Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What goes into me.


You think it's just food?
It's work, study, passion, entertainment and love too!

I'm all geared up for my upcoming concert.
Practising my songs, rearranging the music etc.
With the help of my beloved band members and the boss of All About Eve Bar, Won, every week we progressed, slowly but surely, to present the best for all those who are coming.

That's the stack of song lyrics. We are trying to work out the song arrangements for the big day.


Credits to Garmin Asus, I got to watch the Chronicles of Narnia. Rate: 3.5/5.

Kids can pick up great values from watching the show. Not to mention thrilling and exciting path towards succeeding over evilness with findings of sea serpents, disgusting sea monsters, pretty fairies, water-waved mermaids and Aslan, the great lion!

I heart Ying Zi and Yong wei!


Nothing beats my favourite brunch, even if it is a deadly sinful one.

It's Buddy's 5th Death Anniversary.
Rain or shine, I'll be there on this day for a visit at his niche.

This year, i brought a lot of great news for him.
I've been a really good girl this year Buddy.

Caught a tortoise swimming sideways in the pool. His never-give-up attitude motivates me to move on.


Never buy this Doreamon chocolate biscuits!
$3.50 is not worth at all!

The Taste,
the texture,
the coating are all wrong.

You feel like eating those $1 chocolate biscuits-
A pathetic layer of thin chocolate coating on the outside and it's all plain flour taste when you start chewing.

On the other hand, $4.50 for this limited edition Japanese candies(Green Apple) Flavour is more than well-worth! I heard from the stall owner that this candy is only available for sale once every 6 months. The aroma is so strong that it covers all bad breathe instantly. It is lozenges-like but you can easily chew it into powdery form if you want to. Nevertheless, it's too expensive to be eaten and swallowed within 5 seconds.

Take your time to enjoy such delight!


Mint's Concert Photoshoot on Sunday was a success!
Will keep it as a secret and exclusively for my concert guests!

The photos are for my concert photos and tickets.


The legendary Sembawang White Bee Hoon!
YOu always have to queue at least a half an hour for it!
The restaurant is ALWAYS full of hungry patrons.

Standing alone, this restaurant is located right opposite the Sembawang Shopping Centre. PLease do not mix this place up with Sun Plaze----> THIS RESTAURANT IS NOT ACCESSIBLE BY MRT.


I won a Canon S95 for the N.E.Mation!5 blog contest organised by 24sevens Communication, Nexus and Animagine last month.

It was really a surprise because honestly, I've never been confident that I'll ever win anything with my blog posts. Thank you for the advanced Xmas Gift!

That's Feliza, who has also won a canon camera for herself! Congrats!!!


Yes, I've been eating ALOT.

This dessert stall is located within Albert Centre(Near Bugis).
If you're looking for variety, you will be disppointed because the stall only sells 4 types of hot desserts:

The tao suan just leaves me coming back for more.

The thing is, the stall only opens a few hours a day, and close most of the days!
How did it survived so many years?

One thing for sure, the stall owner sells the best Tao Suan ever.
Plus, the queue is always the longest in the hawker centre if it's open.

How's that?

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