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[Mint.Music.Lifestyle] Fun Ice-breaking Games Played with My N.E.mation!8 Teams

As one of the N.E.mation! 8 ambassadors, I thought it'll be boring to just drop by NYP and say hi. I'm determined to bring more laughter and fun to my teams when I know they are totally stressed up as the deadline of their production period draws closer.

Both my teams have come up with meaningful messages revolving around the theme 'Because You Played A Part'. Get to know more about the teams and their story for N.E.mation!8 in my previous posts:
I decided we should play some team games together!

Instead of the usual interview where we'd sit in circle and conduct a 'I-ask-you-answer' session, I brought a beach ball which Mummy had bought for me at Montigo Resorts, Batam (it's my 2nd trip there! Read 20 Travel tips to Montigo I've written HERE) to play with them!

It wasn't easy walking from the MRT station to Nanyang Polytechnic while trying to inflate the beach ball at the same time. I was totally out of breathe by the time I reach the Lounge! Managed to Instavideo-ed my walking journey here:

First, we played a simple game similar to the Passing The Parcel game.
When the music plays, team members will have to pass the ball to one another.
When the music stops, the last person who touched the ball will have to answer a question.

Not only did I manage to speak to everyone in the teams, the game also brought smiles to everyone that day!

I only have 1 hour with each team every week.
Happy Times like these are PRICELESS to me.

Trish from Team UnicornsAndRainbows;) answering my question about the team's progress so far:
Nemation 8

Team members from Synch took turns to ask personal questions they want to know about me:
Nemation 8

Thank you, Jade and Sara for helping me record down happy moments during the game.
Now I know what the students are doing behind my back!


Watch us having fun in this video:

After the game of interview, I invited my 2 teams to play an ice-breaking game called 'Give Me Tempo Ready Go' together! In my previous article for N.E.mation! 8, I talked about fostering friendships during competitions. 

Though this ice-breaker, I hope that the teams could at least remember one another's name or even better, get to know one another more.

Following the TEMPO of the game, a first person will be appointed to call out another person's name, followed by the number of times the name is to be called.

For example, if I were to call a name in the game first, I'd say "Xin Pei 3", and Xin Pei will have to call her name 3 times, following to the tempo of the game.

If she managed to do that, she'll call someone else's name until a person makes a mistake during the whole game.

Nemation 8

Ehhhh… To have a better idea, I found a group of people recording and uploaded how to play this game on Youtube. This will give a better idea:

First to introduce the names of the girls from UnicornsAndRainbows - Trish, Yumi, Ching Gje and Xin Pei:
Nemation 8

Then it was Synch's turn to introduce the names of each member - Jason, Sze Yong(JEREMY), Jaren and Elyse:
Nemation 8

Nemation 8

Nemation 8

The game was eventually down to 2 players, one from each team - Yumi and Jaren:
Nemation 8

In the end, Yumi won the game and walked away with a box of Faber-Castell pencils!

I don't know bout them but I had so much fun with everyone that evening!
Nemation 8
Photo credits to: Xin Pei, the ultimate 'shaker'.
All the photos she took on my camera came out blur can you believe it *facepalm*


That's all folks!
We'd catch the teams again next week!

Visit for more updates and information about the teams' progress and more!

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