Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Studio

The Studio is a forward thinking company which since its start in April 2005 has focused on fashion, beauty and creativity. Their aim is to inspire women and many of all ages and to allow people who usually dare not stand in front of the camera to get a chance to be photographed professionally in a photographic studio!

This is my makeover experience at The Studio !

Look at how they had transformed me into a supermodel-like babe!
They really know how to make someone beautiful to the fullest!

Located at 22 Amoy Street, never doubt it looking from the outside; The inside is spacious with a bold contrast of white and black. Here, The Studio welcomes you with its plush interior designs guarantee to awe anyone who walks up to the 2nd level.

You might want to know this:
The designer of these royal-like seats is none other than the CEO-Lady herself- Sauman Ng Beckett. She is born in HongKong but has lived in Sweden all her life. In other words, she has a fluent command in both Cantonese and English!
I forgot to ask her if she can speak Swedish though.
There she is, Sauman, the gorgeous on the right. On the left, that's Justin Beckett, the CEO of The Studio.

You require only 5 steps to become a supermodel from an ordinary person.

Step #1: Make Up.
The flamboyant colours display in the make-up room is bound to dazzle you.

Don't worry. You are not going to have to do the make up yourself. The professional makeup artists will be there to do that for you. Just sit in front of the mirror, stay still and miracle will work on you.

This is GiGi, my miracle.

Unlike other makeovers, Gigi will first ask for my preference. Then, she will adjust and cater to my requests and work from there. In the end, we both decided to do the smoky-eye effect appearance.

Step #2: Hair-styling
Walk through this door, and you'll find yourself in the hair-styling room;

Not only is this a hair-styling room, you'll also find make-up products and cermaic perms and straighteners for sale. If you like the makeup they'd used on you, you may purchase it home from here. Otherwise, you'll have to import it from Korea directly.

According to Remy, my hairstylist for the day, the perms and straightenings done by this straightener can last up to 72 hours.

Step #3: Change into your outfits.

You will be asked to bring 3 sets of outfits of your own for your photoshoot. If you request beforehand, you may also bring accessories as props for the photoshoot. I've asked Sauman; If you want to do a photoshoot with your Dog, you may do so upon special request.

These refreshments and magazines are there to read while you wait.

Step #4: Trust your photographer and pose for the camera

Walk up to the 3rd level. There, a total of 3 photography studios with different backdrops are waiting for you. These studios come along with changing rooms. Believe in your photographer and you'll will not regret! Sauman, with her 11 years of experience in fashion photography, totally convinced me by the very first shot!

Sauman is all about positive energy and confidence. She made me realize how low self esteem I had and how to bring out the beauty in me through this photoshoot. Look at all these makeovers of other customers framed along the walls of the staircase!
I caught sight of one which has Sauman and Justin in it- classy!

This is Lim, the cameraman from Omy-another humorous guy who made my day.

Step #5: Choose your photographs

The viewing room is on the 1st level. The photos which you have just taken will be transferred here.
Look at the screen, i have all 60 photos to choose from!Very tempted by now? Take alook at the price list which might tempt you even more!

How much do you spend to go for a makeover- makeup, hair and photoshoot? At least a thousand plus and above!

But look at this! There are different hardcopy packages you may choose from to print out your chosen photos. Click on the photo below to enlarge it.

As you read, you will realize they say something about Canvas. Canvas are actually a A4 size picture of you which they will send to Germany for printing + framing and import it back to Singapore for you. Take a look at the sample below:This photo will be printed on what felt like a cloth-like surface. I repeat: they will print and framed the photo for you in GERMANY, import it back and have it delivered to your doorstep! I have one made for myself, complimentary by The Studio. Thank you Sauman and Justin! :)

There is another price list- the digital ones-which you will find it more economical.
The amount of photographs you can choose will determine the price of the file. E.g. if you choose to print 40 photographs, they will send you to you for the price of S$290.

Makeup + Hairstyling + Photoshoot + 40 digital photos = S$290. Isn't that CHEAP!!! Oh god. I can keep going and going for more makeovers!

Here are 1o of the photos which they had sent to me:

Happy 3th Birthday, OMY!

Read about the article and watch the videos(vodcast) of my makeover here:

Thank you The Studio, for making me pretty pretty!!!!


  1. Hey i have that dress too... careful don mix with other clothes.. the color will run!

    Btw the hat is bought frm cotton on. =] i think 5 bucks only..