Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mint's Monthly(Nov) Giveaway: See Kpop Star, Zuno Kim Junho In person!

It is with regrets to inform you that ZUNO FANS MEET has been cancelled due to Zuno's tight schedules. The organisers are trying to arrange another date next year for Zuno to come to Singapore again. I would like to express my deepest apologies on behalf of QuestID and Immersive Play.

If you are a Kpop fan, you're going to love me for this.
Plus, if you're a Kpop + Zuno Kim Junho fan, you're going to DOUBLE Love me for this!

Check out this piece of great news:

Quest ID and Immersive Play proudly presents, Zuno Fans Meet 2010! Yes, Zuno is coming to Singapore, for the second time! Quest-ID Management is a Korean/Japanese artiste management and they are the official manager of Zuno in Singapore. Click to access their official website here. Oh, and do not forget to add them on FACEBOOK for the latest K-pop and J-pop updates!

Details are as follow:

What: Zuno Fans Meet 2010 – Singapore
Date: 13 November 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 11am
Where: Powerhouse @ St James Power Station
Ticket: $100.00 (includes 1 free drink, autograph and handshake with Zuno)

NOTE TO ALL: It's free seating so you have to be there early.

If you're the first 500 fans to purchase tickets, you will be able to purchase early bird tickets at $80. Also, 500 copies of Zuno’s FIRST DVD “Secret Diary” will be released for sale on date of event.

For those who still doesn't know who Zuno is, he is the older fraternal twin of Xiah Kim Junsu, of popular Korean group DBSK/TVXQ/JYJ. Their mother was a former Miss Korea. Zuno is currently involved singing and acting.

This is one of his MV on youtube- Nothing To Lose Let Me Go

That's only the FIRST piece of good news.
Here's the second:
Mint's (Nov)Monthly Giveaway is giving away ONE PAIR OF ZUNO FANS MEET 2010 TICKETS worth $200!


Wait. that's not all.
This pair of ZUNO FANS MEET 2010 comes with BACKSTAGE ACCESS to meet Zuno himself! All you have to do is tell me in less than 30 words why you would love to have this pair of tickets + backstage access. The best comment will be chosen by 6th November 2010 and given to you-FREE OF CHARGE.

I am so excited!

Oh yes,
Credits To Immersive Play and Quest ID Management!

Friday, October 29, 2010

5 Reasons Why I haven't been blogging

1. My laptop battery adapter is broken. And my laptop has ran out of battery.
2. My event is just 2 weeks away and i'm rushing like a mad woman to get everything in place and ready.
3. My school work is piling up-projects after projects!
4. The desktop is lagging and the photo uploader is ccccccrrrrawllllllingggggg.
5. I am resting so that my 1week+ migraine will get better!

I can't WAIT to give out the $200 worth giveaway,
which will be announced on 1st novmber 2010!

Off to Eve Bar to work now.
It'll be work day until Sunday and then it's back to school again!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sentosa Spooktacular 2010: OMY VIDEO

My interview in this OMY Video about Sentosa Spooktacular 2010.
It's in ENGLISH.
Click on the link to view:

圣淘沙‘猛鬼’出动 omy博客惊吓连连


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Alright - YongWei (Original Song) Feat. F&N Drinks

Gifted; This fella.

F&N Positivity Challenge- Week 2

School Reopen-Week 2

Description Of School: Republic Polytechnic

Republic Polytechnic practises Problem-Based Learning(PBL).

PBL means you get ONE problem for ONE day, and then you will be left behind to solve it with your teammates by doing online/books research. Hints and clues will be prompted by your facilitator during meetings to lead you on the right track. On top of that, a worksheet with questions can be downloaded from your personal student folder which will lead you to find the answers. From the answers, the team have to deduce and propose a possible solution for the problem of the day.

We, the students, have to learn to manage our own time to have lunch and discussions.

That's my lunch, as well as my cousin's;
We're from the same school.

It is definitely not as easy as how people from the 'outside' have perceived our school life to be- relax, chicken-feet, no need tutorials etc. Every morning, we have to start from scratch; with zero knowledge of a particular topic. On the same day, we have to pump in all the knowledge we can through numerous meetings and discussions. Then, with the given dateline on the same day, we have to come up with a presentation which we will present to the facilitator, who will access our work.

Yes. It is that stressful.
Everyday is like FYP day.

We've got a de-stress solution!

Try drinking F&N Seasons Ice Lemon Green Tea!


It works!
Look how refresh and happy we are now.

Not to forget to dispose it in the recycling bin.
Reduce, reuse and recycle!

Positive phrase:
You give yourself a break so that you can walk a further distance.

Searching for people who are also drinking the new F&N Seasons Green Tea and guess what I found:

A few friends of my classmate, Nguyen, came in and gave him a packet of oreo plus F&N Season Ice Lemon Green Tea during one of my Java lesson, knowing we have no time for lunch because we were slogging away trying to code our Java Script. So heart-warming!

Another classmate of mine, Melvin, who told me his friend bought 2 of these bottles in the morning while on his way to school. Friends not only care, they share tasty beverage! That's what friends are for.

Now my turn to share something nice with you, my friends.
Join the F&N Facebook now if you haven't.
Participate in their PositiTEA challange and stand a chance to win Golden Village Tickets and also a Samsung Netbook.

Good Luck!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sentosa Spooktacular 2010

This is going to be a HAPPY halloween post.

I was well-prepared for Halloween.

I packed candies for everyone!


Why exactly do you say "trick or treats" on 31st October.
It meant "Give me candies or I am going to play a prank on you".
So, when someone is distributing candies on Halloween,
remember to say "Trick or treats" to that person and not the other way around!

I really have no idea why this 200 Rupiah was in the packet of mentos.

Look at the moon I saw on my way to Sentosa. Brrr....
I hope there's no werewolf tonight.

Yongwei and I are here at the Sentosa Spooktacular-Singapore’s largest Asian-themed Halloween event! We were part of the Media Team tonight, oh yeah.

The ambience at Sentosa's Imbiah Station tonight was totally different.
Dark. Spooky. Eerie.

You think only you and friend are in the photo.
The next thing you know,
another 'friend' had joined you in the photo,
looking at you right in the face.

He/She looked at you with its bloodshot red eyes and bloody mouth.

She's the only ghost I took because it was at the beginning where I was still next to the station. As I moved along the park, I was totally freaked out, I didn't even time to take photogaphs. They will chase after you!!!

I was busy running AWAY from them!
How to take photos?

Yes, the entire island was infested!
You'll start to realize that you're never safe in the area,
because at any point of time,
there will be more iconic Asian ghosts 'welcoming' you.

Enter the Spooky Cemetry if you dare.

The haze is definately NOT from the Indonesian Forest Fire but the smoky effects.
You'll never know if any unidentified person will just pop out from behind the tombstones with a 'boo'!

Except to be in the toilet,
you will be absorbed into a world of Asian horror.
Picture yourself as the main character in a horror movie;
Nerve-wrecking, heart-pumping, eyes-darting.

The Sentosa Spooktacular is 1 ticket to 4 haunted trails:

Cursed Island at Merlion
The Haunted Asylum at Images of Singapore
Dead Or Alive Wax Museum at Images of Singapore
Tower of Fear at Tiger Sky Tower

The bloggers were invited to all 4 spine-chilling trails.
I have a weakness for horror, you see.
Never will I watched horror movies/ shows unless I covered my eyes and ears.
This is the most courageous step I took over the years-a challenge for myself which apparently, I still ain't brave enough. I walked the Cursed Island and came out looking all green with fear! I was sreaming my lungs out as I was completing the trail.

The 'best' was, we had to be 'handcuffed' in ropes so that we don't get lost.
Great. I can't cover my ears or eyes properly.

This is Joanne.
She has 'saved' me a few times from ghosts. HAHA
*Photo courtesy of Joanne*

One of their staff giving instructions before our trail.

One last peek of the island before I left for work.

For maximum fear factor effect,
visit its website before you go to Sentosa.
There's a video they did which will make you pee in your pants.
Click on the picture to access but make sure you visit after 7pm.

You are most invited to join their facebook group to check out the Asian Folklore photos which I have failed to take. Looking back at these photographs, I really wondered why I was so fearful that night. It must have been the ambience, the feel, and music and ... perhaps there are really real ghosts?

Date: 22, 23, 29 - 31 October 2010
Time: 7pm - 11pm
Venue: Imbiah Lookout
Admission Early Bird Special: $28 (till 21 Oct)
Standard tickets: $38 (from 22 Oct)
Islanders: $35 (from 22 Oct)

Trick or Treats?

Friday, October 22, 2010

EXCLUSiVE: World's first 3D digital camera Exposed

The World's first 3D digital Camera Exposed:

Here is the FinePix REAL 3D W3 at the Singapore Expo Electronic Fair, Hall 4.

The stunning 3D debut was introduced in August 2009 as the world's first 3D digital camera. Fully compatible with ALL 3DTVs(*2) if you would love to generate your own 3D photos and play back on your huge 3D TV screen when you get home.

You DO NOT have to put on special 3D glasses to playback the pictures on the camera itself. The generous 3.5" LCD moniter is able to do so for you! From a distance of 2.7m, you will be able to see the background and the people taken in the photo being divided into layers, overlapping one another.

The reason why it is able to do that is because its twin eye camera lenses! They imitate your eyes like vewing objects in different angles and then combining them together. So, the lenses of this camera are roughly 20% further apart so as to maximise the impresson of depth, while still producing a natural-looking images.

I am sorry but you have to see it for yourself by taking a trip down to Expo yourself because the only way to check out these 3D images is to view them from the camera or a HDTV...

It is only $799!!!

Of course, you may still take photographs and videos in 2D with the camera.
The lens is 10megapixel with a lot more functions you can explore!

Click here for more details of its specs and functions.

NOTE: Photos from this point onwards are all taken from the FinePix 3D W3 digicam.

This is the Fujifilm Booth and a studio set-up for you to take 3D photos.
They have only about 300 pieces of hardcopies for their customers everyday.
So be early to avoid disappointment!

The photographs above are all in 3D. You can't see it now because I had used the 2D function to take them down. Miss Rosemary, the advertising and promotions manager, told us that the very first 3D prints photographs were actually done at the Universal Studio. This is the second. So if you hadn't seen the wonders what this camera can do, go down to the Electronics & Sports Expo 2010 from 22-24th October, 11am-9pm, to see it first for yourself!

Here she is, Miss Rosemary Liew. She's a darling.

Hey Tommy and friends, I told you that your photos will appear here right?
My pleasure to be able to take a group photo for you all!
Merry Meet!


The rest of the pictures were taken using MY fujifilm finepix camera!
All 4 bloggers, Yongwei, Jerome, Alvin and I got to experience a 3D photo taking session and we were given these:

A 3D photogaph for each of us developed on the spot.
(which means only 297pcs more open to you all, ops!)

And a brand new Fujifilm Instax mini 7s Instant Camera worth $129, omg!

Where to see the Fujifilm REAL 3D W3:

Singapore Expo Hall 4
Electronics & Sports Expo 2010
22nd-24th October 2010

They are here to snatch the $5 and $99 deals.
I saw a 60plus year old auntie carrying a 19"inch Plasma TV that cost $99 all by herself!
Heard they have been queueing up since 9pm last night!

THANK YOU MISS JOANNE HO-who has also arranged this for us!