Friday, July 22, 2011

[Review] The 4-eyed Mint conquered USS in my new CRIZAL lens specs!


Bright & Sunny at Universal Studios Singapore!

For as long as I can remember, I've never been to an amusement park wearing my....



Well, I wasn't alone.

Together with 13 other CRIZAL Ambassadors, a group of 4-eyed blogger friends conquered USS together with our brand new CRIZAL LENS spectacles sponsored by Essilor. (Read my previous blog entry on choosing my crizal lens & frames here)


The Crizal Ambassadors saying 'Hi' in their Crizal Lens spectacles; Each with a different design and giving each blogger a different look, yet all the lenses achieved the same objective, to give us a clear vision!


You mean, winning ticket? Regardless, I'm equally exhilarated!
First thing first, I need to read a map before I get lost.


The lens were so clear I could spot Yongwei trying to seduce me from afar.


First stop, Battlestar Galactica at Sci-fi city!
Of course I had my fair share of photo-takings WITH the tracks. Too weaked-hearted to try it first thing in the morning.



So while some of the bloggers went up, I was right under the track trying to spot them. Yongwei was sitting in the first row. Too bad my camera wasn't fast enough to snap.



See you in awhile, babes! Meanwhile I'll safe keep your bags.
*like full-time nanny yet totally happy about it*



Everyone else who did not take the Battlestar ride headed to our first ride, Accelerator.




As the machines twirled, I felt myself my breakfast in my throat. Glad I made it to the end NOT to puke. The jerky motions caused me to have to push up my specs a few times(because I do not have a nose bridge). Yet still no fingerprint smudge, LOOK:

Germaine Leong(that's my real name) & Jermaine Liang.
We have ALMOST the same name! What a coincidence. *winks*

Oh by the way, have you noticed that Jermaine's lenses are slightly darker than mine? That's because she had requested for transitions + Crizal lens. Yes, this CAN be done!

Transitions lenses can quickly adapt and adjust in changing the shades of your specs to help protect your eyes from the sun's rays.

SCI-FI City Conquered!
Smudge-free Crizal Lens, checked.

Ancient Egypt here we come!


Now we're treasure hunters, roaming the deserts & dryland in search for hidden treasures. Someone, can you please drive the jeep a little faster?

Despite the car going at maybe not even 3km/h, we have to buckle our seat belts?!





Look, lenses still clean despite the flying dust & sand particles all over the ride, plus it didn't fall out when I was on the Revenge Of The Mummy ride. That was one hell of a ride where I screamed out my lungs because I saw alot of mummies, dying to catch me! 'Kay, technically speaking they're already dead. But whatever.

Ancient Egypt conquered!
Dust-free Crizal Lens, checked.

Here we go again; Next destination, The Lost World.



Wait a minute, are my eyes playing a trick on me?
Look again:


Optical illusion spotted.
The body & head belongs to two different dinosaurs in the foreground & back.

Actually, I realize another great property of spectacles.

They are able to block out wind which is blowing right into your eyes! You know how sometimes your contact lenses will get all dry up and feel like it's going to fall out of its place? That's sucky, I know; it happens to me all the time where I have to immediately close my eyes.

NOT this time! I flew on my very own Pterosaur high up in the air with RynaQue and able to see whatever is happening all around me. *Hurray*






Dino-flying trainers landed safely on the ground!

I seriously love this shot. Ruiting talking one of the dino in the souvenir shop. Whatever language they spoke to each other, I couldn't comprehend.

The Lost World Conquered!
Anti-wind-blowing-into-my-eyes-that-I-have-to-close-my-eyes, checked.

Madagascar, we're on our way!


By now, close to noon, my perspiration are fogging up around my cheeks bones near my spec frame. Can you tell?

I think not!

Crizal lens have water-repellent properties that prevents water from lingering & spreading across the lens!




Random: Did my very first PLANKING! All the sand & dust particles were all over my face. The only place where there weren't any was on my lens. Forgot to take picture to show you! Alamak!

I had read up that owling is the new 'in'. Owling is to pose like an actual owl, staring into blank space. Maybe next time.

Our handsome Yongwei doing some PARA PARA dance while waiting in queue:


Comparing and can't helped notice that not only was Yongwei's arms much 'thicker' than Szeping's, they were also larger than Holly Jean's thighs!


We're going on our first WATER ride for the day!

Probably too hot that's why most of us had our eyes closed.



Sitting beside Yongwei was a nightmare for me.

Everyone, except him, knew I am not comfortable with moving mascots in dark areas. I was screaming my lungs out even though it was a joy ride! Instead of protecting me, he was pushing me to the edge of the boat, near this alligator which has his mouth opened as we passed!


There was a water-gate which will open, wide enough for the entire boat to pass. However, those sitting at the sides will get a little splashed. I didn't manage to escape this fate either.


But hey, my lenses were perfectly dry!

It was great to finally meet you in person, Holly Jean.

Madagascar conquered.
Water-free Crizal Lens, checked!

Far Far Away was my final destination!


Szeping always looked so studious to me.

LUNCH was served under the scorching sun!


Some of us were so burnt that we got a watch-tan; literally wearing our watch everywhere now.


I wished I had requested for the additional transitions lenses too! But honestly, I hadn't been out in the bright sun for awhile so I was extremely tempted to head down to siloso beach for a tan!


I was totally drained out at the end of the trip. Yet, my specs look contrastingly brand new even though it braved through those thrill rides, joy rides, exposed under the sun, with me!


Yes, my Crizal Lenses are victorious! They have successfully defeated the 5 enemies of clear vision:

No Smudge
No Dust
No Reflection
No water
No Scratches

(Crizal Lens Spectacles belonging to ALL Crizal Ambassadors)

Front: Yongwei

I had spent a 'Spec'tacular day with everyone!

Would you like to have your very own FREE crizal lenses spectacles too?

Coming August 2011, there'll be a CRIZAL video posted on my blog.

All you have to do is to LEAVE A COMMENT. (no other gimmicks)
Tell ME why you deserve to win a FREE PAIR OF PRESCRIBED CRIZAL LENSES + a spectacle frame of choice(up to $150).

I, yes me, will be choosing the best comment and giving you a pair!

A really big thank you to Essilor and Vibes Communications for this awesome Crizal Lens Trip to USS & a NEW pair of crizal lens specs for one of my lucky friend out there! :)

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