Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mint's 让我依靠 Live! Promo Sneak Preview

Dear Mint's friends, family and supporters:
Thank you all for your support to come attend my very first concert!

Credits to Evan Tiang for making this wonderful video.
I am so touched to tears(TTM!)


Also, check out HPILITY'S blog post about this concert.
Credits to HP too.
3Q, 3Q!

My holidays are currently busy with rehearsals, organising the guest list,
preparing the door gifts, arranging for sponsors, venue, logistics and MORE MORE MORE REHEARSALS!!!

  • 2 wedding singing performances coming up.
  • Another 2 weddings to prepare for as a sister, the other abridesmaid next year.
  • Xmas singing performance is this Saturday at All About Eve Bar.
  • My birthday is coming in less than 2 weeks.
  • School Tests commences on the 1st week of Jan 2011.
  • Got to do more advertising for the enrolment of my home tuition group.
  • Java assignments are piling up.

So if i'm way too busy,
it's really not that I have forgotten about you.
It's just that I'm really busy!

PS: Apparel and venue practice sponsors, I'm still searching in vain for you.
We're looking for companies who can do Customized Tees for the band and I, any lobangs?
Also, we need a place to practice have our rehearsals, anyone would like to help?
I will definitely credit you as well-big time!

Kind souls who are reading this now, please help Mint's concert look for the above sponsors. Thank you so much in advance!

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  1. I have emailed you my contact number :)) so you'd be singing :)