Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goodbye 2010

HELLO 2011!

2010 was a wonderful year,
even way better than 2009!

Here is a recount of my Year 2010:

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First of all, I got my very FIRST DOG in July 2010- Bubble.
He is the best birthday, new year, chinese new year, valentine's day, Hari Raya, Deepavali, mid-autumn festival cum Christmas gift I had in my lifetime!!!

This is how he looked like on the VERY FIRST DAY I brought him home(picture below).
He's so fluffy i'm gonna die!

Finally after so many years I moved HOME, my HOME.
It feels so good to be home.

Bought my very first digital camera.

Switched myself into a Blackberry user.

Had 2 most adorable hamsters.

Joyous Occasions Attended

Attended Cindy Jie's wedding in March.
She's the most beautiful bride I've seen in a lifetime.

Crystal's son, Arion was born in November.

Lifu Kor's son was born in February.

Went to an annual chalet organised by bf's polymates and had great fun!

Genting trip ALONE with Bf for the first time- April.

Visited beautiful Hortpark to celebrate Xiao Razer's 21st Birthday.

Went Labrador Park for a morning walk.

Had my first camping session at East Coast Park.

Did a recording for a Ch8 teenage drama in a proper recording studio for my very first time.

Kite flying!


Had breakfast at a Doggie Cafe where customers are allowed to bring their dogs.

There is a place in Singapore known as FICO sports hub.

Watched LIVE soccer match in a stadium.

Attended my very first BIG WALK.

Played a part for the elderly by judging for the Elderly Tembusu Idol.

Planned a really special Mothers' Day retreat with my other family members for our mothers.

My very first professional makeover done.

Plus the endless blog events I've been to, meeting great and wonderful bloggers- Movie premieres, product launches, advertorials, media releases, makeovers, blogger gatherings etc.

I also take this opportunity to thank some of my bestest friends and family members.


Family first:

My younger brother, Raymond Leong
My Mom, Jessie Chua.

My sweetest cousin, Jia xin,
who accompanied me to every lunch in school.

my dearest Auntie Irene and Uncle Jimmy,
who gave me a roof to shelter myself in.

my dearest three cousins who shared my laughter and tears with me for so many years,
jianing, jiaxin and jiaqi.

my godpapa, Papa Chia,
always showering love on me.

And here, my friends for life:

the strength within,
the humour when she speaks.

Silver Ang.
Her straightforwardness and her listening ear when I need.

Sim Binbin Felicia.
Her smiles and gong-gongness.

Andrew Wee.
I've not seen for awhile but I think of him all the time.

Crystal Love.
For being the most beautiful mom in the world.

Steven Low Kee Choun, Kor.
12 years of friendship and still counting.

Xela Yeo.
My bestest KTV partner.

Jane Jane.
for being genuine and real,
like a big sister.

Ray Ang.
Da ge, my KTV buddha.

My aunt agony.

Wei da and Chrissy.
Weida for being there for me, always with no terms attached.
Twinny, my lamest lame Twinny.

Ng Meibao.
A supporter, an unselfish friend.

Ngo Shi Hui,
the truest friend you can find on earth.

Christine Wong.
My BIG Sister who's getting married in 2011!

Leonard Aka Net Net.
I miss you although u don't know I do.

Besties who always makes everyday special for me.

Jerry Gege and his wife.
Gege, thank you for your support and blessings.

Kenneth, Particle.
Although we meet only ONCE A YEAR,
once we really meet up we can talk for 3 days and 3 nights.

Angela, Kele.
Yes, I miss you SISTER!!!

Rachael, Xiao Razer.
The sweetest mei who never forgets my birthday.

Jaime aka Mei nu.
He has the smoothest and fairest hands of all.
Someone who never fails to update and connects through facebook with me to catch up.

His friendly, kind hearted attitude never fails!

Attending the SINGAPORE BLOG AWARDS 2010 changed my life as a blogger.
All thanks to William.
I've made so many new blogger friends!

Like a little brother to me.
Never judge his size.
he can be crappy, but listen when he's serious.

Another brother of mine.
Thank you for your company, sharing your experiences and love!

Ying Zi.
A beautiful personality so true.
I love her and I know she loves me too!

Shy yet full of warmth!

Not to forget Thiang, Calvin Timothy, Cherie, Alvin and so many more!!!
I consider OMY as part of my family.


Thank you Evan Tiang,
for reviving what I've lost.

Without you, music for me would've never been reborn.
I'll share a lifetime of secrets with this man.
And I'm going to do that until I grow old.


Desmond and Yuxian,
for my greatest musicians.

Thank you for being a friend, and a real supportive one.

Not to forget Weixiang, Jason and Arvind, whom Nave has brought to my life.
Thank you!

I love music.
Music is my life.

I want to learn more and all about music.
It's is no longer just a passion.
But a part of my life where I'll feel lost without it.

Finally, it's ALL ABOUT EVE.

Thank you Long gor and Laopo jie.
For trusting and willing to teach me so much things.

Most of all, thank you long gor for your guidance towards music.
And giving me a stage of my own to shine.

So 2010 is the year I embark on a new journet as a vocalist.
Working my way towards being a professional one.
3 and more years, I heard it's going to take.

But I'll slowly work my way up to the top.
I am sincere.

At All About Eve Bar, i met many supportive friends who gave me humps of motivation to move forward to reach my music goal.

Karyn and Norman(no pic)

Lincoln(centre) and Ace(right)

Terence, Mengmeng and his group of friends who always bring laughter to All About Eve.

That's Terence and I.

Jacob CCH,
Thank you for all your compliments and encouragement.
And the 2 SCRUMPS you caught for me!

Jie yong(right) and his elder brother. :)

ONE more person to complete the list.

Thank you for your unconditional love for me.

You have sacrificed so much time and effort on me.
No complaints, no strings attached.
You worry for me more than my mom does.
You care for more than anyone in this world.
You do not mind about my past.
You work hard for our future.

You're the best!


2011 is here.
I'm looking forward to much more things.

is my live showcase,
coming up in January 2011.

A year I'm looking forward to.
It's never an easy road to success.
But you grow up a little as you fall and climb up again.
I'm going to come up with 5 resolutions to accomplish.
Count your blessings because you are still alive in this world.

To all friends and readers,
May you have a Happy New Year and smooth sailing year ahead!