Thursday, July 21, 2011

There's going to be a Car Audio Carnival this weekend!

Influenced by my dad since a little girl, he and I are particularly disturbed whenever the music playing in his car wasn't tuned to perfection. Back then, we would blast mandarin 'bong cha cha' as well as popular Hokkien classics, grooving and singing along at the top of our voices as we roam.

He invested pretty much on speakers, woofers & the CD player itself: the pretty colours, the 'booms' & 'bangs' which he termed as 'shiok' & 'high level life enjoyment'. I'm not the expert though. I wish I know all the terms & equipments but he didn't tell me much except to appreciate the awesome music & pretty lights while we're on the road.

He knew I love dolphins, and once he bought a CD player with a screen which had dolphins swimming in the open sea(equalizer display), bobbing up & down according to the beats of his favourite songs.

When it comes to car audio, don't assume it's just about the music & beats. It's about aesthetic makeovers too!

For those who never knew about car audios, you won't know what I'm talking about until you feel the sound waves literally punching you in your face. Experience that kind of thrill and SHIOKNESS yourself.

Wanna know more about car audios?
On 24 July, 9am-8pm, join 9tro Magazine at SCAPE Orchard for the booming IASCA-SASCA Car Audio Carnival 2011 Sound Off Competition!

Expect to see:
Mean Machines on displays(I'm referring to pretty cars)
Race Queens
Attractive Prizes to be won!
Me. (LOLx)

Go on down and start clubbing people!

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