Monday, December 13, 2010

Mint's December Giveaway 2010: Brushed-Metal Battery Cover Mod for Iphone 4

December is the month of sharing and love.
This Christmas festive, I'm giving away....
*drum rolls for 1 hour*

That's enough of drum rolls for awhile.
Okay, lame. =.="

Mint's December Giveaway is proud to be giving away ONE of this to ONE of you who is currently reading this post: (Are you ready iphone owners?!)

Brushed metal battery cover mod for iPhone 4

Just leave a comment, write about something meaningful you did in this year, 2010- either for yourself or for others(friends, family, colleagues, enemy, work, studies etc) and end it with "Merry Christmas!", this SILVER brushed-metal iphone 4 battery cover mod could be yours!

iPhone casings and bumpers are widely available in Singapore but this is actually a mod that requires you to unscrew the iPhone's bottom two screws and pop up the original glass battery cover. Spotted shops are selling it at $35/$40, including labour per piece. So many people are using the iPhone 4 and most iPhone casings look the same too, perhaps just different colour, and they are mostly rather expensive.

So now you can give your iPhone 4 a very unique mod.

Instead of just giving your iPhone 4 a casing or pouch or bumper, you can actually safely and easily ZHNG your iPhone 4 stylishly! Make it your own with the uber cool brushed-metal back battery covers (and at the same time safe-keep your glass cover from scratches so that if you decide to sell it and place back the original glass cover, it will look as good as new!!!) and stand out from all other BORING fingerprint magnet glass-back iPhones!!!

Change your iPhone 4 glass back battery cover to these cool brushed metal ones today!
100% NO VOID of warranty, just place original cover back when bringing for service.

Check back here soon!

Two Pieces are wonderful news to share with you as well.

I know of someone who is selling this baby for only $25. in addition, if you email to right now and quote "(MINT)Metal-brushed battery cover mod for iphone 4" as the subject of your email, you can purchase the brushed-metal battery cover at a SPECIAL RATE of only $20! (Promotion ends before 25th December 2010)

I'll never count you out of any super lobangs!

It's never dull! There's a variety of total 4 colours to choose from: Silver(top), Pink(red), Pink(purple) and Gold.

State in your email to which colour you would like to purchase. Colours are subjected to availability.

There are only 25 pieces left for grabs in total!

Soooo, if you are troubled over getting an exclusive christmas present for your closest BFFs, best brother, kins or even for yourself, plus if they are iphone lovers too and owns an iphone 4, all the more you should get them one of these, they'll love it because it's so cool!

So where and how to purchase the iphone 4 brushed-metal batt cover at a special rate of $20
(i repeat):

Email to: with these details:

  • Subject: (Mint) Brushed-Metal Battery Cover Mod for iphone4
  • Name:
  • Contact:
  • Colour:
There is only a total of 25 left for purchase on the seller's side.
Act fast for the best grabs!

Advance Merry X'mas Everyone!!!


  1. hi mint,

    i would like to share my year 2010.
    i have bought iphone 4 for my mum and i have helped someone who lost her blackberry in the tiolet... calling her and waited for her for 2 hours before i could return to her. She is very happy and glad i return her coz she is a student and i guess her parent gonna not be happy if she lost it.

    i hope i stand to win this " Brushed metal battery cover mod for iPhone 4"

    "Merry Christmas!"

  2. Hi Mint,

    This year had been a busy year for me. For those who knows me well, know I'm working as a social worker from mon-fri and weekend I work at Kiehl's Event job.

    But I'm really happy I manage to squeeze time out and had dinner with my family at mahanttan Fish Market Restuarant (I always wanted to do it).

    My family enjoyed the food and so was my cute 3yrs old nephew.

    To all people reading this, Christmas is around the corner, plan a dinner with your friend, love one and family! Show your care and concern!

    Merry Christmas!!!