Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Cheerful Drum Beat" from Mediacorp Channel 8 TV

Some time ago in July 2010, I ever sang for the sub-theme song of a channel 8 series, Cheerful Drum Beat.

The sad thing is, I don't have the mp3 of the song.
Perhaps it's copyrighted by hence the song wasn't given to me.

Anyway, today I made a discovery on facebook!
Coach Zhi Hao, the drum instructor for the show, told me that there's actually a Cheerful Drum Beat fan's page!

Oh boy was I overjoyed!

Thanks to one of the young actors, Scotts Hillyard,- the caucasian-looking handsome boy aka "Zhou Da Bao" in the drama, he uploaded several clips on his youtube and i manage to find almost the full song I sang from one of it- the final episode!

Check out the printscreen from the video in the credits:

That's Zi Jie, another male lead of the drama.
He's known as "Xiao Yu", a quiet boy in the drama.

Credits to Scotts for uploading a part of the scene from Channel 8's Cheerful Drum Beat drama !Without this clip, I'll never be able to post it up on my blog!

Thank you muack muack muacks!

The song,"Hello Friend" which I sang, is from 6:11 onwards.


There are more clips, information and about Zingo Drums and this drama "Cheerful Drum Beat" via the official facebook fan page. Like it from here.

FYI: The drama was broadcast earlier in September 2010, a total of 13 episodes.

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