Monday, December 27, 2010

Prawning to recharge!

What a getaway for 2 hours on Sunday!
Even though it's merely a 2 hours, it was enough for me to recharge myself.

I was at D'Kranji Farm Resort at Neo Tiew Lane 2 for a prawning session-my first.

And yes, say Hello to Prawning!
Since I've never been prawning before,
I wonder if $30 for 3 hours is considered expensive.


Happy time passes by in a jiffy.
In a wink of an eye, it's already 11pm!

The good thing about prawning here, is that although you bought a 3 hour package, you can use up part of the duration and come back again in future to finish up the rest of the package.

For instance, I bought a 3-hr package, but I left at the 2nd hour. Which means that I can go back to prawn for another hour on my next free day!

Is there such a package at any other places?

Of course, I didn't dare touch any of those bloody, slimy baits.
Mr Bf here helped to cut and hooked them for me.
And no, i wouldn't touch them even if i'm wearing gloves!

Prawning is somewhat like fishing.

Only that you have to tilt your rod as close to the water surface as possible.
Instead of pulling at once you feel tension,
wait a few more seconds for the prawn to savor its 'food' before you give it a gentle tug.

If the rod feels heavy as you pull it up,
you get the PRAWN!

I scream my 2-hours away trying to hold the pincers of the prawns while Mr Bf tried to untangle the hook from its mouth. I'm sorry Prawn, for dislocating your pincers! But hey come on, we're even now that you used your tail to flap at me!

2 hours away from Urbanisation.
For awhile I thought if I could turn back time,
I'd rather be a kampong girl where my life can be so simple and laid back.

Nevertheless, I feel recharge for 2011! Modern advancement has its benefits. Otherwise, I don't think I'll enjoy prawning this much too. :)

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