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Chase Your Dreams But Don't Neglect Your Health!

Chasing My Dream

In a flash, the 8-week long V-Singer 2012 music course is soon coming to an end with only 2 more lessons to go!

V Singer 2012

V Singer 2012 Contestants are auditioning to get into a SPECIAL MUSIC COURSE conducted by outstanding music instructors who will treat & groom all V-singer students as if they are the up and coming contracted-artistes of Ocean Butterflies!

Out of the 600+ contestants who participated, 57 contestants was selected to go through a 2-month V-singer music course. It'll be a 8-week intensive training course including dancing, vocal techniques, speech & communication, mic handling, improvement on stage presence & more! 

These 57 contestants are separated into a total of 4 classes. I am in Class D. Among them, top 10 students will be selected at the end of December 2012. This top 10 will be given opportunities to perform for various events between January to March 2013. 

Finally, a winner will emerge to win a car and a singing contract from Ocean Butterflies!

Read about the rest of the auditions & my 1st lesson here

Happenings at Class

Yes, I've completed 6 classes and a mid-term performance last Saturday!
(missed the 2nd class because I was sick and missed out ALOT. boohoo~)

My classmates and I made time during weekday evenings for additional sing & dance rehearsals. We were given only 4 weeks to think about the dance choreography with our dance instructor, learn & memorize the steps. Another task was to choose a partner & perform a duet of our choice. Of course, we had to practice the chosen song together aside our usual music classes.

The last few days of the rehearsals was crazy. Everyone wanted to book the studios for rehearsals & practices. Most of the classmates stayed in school until over midnight! Nevertheless we all did it despite having our own work, school, homework & projects as well!

For the classes, we also had to cater time to do up promotional Youtube Videos, write & submit reports in mandarin, photoshoots, garner public votes on facebook & do profile write-ups for ourselves.

It was nerve-wrecking & stressful all at the same time but we have come to learn how to cope with the stress. Here are 3 coping-with-stress tips which really work for me. Try them yourself:

  1. Have Sufficient Sleep (6 - 8 hrs). I sleep more than 10. OPS.
  2. Talk to one or two people whom you can really trust (That has to be my Zir zir Babyboy. Unlike some bitch out there who pretended to be your friend but was actually bitching behind your back all this while, PUI. She is definitely not a healthy soul)
  3. Plan & write down a check list of the work you need to complete the next day (and complete them!). Of course, make sure they are achievable  Don't write 10000000 things, only to realise that you can't finish them.

Dance practice with Jazz(orange), Chia Ling(sleeveless top), SPY (back shirt)

"How to handle the mic" lesson with Teacher Hua Zhang(greyish-white shirt in the middle).
Photo credit: SPY & Nicholas' Dad

Photoshoot with Class D.

My happy classmates play a big part in helping me reduce stress too!

They are SOOOOOoo cheerful, bubbly, funneh, down-to-earth, sweet, dedicated, encouraging & everything nice that you just have to LOVE them. Most importantly, they make me look forward to classes (except mornings when I still wanna laze in bed) and want to spend a whole Sunday with them!

2 more lessons until the course ends and I'm already starting to miss them so badly.

Our Class Photo:

Mid Term Performance at Kbox(Cineleisure)
Our class did a group dance and everyone had a partner to perform a duet together.


Jia Ling and I in our nerdy-goody look.
Photo credit: Deng XiJia

Photo Credit: Soki


Yes, I did a baby freeze. :)

Classmate Soki Goh Wei Liang & I performed a duet song together:
Photo Credit: Soki

My 2 mega LOVES who came & show their support:

Left: Colin, Silver & I

A group photo of ALL 57 contestants and the judges of the day:
Photo taken from: V Singer 2012 Facebook

Vote For VS 411: Mint Leong

Please help me for the final push!

This Singing contest needs your help to LIKE my contest photo (MUST CLICK OPEN & LIKE) to secure a TOP 10 position & continue my singing journey with Ocean butterflies Music Forest (海蝶森林). Also, please share the photo with your friends and encourage them to Like the photo too.

1 Facebook account = 1 Vote

The contest deadline is approaching (29 Dec) and I'm way away (more than 300 votes away) from Top 10 so please help me back on track~

LIKE these 2 links to VOTE:


Thank you very much for helping me garner more votes!

Health Is Essential

Amidst this dream-chasing activity, let's remember that our health is essential to keep it going!

As a performer, you have to be at your peak at all times so whenever you're being asked to perform, you can immediately do it instead of giving yourself excuses like "I have a sore throat and a bad cough" or "I'm running a fever..."

Chances come but they don't wait for you.
Seize them or miss them.

Our health is something which our teachers constantly remind us weekly:

"Drink more warm water, less sugar."
"Have enough sleep."
"Exercise more."
"Practice Practice Practice."

By the way, we have to measure our weight & waistline weekly at the studio. Students may be pointed out during our meetings in regards to our weight management. SCARY~ (please don't point me out because I think i just gained ONE KILO. Argh.)

How healthy do you think you are?

Healthy Lifestyle Index

Healthy Lifestyle Index

The healthy Lifestyle Index (HLI) is an online tool developed by the HPB (Health Promotion Board) that is customised for those aged 18 years and above. It comprises of 10 questions from 10 different health domains based on your gender mainly BMI, physical activity, diet, smoking, alcohol, sleep, stress, depression, social/emotional support & health screenings.

The HLI is available FREE via HPB's website and Facebook page. Users can also access the index using their mobile devices.


In case you're wondering who these people are surrounding the HLI logo, they are facebook friends who've recently done the HLI questionnaire.

I logged in via my facebook account and did mine today.
Guess what's my final HLI?
Don't cheat, make a guess first before you read on...


From a pre-test among the sample size of 1,237 Singapore residents aged between 18 - 69 years old, Singaporeans were found to think that they are MORE healthy than their actual healthy lifestyle index.

Chew Ching Chew R lily THAT Heachi meh?!
*You think you are really that healthy meh?!

Given a scale of 10, how much do you think your HLI is?

I gave myself a 4 because I haven't been exercising much over the past few months. Also, I've been drinking quite a bit due to work at Eve bar. Eating irregularly is the biggest health issue I'm facing currently.

Turns out I'm a 7; better than perceived, phew!
Users may choose to publish your score on facebook IF YOU WANT TO.

A full fledged report will be sent to your email in about an hour's time. In the email, you'll receive a summary of your results as well as some general tips on how to improve on the respective domains.

Take a look at my summary:
Ops, I need to sleep less. HEHE.

The report will only be to you once every 6 months so it's NOT going to spam you even if you re-do the questionnaire XXX times.

Check out the website for more FAQs!

Since our last visit to HPB, myDreamGuy & I have been trying to switch to a healthier diet. I'll try to cook at home as much as possible using less oil, more vegetables & balance vitamins.

A Healthier Diet

We'll start our day & end the night with this nutrition drink, Fit Solution:


We'll use a pinch of Olive oil to fry our egg omelette:




#BubbleLeong wants to eat some oil-free fry egg:



2 slices of multigrain bread from Breadtalk, Scramble eggs & Fit Solution to start the day for him

2 slices of multigrain bread from Breadtalk, an egg omelette & Fit Solution to start the day for me!

Both of us received an exclusive recipe book each from HPB which consists of healthier versions of local favourite entrees like Brown Rice chicken rice, appetizers like samosa & desserts like Yam Paste, all 118 dishes to try out!

Healthier recipes for your loved ones, who wants?







Colin and I would like to share ONE of these babies with YOU today, brand new!

LIKE my facebook page now and leave a comment under the recipe book picture on how you think you would put this recipe book to good use. The best comment gets this Everyday Delicious Recipe Book, FREEeeeee!


You want cooking lessons?
No Problem!

HealthyMEtv  is Asia's first digital health channel, an initiative of the HPB. It's a channel where the public can view programmes on well-being and learn about healthy living.


Log in with your email address and password to access.


HealthyMeTV features interesting videos from improving diet, weight management, exercise to cook lessons and even health related movies (Love Cuts starring Zoe Tay). Most of the videos are around 3 to 4 minutes long, while the movies last about 1 and a half hours.

Not only that, there are even some content in Mandarin, Malay and Tamil to educate and inform individuals how to adopt healthy lifestyle.

Subscription will be free and eLearning tools will also be made available. Most importantly, it is Singapore's first transmedia health platform that is available for viewing via any internet connected device. - Computer, tablet, smart phones and smartTV.

You can even watch those exercise videos in gyms or the cooking videos in the kitchen!


HealthyMeTV will air over 1,500 TV programmes and videos in its first year. So, please visit


I caught popular food blogger DanielFoodDiary doing the Great Singapore Workout in this video!!!


The recipe book is waiting for you!! Remember to send in your comments to my facebook page!

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