Sweet Talk + Tea Empire Bubble Tea Drink Stall:

    K21 Bugis Junction Basement 1 & #01-18

    Blk 475 Choa Chu Kang Ave 3, Sunshine Place.
    (Don't Go WRONG ONE hor!)

    TWO>>> Quote this before buying:


    THREE>>> Enjoy 50cents off for every cup of Bubble Tea ordered!

    FOUR>>> Promotion Period:

    22nd September 2010 - 29th September 2010 .

    Thank you Sweet Talk + Tea Empire for your warmest service!

    Do visit the blog of these famous bloggers to read their Bubble Tea Empire Review as well!

    (From Furthest to Nearest)

    Yong Wei
    Silver Ang

    Ying Zi