Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chillin' with Lin Zhi Ling Jie Jie(林志玲姐姐) at OverTime.

OverTime is the latest addition to the Singapore Nightlife!
Hello and Welcome!

OverTime is wholly owned by Pattaya Garden Sdn Bhd and the first in Malaysia to serve Starker Beer, the first fresh beer in Malaysia created German expertise. There are 5 existing OverTime outlets in Malaysia currently, check them out, my Malaysian friends:

Life Centre, KL
Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara,
IOI Boulevard, Puchong,
Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya
Auto-City, Penang

and more upcoming outlets:

Mont Kiara, KL
Bukit Tinggi, Klang.

Here in Singapore, there's not just one but TWO all new-entertainment outlets at
Dempsey Hill and Holland Village.

A few nights JUST before Christmas, I was certainly honored to be invited to witness the Grand Opening Ceremony of the extravagant outlet at Dempsey Hill.

EXCITED TTM! The sign "Dempsey Hill" is H.U.G.E.!

When I knew that the ceremony was going to be graced by Taiwanese top-model and actress Lin Chiling(林志玲), I exclaimed with joy and told Bf that it's a MUST to attend it with me!

Here's a group photo of my bloggers friends taken with the Head of Entertainment and Marketing of OverTime Headquarters, Mr Alan Loh. He's the handsome hunk with a black tie 3rd from the right.

Group photo(Left to right):
Darren Ang, Me, Wendy(who has the same surname as I do), Cherie Lee,
Mr Alan Loh, Ying Zi, Yong Wei

In courtesy of Jerome Lim(blogger) for this wonderful group photo!

As quoted from Mr Alan,
"Always remember, it is never about work when you are at OverTime!"
And that's written all over our faces that very night.

Come, walk down the red carpet with me and take a look at what OverTime has installed for all!
Remember, it's all about "After Work Enjoyment", so cheers your night away!

Camwhored first since Chiling Jie Jie is not here yet.

Look at the Wooden hammer Darren is holding in his hands.

MCQ: What is this hammer for?

A) Is that for hammering people who's blocking your view to see Chiling jie jie when she arrives?

B) Is that to hammer Yongwei if he's going to do/tell anymore disgusting lame jokes?

C) Is this for hammering yourself to make sure that
u aren't dreaming seeing Chiling Jie Jie right before your eyes
(as demonstrated by Jerome below)?

The answer is D) None of the above options.

With the hammer, you are supposed to hammer a tab into the barrel of fresh German Starker Beer-the German tradition way.

This is the barrel you're supposed to hammer:

Traditionally brewed from malted barley and wheat,
this German-style fresh beer has a Malty-sweet taste with fruity hints,
and blends with the herbal aroma of the traditional German hops.
It has a shelf-life of only 7 days and served stright from the keg.

This beer is the Double-Gold Medal winner in the Asia Beer Awards 2010 under the "Wheat Beer" and "Pilsner" categories. A masterpiece formulated with German expertise and technology in Malaysia, freshly brewed and imported to Singapore to OverTime Singapore on a daily basis. The Starker beer is best consumed at 3 degree-celcius for your maximum pleasure.

I tasted it and I love it;
really chilled and smoothes all the way down the throat!

OverTime has really sweet-looking girls at work in cute uniforms!

In addition, right at the centre of the outlet sits a stage that gives our home-grown music talents a platform to showcase their music.

That's not ALL!

The outlet provides a quality and innovative menu which includes 33 varieties of fusion skwerers and a wide selection of western and local delights, offering also a wide range of cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks, concocted by the restaurant's very own mixologists!

Inviting Atmosphere,
Good Beer,
Adorable and friendly waiters and waitresses,
Menu Variety
and not to forget, Music.

A perfect place to wind down and pump one's spirits after work!

Hello Chiling Jie Jie!

Dreads that my shot of her was O.V.E.R.E.X.P.O.S.E.D.
Otherwise this would've been a great full shot of her!

There she goes,
onto the red carpet to sign her big name.

Courtesy of Yongwei for the picture below because
I was being squeezed to the back of the media space at the VERY LAST.

No matter how much I squeezed, I just can't get through.
Mint cannot be paparazzi.
I'd rather the paparazzi come get me.


On the big TV screen, she looks so slim!

She looked EXACTLY the same even in real person!
Well, she's not a top model for nothing.
Her grace, her poise, her feminine traits...

And she does NOT look like any of those uncles drinking beer at Kopitiams looking all shaggy and well, chee ko peks-like. Even as she cheers to the floor and gulps down the Starker beer in her hands, she still look like a top model!

As she spoke on stage I felt all my goosebumps rise. I used to think that she speaks gently for the sake on TV. It is then that I realize that it's her natural voice and not just to please others.
She's like 120% woman in a woman-such elegance!

I love this shot below so much I wish I could take a photo like that someday.
Anyway, credits to Jerome again.

And so, I was squeezed at the back and enable to take more photos of her.
But hey guess what,
I could take a photo of me WITH her real signature!
(fresh and witnessed, definitely not by some Lin Chiling-wannabe)


Promotion Dates:
(from 23rd December 2010 to 1st January 2011)

1) Starker promotions:

Opening to 7pm buy 1 pint get 1 pint free
7pm to 12am buy 1 pint get a ½ pint free. (Extended happy hour)

2) 33 Fusion Skewer Promotions:
5pm to 12am
With every purchase of 2 litre Starker beer, you get 2 sets of 2 skewers free!
With every purchase of 5 litre Starker beer, you get 2 sets of 5 skewers free!


OverTime @ Dempsey Hill
Blk 18, 18E, Dempsey Road S(249677)
Tel: 6472-4388

OverTime @Holland Village
25 Lorong Mambong S(277684)
Tel: 6465-8368

Visit their website here.

I dedicate this last picture to Jac.
If it's not for her, I would've been squashed by the media who were frantic and crazy over snapping the best shots of Chiling Jie Jie.

She tried her best to help me reserve a good spot so that I can try take exclusive pictures to put on my blog. Well, there's just so much you can do with such a big and enthusiastic media crowding in front of me. Everyone wants to get exclusive best shots of her...

I must eat more calcium to grow taller! Play more basketball!
Otherwise, I must be three times my current size, even bigger than Yongwei to prove I'm no pushover! I must grow longer hands!!!

I must bribe someone so that I get to spend 'private moments' with Chiling Jie Jie.

Just kidding.
I'm happy enough to have known the bestest blogger friends in the world
to help take really good shots of her!

And Jac's an avid blogger too!
Thank you YOU!


Thank you Yongwei and Vibes Communication,
for this wonderful invitation!

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