Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's Tiger TIme!

I was waiting for Yong Wei at Joo Koon when I spotted this:

I haven't tasted it yet;
waiting for the right moment to open the packet.

Joo Koon is at the far end of the east-west line. You will be wondering by now why would a girl like me be doing at this MRT station surrounded by industrial buildings.

Why that's because I was there at the ...

Alfred greeted Yong Wei and I at the Tiger Guard House.
He led both of us to the Tiger Tavern where there's free flow of beer on tap for everyone!

I notice the Tavern have practically all types of beer on tap- Tiger, Heineken, Killiney, Erdinger, Guinness, Irish beer etc. There are more taps on the other side. You name it, they got it.

Let me repeat one more time-these fresh beer are FREE FLOW!
You can drink ALL. YOU. WANT.


There's games- a dart board, pool table, dice as well as cards.

I was preparing to insert 2 $1 coins when i realize I can't insert my 2nd coin into the coin slot machine of the snooker table. That's because it's only $1 per game!

Let me ask you, where else can you sit in a presentation and drink a mug of fresh beer at the same time?

Here! At The APB!

The Tiger Beer Presentation comprises of a few things: The ingredients and making of the beer, beer appreciation, Tiger exhibit and the Tiger Beer Brewery Tour. Last but not least, FOOD FEAST!!!

The Beer ingredients are:

Molt (Barley)

Notice a 'shoe' souvenir? It's a lighter which Yong Wei got for guessing the right answer that Beer is made up of 95% water. He says he's going to use it to impress girls.


Not to forget there's yeast for fermentation too. :)

They've got a slide telling us about the 5 steps to make great beer.

Drinking beer will give us a beer belly.
You're wrong.

Beer is made up of 95% water, remember?
The carbohydrate content is only 7.5g!

Wayne is our guide. He took so much pride bringing us around, telling us all about Tiger: The history, the memorals, the awards, the process, and their products.

Notice again: The lorry on the left of 'the tiger story' on the left? It's preserved in the APB now as a photograph point.

The last Tiger Cub Beer which survived WW2.

The buffet is exclusively for this Bloggers' event only. What's the best thing about attending events?


For the first time in 30years, Guiness finally had a new glass design! Launched yesterday, every blogger who attended the tour yesterday will get one! How honoured!

Thank you Yong Wei, for sharing this wonderful invitation.
I'll be back with DD when he comes back from Thailand.
Spend about $10 and gets to know all about Tiger by going for the Brewery Tour.

You get free flow of beer at the Tiger Tavern too!

Be sure u're at least 18 years old okay?

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  1. hey dropping by...

    I bought the BK fries too.. ended up it is like a rectangular shaped corn cracker with cheese powder... was kinda of disappointing though...

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