Monday, December 31, 2012

My 2012 Report Card


Time and tide waits for no man.
I'm going to be another year older in 3 days.

2012 has been a great year.
All the gods has been looking after me with tender loving care.

Thank you so much~
I'm truly blessed.

It's time to take a look and review my 2012 resolutions:

1. Less hot temperness -- Don't even have to raise anymore. Too much love surrounding me
2. Mint Showcase 2 -- Coming up in Jan 2013, Media Preview Done
3. Enter & WIN a singing contest -- Haven't won yet but I'm a V-singer 2012 Graduate!
4. Master Cantonese language and songs -- Didn't master but able to communicate & perform cantonese songs.
5. Save up at least S$10k --- Probably the only resolution I didn't manage to complete.
6. Manage MissMintLeong channel --- Uploading more & more videos now, ain't I?
7. Clear ALL loans: tuition fee, ex-bills --- YES! FREE FROM BILLS & paying off my tuition loan on time. :)
8. Organise BFF overseas trip again! -- KL Skating Trip, Bintan & Batam Trip, Bukit Tinggi BFF trip
9. Brush up ALOT on my acting & hosting skills -- Will continue to improve!
10. Slim down to at least 48kg -- I'm a PROUD 49KG! HOHOHOHO

I give myself a B+ for this year's report as my resolutions were only 95% completed; close to what I intend to achieve but not yet.

Still, I shall celebrate my accomplishments & the arrival of 2013!


2012 began with my birthday celebration with all my favourite loves at my favourite place, the Singapore Zoo.


2012 is also a year I really made efforts to attend more friends' birthdays.

Hpility's 22nd Bithday:

Photo credit: William

Zir's birthday:
Photo credit: Yuhao

Calvin timo's Birthday (post by William):

Regina's 21st:
Photo Credit: Regina (center in black)

Cheryn's 21st:
Photo Credit: Sean (right)

Kor's birthday:


2012 is a year I attended a hen's party for the very first time. Dblchin's awesome hen's night!

Photo credit: Silver Ang

I enjoyed the casual outings with BFFS too!

BBQ box dinner with the bloggers:

Cycling trip at Pulau Ubin with my EE:

Visited Harry Potter's exhibit:

I visited Titanic exhibit with my BDD.
Here is my prettiest BDD, Mandyshima.


Photo taken by Mandyshima.


Met new friends at Eve Bar, here's dearest Angie darling:

Then there's my princess Serene:

My Limpeh, Choon Yang:

And there are so many more like Mama Su, Adrian, Hock Leong, Liang Xiong, CK and more.
I'm thankful for the many beautiful people in my life. :)


I didn't travel very far from home this year nonetheless, these short trips brought me so much joy. I got to spent quality time with my loved ones:

Sunway Pyramid Skating Trip with my ice-skating kakis:

My dearest Xiao Razer mei mei and I at Sunway Pyramid:


The ice-skating gang stayed in this awesome Villa for a night:

Bintan Trip with my my mom & Sis.

Deep down I feel very happy that Sis is back in my life. In fact, I've always enjoyed our outings together as my Sis is a fun-loving person by nature. Hanging out with her is never bored: The late night Scattergories session at Changi Airports, the drinking sessions, this Bintan Trip...


Batam Trip with Zir where all our videos got deleted when the memory card caught a virus, argh! This time round zir and I didn't take much photos as we thought of doing up a video. But it's okay, we're going on a bff BALI TRIP next year, YES! I'll make sure all my videos are saved WITH BACKUP!


Concerts & Events

This year, I went for more concerts and got even more inspired to continue singing.

Super Show 4 by Super Junior was speechlessly awesome, totally blew me away!!!!
Sarangheo, Dong Hae Oppa!


Attended the 12th Chinese Global Music Awards Presentation:




17th COMPASS Awards Presentation:


TCP Awards Show:

LKH Book Launch:


I was one of the judges for the eNPP of the future contest as well the Durex Safe Sex Tape Video Contest:


My Dream Guy

Perhaps the most blissful and fortunate thing which has happened in 2012 is my encounter with my dream guy. I fell in love with him at first sight but really, I am contented with us just being friends for life. besides, singlehood doesn't sound so bad since I ended another relationship just 2 months ago.

This feeling is like as if I'm back to my secondary school days, secretly admiring someone from the next class. During one of your lesson period he walks pass your classroom window, made your heart skips a beat and you feel yourself stop breathing for awhile, taking in every moment of his presence until he disappears. Then waiting for him to walk pass the window again to get the same feeling, over and over again.

I carried this mentality that it is impossible for something like that to happen: someone whom you secretly admire, likes you too. Who would've thought my dream guy would like me?

Something like this only happens in movies.

My life instantly felt like a film on roll;
Something magical DID happen.
 Everything is so bizarre and unreal, like a dream.


Colin is my PERFECT half.

I always tell him how he comes in a package:
suave, good-looking, extremely intelligent, capable, romantic, doting, caring, understanding, sensitive, patient,    gentle, decisive, takes initiative.... the list goes on forever... ... ... We have so much in common, like twins: the same type of food, interests, hobbies.. .. .

Our simple Christmas celebration at romantic Chijmes, Insomnia:


"There are no stars in the sky tonight because the brightest one is shining right in front of me right now." 

Screamed when I received my dream wallet from MyDreamGuy as a christmas gift.


Thank you for being in my life, myDreamGuy.


I finally decided to take the risk & venture into full time hosting & singing in June 2012. Freelance, in this case.

Did a filming assignment for Mediacorp's Channel 8 National Day 2012 special drama series:


Collaborated with FDP to host for their FDPcoaching school outreach assembly programmes:
Photo Credit: Angeline (left)

Took up my VERY FIRST outdoor hosting assignment for Crocs Fashion Show:

Photo credit: William Tan

Hosted CPOP LIVE! show for Liveomusic:


Increasing host assignments from seminar talks, showcases, prom nights, D&Ds to roadshows:


At the same time going my Monday gigs at Eve, Thursdays at Bark Cafe.


I feel so honored to be invited to perform for the Red Cross International Bazaar 2012, Rhythms By The Bay at Marina Bay Promenade & of course, more weddings!

Mint & Yi Yang

It was an experience to participate in a song recording session for a brand new Mediacorp Channel 8 Kids drama Theme song, We Are Good Kids.


I recorded 2 songs with the company and both were done for 2 different Channel 8 kids dramas: We Are Good Kids & Cheerful Drumbeat. The songs are for sale in CD Rama stores now! The CD cover looks like this.

Mint Showcase II

Mint Showcase II Media Preview was held on Saturday, 29 Dec where I performed and sang 6 songs, 2 originals & 3 cover songs. A very big thank you to all the special guests who attended and made it a success!

I feel so LOVED, thank you so much~


Some of my friends who were there at the Media Preview have penned down their thoughts about Mint showcase II:

Darren Sim:

The FULL Mint Showcase II is happening on 12 and 13 January 2013. Please come and listen to my songs and watch my performance!

Register for your tickets here.
Find out more information from here.

Singing Contests

One should never stop improving.

To push myself to a higher level in my singing career, I decided to go for more singing contests to gain more exposure. I went for the Sunsilk Fantasia Academy audition and got into the 2nd round.

Photo credits: SuperAdrianMe

When I didn't get into the finals, I did some reflections for my performance and gave the V-Singer 2012 Audition a try after a month. This time round I made it to the final top 57 and was given an opportunity to go through an 8-week music training course.

The graduation ceremony was held at Le Danz yesterday.


Our Class, Group 4 is the ultimate winner of the night!

Not only did our class monitor won the most committed student award and the best male dancer award,
Jazz from our class also won the best female dancer award. The biggest surprise came when Teacher Colin announced that our class has won the BEST CLASS award! My classmates and I hugged and cried.

Here's what we receive:

A group 4 winning photo with teacher Colin:
Photo credits: Jazz (girl in red)

Our class monitor, SAM PENG YOU, did a video for us. I cried like mad watching this .
Aww man, I miss every single moment we spent together, classmates from Group 4!

Last but not least, I'm so proud that we graduated together!
Please promise to keep in touch~

亲爱的大家, 我毕业了!!!


The classmates spent the rest of the night hugging one another in tears of joy.
V-singer 2012 has left yet another beautiful footprint in my life journey.


2013 will be even better, I just know it.
I survived 'world end'.
We all did, didn't we?

Happy New Year!
Let's welcome the year 2013 with open arms.

~Lead your life, don't let it lead you.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

[PS I LOVE YOU] Viewing Party In A Room Filled With Condoms: The Safe Sex Tape Video Making Contest

And so, a  few weeks back I checked in to the New Majestic Hotel (which I thought was The Majestic and ended up feeling shocked in an enormous building with uncles yelling at the top of their lungs while watching horse racing matches.)

People, this is NEW MAJESTIC HOTEL, a luxury boutique hotel in Singapore.


Photo credits: Christine Ng

Now now, it's really a private affair so Christine and I are going to bring you in discreetly...

Photo credits: Christine Ng

You are so going to like what you see because I was. 
*wuu kinky*

3,  2,  ONE!


What will you likely find in a hotel room?
TeeVee, Bed, Telephone, lights, drawer..... .....

I found ENORMOUS boxes of condoms in the middle of the room!\


I looked around and found a trail of condoms which led me to more condoms! A hotel room filled with condoms, how's that for a change?




Even the bathtubs were filled with them!





The bedroom upstairs has been converted into a photo booth.



A room with condoms & photo booth aside, I was there for a more important reason:
To review 10 'safe' sex videos from the TOP 10 finalists of the 'safe' sex tape video making competition organised by Durex

Yes. I am one of the judges.


Durex P.S. I Love You - Safe Sex Tape Video Competition (Singapore)

Participants were required to submit a 3 - 5 minutes video, educating youths on the importance of Safe Sex, while incorporating the phrase 'P.S. I Love You'. This competition is opened to individuals below 30 years of age and residing in Singapore.

The top 10 videos were up for public voting on the Durex Singapore Facebook Page.
Have you voted for your favourite?

The winners, who will respectively win themselves cash prizes of S$5000, S$3000 & S$2000 & Durex Hampers, will be announced on 21 DEC 2012.

Meet the rest of the judges!

Photo credits: Christine Ng

Front row (left to right): William, Germaine, Rynaque
Mid row (left to right): Shaun Owyeong, Me, Darren Ang
Back row(left to right): YuhaoChristine

It was at the viewing party that I got to know that the leaked sex tape of Holly Jean with her ex-lover was for the PS I LOVE YOU campaign.

Click on the image to read Holly Jean's post about her sex tape:

Holly Jean Sex Tape - Screencap

Not to forget, I have the last few sets of condoms of different flavours to give away.
For those who've dropped me a message, I've mailed them out to you last week!
Thank you for responding; it means a lot to me. 

Read my previous blog entry on 'her sex tape & P.S.I Love You Campaign NOW to get the details.


Before I end this post, please help like my V Singer Contest Video now. It weighs 30% of the overall results to secure me a Top 10 position in the V Singer 2012 Contest.

3Q very much!

Photo credits: Christine Ng

Play Safe, I Love You~