Tuesday, July 26, 2011

[Review] Bridesmaid

Photo Courtesy of OMY.SG

Directed by Paul Feig, this is one ridiculously humorous movie.
I was laughing to tears the whole time in the movie theatre with my dearest love, Sim Bin Bin!

As the movie title suggests, the lead actress, this time round, is not the bride but the maid-of-honor, Annie(3rd from the right). It's about her story; how she was down on her luck: her bakery busted, the man she loves just wanted sex with her and nothing else, she got chased out of her rented apartment, her car broke etc.

Perhaps, the only good thing which happened to Annie was that her best friend, Lilian, got engaged, getting married & Annie was going to be the maid-of-honor!

Image source: http://4941.blogspot.com/2011/05/remotivating-everydaybutmonday.html

When Lilian introduced Annie to the rest of the bridesmaids, each possesses a distinctive character. A tomboy, a bimbotic mom, want-to-win-it-all-princess-like lady & a gullible girl who just got married.

Girls are girls.
I am a girl.
And girls tend to be more emotional.

There are definitely times when we become possessive of our gfs,
when we get so jealous that our BFFs becomes someone else's BFFs,
when your rival is prettier,
when someone steals your idea,
when no one listens to you.

At times like this, we broke our hearts & sometimes broke the hearts of our gfs too. Most of us though, eventually realize how much we love our gfs & treasure our sisterhood so much that we want to salvage what we truly care about.

Some things you do for someone you truly love in life.

I've been there and done that.
My gfs are part of my life.

This comedy penetrates deeply into the world of gfs; an eye-opener.
In a hilarious & relaxing manner, of course.

The tension of the bridesmaid begins here:
Image source: http://digitista.blogspot.com/2011/07/womens-answer-to-hangover-bridesmaids.html

Watch the trailer!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Singapore Blog Awards 2011- The Mega Family Gathering!

This day has finally arrived; This year, Singapore Blog Awards 2011 was celebrated at Shanghai Dolly.





Grab a booklet, let's get inside!





Close to 300 bloggers came to the party. The local blogosphere has grown bigger!

It was like a mega family gathering for me. I met so many familiar faces! They were close friends whom I've made over the past one year, and friends I've been reading their blogs but not seen them in person until today.

Earlier that morning I was having a bad day and thought I couldn't make it down anymore. Now that I did, I have absolutely no regrets!


Decided to dress up as the popular Liang Popo according to this year's theme: "Historical Characters".

Reason 1: My surname is 'Leong', which you read as 'Liang' in mandarin. I believe Liang popo will be how I look in 50years' time.
Reason 2: Liang popo was popular in the '90s.
Reason 3: The costume is really simple to find! *hurray!*
Reason 4: I will definitely not look convincing as a queen/princess/fairy.
Reason 5: I really suck at trying to beautifying myself.

Are you ready to see Liang popo?
Here is it:


Thank you Klessis & RynaQUE for styling my gorgeous hair! *Muacks* It took us quite awhile to get my hair bun up because of those layers. But we did it, in the super stuffy toilet!


I asked Jackie, "DD, why you choose an ah ma as your gf?"
He responded later that night, "Because I'll be an Ah Gong in future."

Brrr.... How mushy. But I like to hear it anyway.


Free flow on the house but before I could even take a sip, I was being called for a short interview. *Popo is thirsty but professional*

=== Switch to Granny Mode ===

wuwuwuwu Popo is so egcited I come to SingKaPor Bog Awark 2011! I neber see so many boggers under a roof before. All the boy boys & girl girls are so pretty and handsum. I am bery happy to take fotos with them.

~By the way the food can dabao wan anot wuwuwuwu?~


These 2 guys--Leon & conan- were the first to catch popo's attention because they stood at a platform so high & dangerous, Popo scared they fell down. Hurrying them to faster come down but they explained that's one of the best spot to take event photos. In the end, they were too cute to reject so Popo asked them to be careful and be safe.

Left: Leongraphy, Conan Seow

I've got two pretty superstars standing next to me wuwuwuwu: Silver Ang & Cheryl Tay.

Officially introduced to Cheryl for the first time although I've been hearing alot about her. I've definitely been voting for her in the Best Individual Final Blog Awards, no one else!


Cheryl, you are so pretty Popo must take another foto with you!

Popo meets another eye candy, Joyce

Geck Geck and her award-winning smile.

Popo got on stage for the Best Dress Contest and was even more egcited to stand beside yet another pretty lady dress up as Cleopatra; Rachell. She modified her dress herself, talented, isn't she?

Spotted Kaykay at a corner with everyone queuing up to take photographs with her. Long time no see babe, so sweet of you to still remember me, and even when I was dressed up as Liang Popo. *Blush*

Another sweet-looking eye candy. If you are reading this, please leave a comment and introduce yourself because I forgotten to ask for your name. Nice to meet you at the SBA2011! *winks*

Surprised to see familiar x5 faces; Elizabeth & Clarissa from TCP.

There's Kenneth & Alouis too; our promising & aspiring TCP superstars.

Alouis Alouis Alouis Alouis Alouis Alouis Alouis Alouis! (inside joke)

Elaine, congrats on winning the ASUS Best tech award!

Jerome, congrats on winning the best photography award. Well deserved. I'm your avid reader by the way.

With Daniel from DanielFoodDiary

It was an absolute honor to own this group photo of me with Acting Minister for community environment, youth & sports & minister of state for information, communications and the arts - Major-General (NS) Chan Chun Sing.

Left: Cheryl, Silver, Hpility, Terence, Jeremy & me

====BFFS CORNER=====
Blogger Friends Forever!!!

Chrispytine babe, my all-time favourite blogger.

Love my Jac Jac & Daen, extremely low profile that day. Maybe it's because we didn't get to talk much. See you soon!

*SCREAM* Darrenbloggie, you won the Best Shopping Deals award!!! WOHOOOO!!! Super happy x 100000000000 for you, Brother!

Best shot with my Brother Leong, Calvin Timothy by Darrenbloggie. Love ya!

Sister Leong! Bery busy the whole day but glad I manage to steal 10sec of his time to take a picture with him.

Attended last year's SBA with William Handsum. We met again this year! Everytime I see him, he gets more handsum and kind-hearted. :)

Why is everyone so tall today, including Cherie?

With dearest Xiao Bu Dian(小不点), Samantha.

Look at how my darling Yingzi, stealing all the limelight. She's absolutely gorgeous, gorgeous! and no other words to describe!

Yongwei the Koala bear(although oversize) with my Silver Jie whilst I wasn't there to protect her. *Abish, Yongwei*


=======End of BFF Corner========

Domino's pizza can dabao too?!


The view from the stage where I was up for the Best Dress Contest:


Credits to SuperAdrianMe for this awesome video, the best dress segment:

Steven Lim told us he's Michael Jackson, Wth?! He almost knocked down ALL of us when he did his somersault! I was totally freaked out I tell you! He could have killed us.

Thankq u to all my precious voters!!!

Popo honestly didn't expect to win. And look at me, so absent-minded that I left my spectacles in my bag all this while. The winner I had in mind was Pocahontas because she handmade the best costume of the day! Talented Clara!

My prize, my prize: A set of Tiffany Glassware & laptop bag by Fabrix.


Ah Beng, we can go home now.

One more last shot with Yingzi babe since she's so gorgeous!


Thankq u OMY.SG for inbiting me to come.
Thankq you!


Now I have both the SGSMD & SBA2011 collectible badges! *Yipppee*

See you on SBA2012!
Congratulations to all winners of SBA 2011!