Thursday, March 29, 2012

Titanic is back, in 3D

"You Jump, I Jump."

That epic moment when Rose was on the verge of jumping off the majestic Titanic and Jack was there to stop her; that's how they first met.

It's exactly 100 years since Titanic sank to the bottom of the ocean.

Well, is Jack real?
Is Rose real?

Honestly, who cares when whatever you're going to experience is going to be one of the most magical, heart-wrenching love story ever made in history. The story of Jack and Rose, on board Titanic's maiden voyage.  In this movie, Jack is a poor artist who won his Titanic ticket by winning in a poker game. He's travelling in 3rd class. Rose, on the other hand, travels in 1st class, a classy young lady who is engaged to a wealthy and powerful man she didn't love.

This beautiful love story brings us back to that fateful day when Titanic, the largest passenger liner at the time of her first sail-off, sank in North Atlantic Ocean and caused the death of 1514 people. On board were thousands of immigrants heading to America to seek a new life and also first class passengers who were millionaires (some with their mistresses OPS)...

Heading off to Golden Village at Plaza Singapura!



I was only 11 years old when I first watched the 3-hour long movie. I used about a box of tissue then. The story is just too beautiful; yet too short. This time, I brought only 3 packets, just in case I poured my heart out to these love birds once more. In the end, I only used 1.

*Applause for my ability to hold back most of my tears*


My 3hr 10minutes in the cinema hall proved to be so worthwhile.

Re-live those moments of the Titanic, now screened in 3D. Which means our beloved Leonardo DeCaprio pops out of the screen so close to you, all you have to do is to churn up your lips and you'll be able to kiss him right in the face.  *blush*

I can relate exceptionally well to the movie, noticing even the cutlery in the background and fashion worn by the characters themselves. They kept the scenes to as realistic as the real Titanic.

When my BDD, Amandashima, brought me to the Titanic artifact exhibition, we learnt so much: stuff used in different classes, the prices, amenities, the structure, information on its passengers(who survived and who did not), the cabins, the coldness of the water etc.

Big screen + 3D = images so realistic that I feel myself on board Titanic, sail-away!
Be prepared to immerse yourself in 3 hours of reality of Titanic: the happiness, the panic, the pain.





The only thing you won't get to see in 3D is the nude body of Kate Winslet. You don't need to see that though. She's gorgeous enough with clothes on.

... Rose lived to an old ripe age, fulfilling all her promises to Jack. These promises made her life even more meaningful, her second chance to live. The time that Jack and Rose spent with each other was so short, but the true love they had for each other was for eternity.

The love story of Titanic filled up the empty space in my heart; now bursting with warmth and full of love; a successful tale created.

I met new friends!
This is Iicy.

Her friend, Bill helped us took this photo OUTSIDE THE TOILET.
Thank you!

I'm going to sing 'My heart will go on' at All About Eve Bar during my next performance this coming Monday!

coming to cinemas in 05 April 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In Batam with Silver, TCP Awards Show 2012


A short getaway with Silver Ang aka Zir Zir(meaning elder sister) to Batam gives me post-holiday blues. Sometimes, I'll wake up with a strong feeling that she's sleeping in the bed next to mine. Nevertheless, I feel fully recharged and so loved!


So this is how it feels to have a BFF so close, so very close to you that you'll naturally want to tell, do and think of everything with her in your life. You know she'll be there for you. The kind of platonic love between friends are so much more valuable above the rest. Those who left my life abruptly reminded me to love and cherish my current friends even more.

If you were a true friend, misunderstandings shouldn't be standing in the way but make us bond closer together.

I'm using Joey's macbook to type this post now and I don't know how to change the language into mandarin! *Pulls hair*  I'm going to say something next in Hanyu Pinyin then.

"Wo you le qian ban."
That's right, QIAN BAN.

Credits to Silver Ang.

The photo was taken on morning of the 2nd day.

Most of the photographs were taken by Zir while I recorded videos. We're preparing a VLOG for you, PROVIDED my footage are recovered. Unfortunately, a virus attacked my memory card and wiped out everything in it.


Credits to Silver Ang.

I chose not to buy any prepaid card as I felt being overseas was a good excuse to stay away from 3G and internet for once; too much social media. Hence throughout the entire trip, the only things I focused on was my zir, my baggage, me and our friendship. *smiles*


Credits to Silver Ang.


After  posting up so many photos, have you noticed my sharper facial features yet?! 

I did not go for any botox injections.

All I did was to use this really effective facial massager from Korean and Hankook products: OSSION Bubble Mask, Merdel Series, Collagen Filler and Time Curator series.

The facial massager is the KEY to my slimming of the face within days. Its cold and warm therapy of the face massager enables skincare products to be absorbed into your skin x100 faster; slimmer, cleaner and healthier immediately after use! Best of all, it enhances your cheek bones, your V-shape face, smaller pores, eyebags reduction etc.

Plated with 24K gold and platinum on either sides and comes with vibration, you'll feel most comfortable because it truly relaxes your facial muscles, increases blood circulation and it doesn't hurt at all unlike facials! Not only will it aesthetically beautify your features, it keeps your facial skin healthy too now that it allows the skin to best absorb all the products that you are applying.

I AM GOING TO BUY IT before the promotion ends on the 31st March 2012. Otherwise, we'll have to WAIT until August 2012 before the massager is available again. The product will then, be launched in Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore. I reckoned that the price would be so much higher as compared to now with the soon-to-be demand! Those models and celebrities would be on the Top consumer list!

No joke, the massager makes you look good in front of cameras and on screen, SUPER GOOD.
Read about my overnight change here.

Save the money for those painful botox injections which are harmful. Head to, login to username and password 'HankookC', then search for product 'Magic Wand'. You'll be getting a 30% discount!

The purchase of the massager will be taken down after 31st March 2012 and there are only 10+ of them left for sale.

This photo below is my favourite picture of all, taken by Zir. 
So much 'feel' that is.

Credits to Silver Ang. 

I'm looking forward to more girls' outing with the rest of my sisters, yayala~!

The word 'yayala' is the longer word for the Singlish word 'Ya lar'. Instead of saying 'yes', 'yeah', 'yah', 'hurray', 'shiok', 'okay' or 'ya lar', replace these words with 'yayala'. First, it sounds less rude, less offensive and you'll realise that you won't be able to say 'yayala' in an upset/angsty tone; no way.

So imagine your mom asked you to clean your room.

"Ah girl ah, go clean your room, NOW!"


At long last, TCP Awards Show 2012 has arrived!

Held at Tessensohn The Civil Service Club last Saturday, TCP Awards Show 2012 was a huge success!


TCP Productions stands for The Changing Point Productions. Their website showcases videos like any TV channel you watch: variety shows, drama series, blog and even do filming services for events!

On top of that, they groom aspiring actors and actresses.  They hold annual auditions for new actors/actresses to join their big family. You see, they have grown so big over the years that they hold annual Awards Shows to acknowledge and credit their talents!



As a fan of some of the TCP cast, I bought little gifts for my idols. :)



I haven't seen him for the longest time; Gim Goh, my co-host on Liveomusic, was there with me to show our support for TCP Productions together, yayala~!


While the audience are making their way into the auditorium, the cameras and camera phones are snapping away like mad at the backstage. I was mad rushing all over backstage trying to take photo with everyone!

See who I took photos with:

He was nominated for a few award categories that day: TCP Best Male Actor, Top 10 Most Popular TCP Artiste award etc.

He won one of the Top 10 Most Popular TCP Artiste, yayala~!

Quick, LIKE his facebook page!

From left to right: Shawn Tee(TCP), Me, Gim, Kiat Boon(TCP).

Manage to snap a photo with two superstar, Gim Goh and Singapore rapper, Yi Fan! Very humble person. :)

This is Kenneth Cheng, who won the night's Best Actor Awards! I really like his character in TCP's drama show, Intangible Bond.

Our lovely host of the night, Carmen Lai, who won the Best Supporting Actress Award and Top 10 Most Popular TCP artiste. Congrats!

This pretty girl, Miao Ru aka Ruth, is a great singer who's cutting her very own EP this year. Support Local Talent everyone! I've linked up the video of her original song she sang on stage. You'll get to watch it later.

Jie Ying, one of the busiest person at the awards show, making show the programme is running smoothly.

Photo taken from The Changing Point Productions
Left to right: Sze Kee(TCP), Me, Clarissa Kok

photo credit: Clarissa Kok.

TCP Idol No. 2: Clarissa Kok.

I dare say she was the MOST attractive woman in the auditorium!

Here's Chin Teck standing in the centre, he won the Best Comedy Performer Award. I love ALL his variety show. Super funny can!


Chin teck giving his thank you speech.

Photo taken from The Changing Point Productions
Not to forget, I took a photo with Sze Kee too!

Or rather, I took TWO photos with her, Sweet girl. :)



Thanks Elizabeth for helping me to take photographs!

I'm staring out from the backstage.

Check out the door guards of the day:

I wonder why Gim and I will always pose about the same in pictures and somehow it seems we are always complementing each other in the photographs. Well, he's my co-host, what can I say except I LOVE IT!

Gim trying to be funny, imagine himself stuck outside the door:

Of course, our Gim has his 'normal' moments. Look how suave and innocent-looking he is:


But honestly, when he's not making funny faces, I'd think that's NOT normal.  He's gonna kill me if he's reading this. BUT I DON'T CARE. *bleah*

Here's Miao Ru showcasing her original song titled Almost Lovers.

Brian and Noel Yap, the prize presenters for the Best actor and actress award. They were so funny and brought so much laughter!


I enjoyed every bit at the ceremony. If only I don't have to leave early to conduct the Hankook Workshop, I'd really love to see Alouis with his trophy on stage and screamed like mad in my seat for him.

You know I love you okay, Alouis Lim.

TCP AWARDS SHOW 2013, see you next year!

Catch more blockbusters, shows and dramas coming up on Hop to their facebook page too:

Signing out with Bubble Leong and my sharp face!
Wait for my new korean massager to come, yayala~~~!


My energy booster: #bubbleleong

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Want To look Slimmer, Fresher & Healthier,Guys & Girls?

This was me, last year.
I was 49KG.

Notice the shape of my face.


In December 2011, I was introduced to Hankook Cosmetics OSSION Mild Touch Bubble Mask & other amazing products; I am a Hankook Cosmetics user ever since. Here's my full review.

This is me, taken 3 days ago. 
I'm 51KG now.

But have you noticed that my face is more V-shaped now?
The power of OSSION Bubble Mask and correct massage techniques.
The OSSION Merdel Series which I bought and using helps manage my oily T-zone. 


3 days ago, I was introduced to ANOTHER brand new product from Korea, a face massager which I call it "THE MAGIC WAND". From what I know, it's not even sold in Korea yet. This face massager will most probably be officially launched only in the 3rd quarter of the year in Singapore.

After my first try, I am so determined to BUY IT!

1. Smaller eye bags
2. Smoother complexion
3.Reduced laughing line
4. EVEN slimmer face! (compare cheek bones area)

By the 3rd time I'm using, which was yesterday night, my puffy eye bags are almost gone, it reduced even more of my puffy eyes, my laughing line and my face went even smaller!


I did twice on one side of my face and thrice on the other side, make a guess which side.

Yes, 3x on the left of the photo(my right face), <<<<<<<
and 2x on my right side(my left face). >>>>>>>>
The reason is that I was testing out only one side of my face on the first night, thus the imbalance.

I'll balance it tonight. *bleah*

Mother's Day is just around the corner. My sister and I are planning to get the Hankook Time Curator series for her as a Mother's Day gift. The Time curator series consist of deep sea minerals and Argireline(Botox alternative) which helps to reduce wrinkles by relaxing the muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles.

Right on time, Hankook Cosmetics website is running a Time Curator Promotion now!
There is a on site 20% promotion. Using the username and password: Hankookc, you get an additional 30% promotion!

Allow me to further explain.

With this exclusive pre-mother's day promotion, you get to purchase a S$500+ worth of products for only S$294. In addition, Hankook Cosmetics is giving away FREE products worth a total of S$280! This also means that you're paying way less than half the price for Hankook products which cost a total of S$800!


S$294NETT instead of S$800.
So worth so worth!
Sister, BUY for Mama!


Friends tell me that my mum looks really young, I agree.
But after she's used the Time Curator ONCE, especially the Ampoule and eye mask, she can pass off as my elder sister now!


This is my mom, BEFORE she use any Time Curator products:
Her skin: Some fine lines, saggy eye bags and sagging skin around the lips.




This was what she used that night, together with newly massage techniques I learnt:

Look at her the NEXT day:


Her saggy eye bags are gone, hurray!!!
Her fine lines improved so much!

2 nights ago, she too, used THE MAGIC WAND.

Look at how radiance her face is!

My 'elder sister' was so pleased with her new look! Here are some photos my sister took for her at a wedding dinner YESTERDAY.

photo (1)


Mom and my younger sister.
By the way, my younger sister is also using the Hankook Merdel Series. :)

Oh yes, Jackie Goh is a Hankook Cosmetics Convert too!
Guys need to take care of their complexion too, come on.

Do you want to possess a fresher, slimmer and healthier looking features?
Planning to buy a gift for your mother this upcoming Mother's Day?


Silver and I will be sharing the secrets to what we did to ourselves(and our mums) this coming weekend at *SCAPE.

We'll be sharing about Hankook Cosmetics Time Curator series, DIY massage tips and best of all, try out the Time Curator products and THE MAGIC WAND will be featured for the first-time! Of course, you can have a feel of it. :)


The sharing session is opened to BOTH GUYS AND GIRLS.

You are invited, bring your friends and family members along!
To register, kindly fill up this form below:

If you enter any difficulties viewing the form, you may register here

I can't WAIT!
I can't WAIT! 

I can't WAIT!
I can't WAIT!
I can't WAIT!