Friday, October 22, 2010

Sakae Sushi Monthly Blogger Affair

"So who is Douglas Foo???"

This was the question posted by my class to my facilitator just last Wednesday during my Entrepreneurship module.

"Who do you think he is, class?"

We knew it.

The typical answer from all Republic Polytechnics facilitators.
We are supposed to look for the answers ourselves.

Upon a Google search,
Mr Douglas Foo, is none other than the founder of Sakae Sushi.
He is such a romantic guy after I read who and what inspired him to open up this famous Japanese global chain restaurant.

Wake up and look, he is a SINGAPOREAN who owns a global chain of over 70 outlets throughout Asia and beyond- A superb entrepreneur!!! From the colour plates to its interactive menus. Talking about its conveyor belt, I remember my faci talked about Sakae Sushi inventing the first mobile conveyor belt so that you can have moving sushi for catering! Shiok right!

My mom and I LOVE having meals at Sakae Sushi. Dining here is also one of my top choice with my friends and family. In one of those years, I remembered celebrating my younger brother's birthday at the Causeway point chain. :) There was a period of time we ate Sakae Sushi almost every week!

Picture above: Best friend Weida and I having Sakae together in 2009-a casual dining session which we enjoyed very much.

I can never resist this NoooOO!!!
The Eat-All-You-Can sushi buffet is the best and my recommendations for sushi lovers!
Click on the poster to enlarge.

Knowing how much I loved Sakae Sushi,
(She's online checking the buffet timing because she's going to dine at Sakae Sushi with her besties in the evening)
my love-cousin introduced me to this once she saw this through msn at 9am this morning:

The Sakae Sushi Blogger Affair
My eyes almost popped out reading this splendid poster.

I would really love to try all the new flavours first-hand as their Sakae E-journalist! That is if i get selected. In fact, I've tried ALL the sushi plates that they have in the menu. Which reminds me, my favourite sushi has been taken out from the menu about a year ago: Inari Ebiko.

Do you want to join their blogger event as well?
Then sign up now if you are a Sakae-Sushi-Lover-blogger!
Click on the poster for detailed instructions.

I was at its website reading up more about the Sakae monthly bloggers affair.
Hello, they have a facebook too!
"Like" Sakae Sushi now by clicking on the picture if you haven't:

If you have photos taken at any Sakae Sushi outlet, you can post it there as well.

See, when there's great lobangs, I share!
So visit here more often k?



  1. I see how much you love Sakae Sushi. I am not sure if you are ready to hear this.

    My friend worked for Sakae Sushi in New York. Before Sakae Sushi closed down, they issued my friend a paycheck but the paycheck bounced. Her lawyer called Sakae Sushi's HQ in Singapore and also sent them an email but they didn't respond. We hope Douglas Foo reads this and respond soon. The amount of money is small to him but it is big to a lot of people. Most importantly, she worked hard for them and she should get paid.

    They also refused to pay the waiters and waitresses their tips (in U.S. the waiters and waitresses depend on tips to live) because they said they have claimed bankruptcy in U.S. This is small money to Douglas Foo but do you know how much food the waiters and waitresses can buy for their children with this money?

    Talking about disgusting, it runs in the family. On the first week my friend joined the company, she asked Douglas Foo's sister Lillian Foo what they wanted to do with people that they owe money to. She said 'We are not a Sugar Daddy. You go and find new suppliers.' They took the suppliers' products, used the contractor's services etc. etc. etc. They owe them money! 'Sugar Daddy'!!? 'Look for new suppliers'? All these suppliers have children to raise and family to feed!

  2. You know so much 'insides', Elaine!

    Thank you for sharing the other side of Sakae Sushi overseas. Let's hope someone read this and whether true or not, I feel someone should speak up and answer to this.

    I definitely love its food a lot here in Singapore. And by far, there's isn't any of such news here in Singapore. Nevertheless I've never met Mr Foo nor his family at all. Neither do I have any contacts with them. I hope you understand that there is only this much I can do.

    I will pray for you.

  3. Hi Mint,

    Thanks for being so understanding letting me share the information here. They are not going to do anything. The lawyer called them and sent them a letter, they ignored everything. Again, thank you.