Sunday, March 18, 2012

Want To look Slimmer, Fresher & Healthier,Guys & Girls?

This was me, last year.
I was 49KG.

Notice the shape of my face.


In December 2011, I was introduced to Hankook Cosmetics OSSION Mild Touch Bubble Mask & other amazing products; I am a Hankook Cosmetics user ever since. Here's my full review.

This is me, taken 3 days ago. 
I'm 51KG now.

But have you noticed that my face is more V-shaped now?
The power of OSSION Bubble Mask and correct massage techniques.
The OSSION Merdel Series which I bought and using helps manage my oily T-zone. 


3 days ago, I was introduced to ANOTHER brand new product from Korea, a face massager which I call it "THE MAGIC WAND". From what I know, it's not even sold in Korea yet. This face massager will most probably be officially launched only in the 3rd quarter of the year in Singapore.

After my first try, I am so determined to BUY IT!

1. Smaller eye bags
2. Smoother complexion
3.Reduced laughing line
4. EVEN slimmer face! (compare cheek bones area)

By the 3rd time I'm using, which was yesterday night, my puffy eye bags are almost gone, it reduced even more of my puffy eyes, my laughing line and my face went even smaller!


I did twice on one side of my face and thrice on the other side, make a guess which side.

Yes, 3x on the left of the photo(my right face), <<<<<<<
and 2x on my right side(my left face). >>>>>>>>
The reason is that I was testing out only one side of my face on the first night, thus the imbalance.

I'll balance it tonight. *bleah*

Mother's Day is just around the corner. My sister and I are planning to get the Hankook Time Curator series for her as a Mother's Day gift. The Time curator series consist of deep sea minerals and Argireline(Botox alternative) which helps to reduce wrinkles by relaxing the muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles.

Right on time, Hankook Cosmetics website is running a Time Curator Promotion now!
There is a on site 20% promotion. Using the username and password: Hankookc, you get an additional 30% promotion!

Allow me to further explain.

With this exclusive pre-mother's day promotion, you get to purchase a S$500+ worth of products for only S$294. In addition, Hankook Cosmetics is giving away FREE products worth a total of S$280! This also means that you're paying way less than half the price for Hankook products which cost a total of S$800!


S$294NETT instead of S$800.
So worth so worth!
Sister, BUY for Mama!


Friends tell me that my mum looks really young, I agree.
But after she's used the Time Curator ONCE, especially the Ampoule and eye mask, she can pass off as my elder sister now!


This is my mom, BEFORE she use any Time Curator products:
Her skin: Some fine lines, saggy eye bags and sagging skin around the lips.




This was what she used that night, together with newly massage techniques I learnt:

Look at her the NEXT day:


Her saggy eye bags are gone, hurray!!!
Her fine lines improved so much!

2 nights ago, she too, used THE MAGIC WAND.

Look at how radiance her face is!

My 'elder sister' was so pleased with her new look! Here are some photos my sister took for her at a wedding dinner YESTERDAY.

photo (1)


Mom and my younger sister.
By the way, my younger sister is also using the Hankook Merdel Series. :)

Oh yes, Jackie Goh is a Hankook Cosmetics Convert too!
Guys need to take care of their complexion too, come on.

Do you want to possess a fresher, slimmer and healthier looking features?
Planning to buy a gift for your mother this upcoming Mother's Day?


Silver and I will be sharing the secrets to what we did to ourselves(and our mums) this coming weekend at *SCAPE.

We'll be sharing about Hankook Cosmetics Time Curator series, DIY massage tips and best of all, try out the Time Curator products and THE MAGIC WAND will be featured for the first-time! Of course, you can have a feel of it. :)


The sharing session is opened to BOTH GUYS AND GIRLS.

You are invited, bring your friends and family members along!
To register, kindly fill up this form below:

If you enter any difficulties viewing the form, you may register here

I can't WAIT!
I can't WAIT! 

I can't WAIT!
I can't WAIT!
I can't WAIT! 


  1. 有人最近變得漂亮咯~ 天鵝快成型!

    1. Most importantly is because I'm hanging out with the right group of friends!

  2. Wah. Your mom looks really pretty too! Heehee.

    1. After using the Hankook Series, YES! KEKE

  3. Where to get the magic wand? Name?