Monday, September 27, 2010

My 2 Lit' Sunshine.

It's Manfred's 5th Birthday!

I was there at my grandmother's house to celebrate this happy occasion for him.

The very first thing he did was to open his birthday present.

Yup, and he's very happy to receive his new Dumbo The Elephant DVD and a series of mandarin children songs!

The cake from icing room is heavenly! All the chocolate, although sinful, makes me really happy!
That's Manfred's Family: My youngest uncle and his wife, Manfred Chua and his younger brother, Cody Chua.

They are NOT fighting. I told Manfred to hug his brother and they started to pose for the camera after some 'discussion' between themselves.

These two little rascals bring me so much joy with their innoocence and smiles!

This is my Karen Aunt, who really dotes on both boys alot. Distinctively, they call her 'ah mu'.That's my cousin, Melson Chua, who just came back from KOREA 3 days back. I'll love to visit Korea one day.


I was late for practice and recording over at Flutter Music.

When an aquarius meets another aquarius + a scorpio, you'll see a capricorn(me), who studies horoscopes personalities, laugh at the weird humour among them.

Nevertheless, we completed our two missions:

1. practised for today's live performance

2. Lunchbox recording completed.

Though it dragged a bit and ended only at 4am + supper after that!

My 2 little sunshine, Ah Min Jie Jie loves you both!


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