Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Missing You

Mint & Her Passion

My days are always fulfilling;
be it just to be alone reading a book
or to party like a wild animal at night.

Met up with Cindy Jie @ Holland Village.
It's been a while since i've met up with her.
As usual, we held endless conversations,
from weddings, to men and women,
personalities, careers, blogs and living life...

How i wish i can meet up with her more often.
i do not stay so far away...
Then i can meet her up in the west as often as i want to.
i have a driving license... =p

We had THIS for lunch!
It only cost $10/person.
Both of us ended up pushing the last dumpling to each other-
the food served here is really filling.

My favourite ROYCE champagne Chocolate!!!
This little thing here however, cost $15/box.
Thank you W2 for this treat!
Don't underestimate the attraction power of this tiny little box.
For chocolate lovers,
it's unstoppable once you get your hands on it!

Here are some overdue photos that our Candace finally post it up-
Christopher's Farewell Night Out @ Onyx.
The group were camwhoring all through the night-
176 photos in total.
Of course, i didn't post it ALL out!
Let's take a look at the group photo below:
(Left to Right)
Terrance, Wayne(in specs), Rachel(off-shoulder top),
Candace(behind Rachel and I), Me, Chris(behind me in white),W2.

The feeling of singing live on stage is really an eye opener for me.
And thanks Mu Xiong for the wonderful guitar perfomance!

Candace and Mint!

The wall print is supposed to protray some 'vomit' effects out of someone's mouth.

Wayne and I own this photo below!
He 'vomitted' and i'm trying to 'shield' myself away!
we went over to Martin's Entertainment@BQ after that.

i love this photo below.
The composition fits very well.

That's James in the middle of Candace and I.
Hmmm... honestly speaking,
If i don't know him, i think he looks a little Gay...

Did more recordings on Tuesday over at Flutter Music.
I am quite disappointed with my voice performance on that day.
we spent about 9hours doing the recordings of 4songs- until 3plus in the morning.
I don't think i managed to record any up to my expectations.
Evan and Wenwei was patient enough to listen to the songs over and over again.
i've to sing the songs at least 9times.
Then, it's the valuable feedbacks they gave...
it's the genuine hard work they go through for me without asking for any credits.
I'm very touched that they really put in 200% efforts to fulfil
a dream of 'someone' who really isn't anybody-
at least not yet 'somebody'. =p
"Thank you" is never enough to express
the amount of gratitude for these 2 fairy godfathers of mine.
How did i even come up with this word?! Lolx

What is exactly my genre of music?
Where will this path heads to?
How do i improve my vocals?
Will people out there love my songs?
Can i never stop?
Will our hard work pay off?
Many questions starts to ponder and my goosebumps starts rising.
I fear.
The future lays mysteriously unknown;
yet my journey to the future is exhilarating- i'm hyperventilating.
The kind of thrill not for the weak hearted,
the type of easy-complicated life not for the common.
For a moment,
i seem to forget to breathe.
By the time i exhale,
i remember it's time to give tuition again.
Today i simply feel like staying at home...

Monday, September 28, 2009

That Semi-D I saw

Call me materialistic,
i don't care because...

I really really really really really really
want to stay in a place like this in the near future!
I want a really comfortable, condusive, yearning and luxurious home;
looking forward to go home should be something my future hubby has in his mind

Snooker table, Mini Wine Lounge, a Mini home-set movie and KTV theatre,
for our friends and family to come and party.

Exclusive Playroom for my children and I-
drawing boards, paints, toys, games, posters, colouring books, alphabet mats...

A cosy corner on the balcony with suspending seats- facing a serene green meadow;
where i can read, get a tan or simply to have a starlit candlelit dinner with my hubby
on our anniversary.

Bedrooms with huge fluffy beds,
dark yet bright enough to mark out the baroque-style prints on the walls.
the orangy-lit room should make someone feel lazy and sleepy enough
the moment you step into it....

The study room- bright and sunny,
full glass panel to peer out onto the greens for an eye relaxation 'spa',
squarish and white, like that of a director's office with a big antique couch
for a final touch- so that i can read there when the balcony gets too hot to hang out.

with a fridge stuffed with food you can eat a lifetime.
Ovens for baking,
Stove that lingers the 'apple flavour' detergent smell hours after wash.
Pots, pans, woks of all sizes to cook and play around with.

Last but not least,
a big, black, classic massage chair- credits for my hubby after a hard day's work.
Sumptous dinner cooked by his love and
a light, yet passionate kiss on his forehead after bath,
appreciating his hard work and thanking him for all that he'd done for his wife and family.

Of course, the massage chair is for my hardwork too!
I'll be out fighting for my career like a man... hehe

this is life; my way of enjoyment.
A home, filled with love, education, cosiness and not to forget,
a pinch of family warmth as garnish.

My idea of a perfect home
Thought that i'll soon reach there with someone.
Now the dream seems so far away...

It's okay,
everything can still be made do with,
without a 'hubby' in the picture.
Or i guess i can. :)


Went to view this semi-d house last Saturday with uncle and his family.
4levels + a basement.
One word to describe my thoughts - MOuthwatering.

Even the basement looks so tempting to stay in!

Here is the 2nd level!

And 3rd with 2 rooms and a common bathroom.

Finally the 4th, my favourite...
comes with a personal toilet of my own.
It's a room ALL by itself.
And an full balcony too!

I want a house like this!!!! !!!!
Sunday met up with the Mmz for a meeting.
Everything turns out really well-
to my expectations and prediction,
except it's overly time-consuming.
Anan and JOey bought push pops for themselves.
And take a look at where Anan put his pushpop!

in hokkien,
we call this "Dong Buay Tiao".

Sunday, September 27, 2009

negative*negative = Positive

I believe my life story is a slow and agonised process.
I even more strongly believed that my life was not led in the normal way
compared to those who are more fortunate around me.

what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger.
And here I am,
standing tall and proud that i've made it this far.

my twin, chrissy, ever told me;
perhaps it's because there are too much negative things that has happened on me,
hence i became a so much more positive thinking person.
You would never believe how much gratitude i held in me.

I am working towards a dream of mine;
A pinch of luck was added to get to meet new wonderful cum helpful friends.
It's really the sincerity these people have in them that makes the world so wonderful!

Thank you Evan, Wen Wei, WeiDa,Rayden and Chrissy for these support all these while.

Uncle jeffery commented that i really need to brush up on my golf skills.
(that's of course! I've skipped 2 full weeks of golf!)
I am strongly recommended to practise my perpetual swing at home,
I hope i don't look weird with the golf club in my hands,
I pray harder not to break anything with that club!

I just came back from Kembangan,
and recorded a few of my songs.
The excitement in me;
you will never be able to make a full picture out of this.
I simply look forward to the 2nd, and 3rd and 4th and the unlimited...

you're working well.
now, you've to work harder.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Turning Point...

Life has come to a new turning point for me.
New friends, new aims, new daily lifestyle...
Everyday of my life has something to look forward to now.

Let's start with Tuesday!

Gave a PSLE Science Tuition Class
and then went to work @ BEDS.
W2, Man and Wayne dropped by;

I almost cried out loud when i couldn't find the Martell bottle
they had leftover last Sunday.
They keep asking for it.
I was so darn stressed about it!

Luck was on my side though.
I managed to find their martell in the Chivas Cabinet.
I broke into cold sweat.

The best part of the day,
1 down, 1 more to go!

After work,
I went to Dragonfly with them.
The champagne promotor was there with them.
Oh yah, i forgot to mention this;
Last Sunday,
there was a Lucky Draw organised by Gh-umm Champange.

And Wayne was one of the lucky winners to walk away
with 2 Finals F1 tickets this Sunday!

That's me, Man(Xiangfa), and W2(wen wei)
Man's my primary school friend, FYI.

wonder why W2 is exceptionally overjoyed in the pic below.....

I managed to slep for a few hours,
before getting up and rushing down to Wild Wild Wet with Joey and Anan.

It looks HOT out there isn't it?
actually it's not.
It's very windy,
with some thunder heard....

I told Joey and Anan i want to come back again another time;
this time round with Melvin, if possible. :)
Jia Xin happened to be at Downtown East.
So we met up and had dinner together and ate at Acia.
Look at how big my Chicken Drumstick was!
They all joked that the 'leg' belongs to that of a cat...
this place served free flow of beverages and ice cream.

We headed to the arcade next.
Look what Joey found,
someone else's lovegetty!
how dumb to leave your own creation here!

I hope the boys find their photos.
We spent like... $40++ on the Arcade itself,
can u believe it!
Bishi Bashi,
Basketball shooting,
Para Para Machine=$12 spent here,
DDR 3rd Mix,
JudeBox, and Percussion Mix.
Anan gave his Virgin para para game to me- Eurobeat.
He somehow revived the dance at Sparks;
I was laughing my Arse off!
One thing about Anan,
he can really mimicked people.
Wanna know how well?
Go to mamarazzi to check it out!

After the games,
Anan and JOey were kind enough to send me home
before they head home themselves.
Thank you so much.
FYI, they stay in Central Area and me in the North.
Here are some overdued photos Joey finally sent me.
We took these at Punggol Marina-
Thanks to joey's camera phone.
Adore the Lightings!

I love this shot so much!
Me, Anan and Joey.

And here are some more overdued photos from Joey's Phone
that day @ Jurong Point when we were decorating a cake for Jk.

The Girls gossiping. This was a shot taken by me.
i think it looks really heart warming.

And there goes my Wednesday...

Thursday came like a breeze.

And my great grand aunt is here for a visit.

Because i ran out of lovemoon- a special kind of sanitary pad i used,

i'm getting severe cramps again.

Had tuition with my P6 students follow by my P5.

Then quickly rushed home for shower and dinner.

Straight after that,

cabbed down to Onyx @Tanjong Pagar Rd to meet

Candace, Christopher, Wayne, Wen wei, Jeff, Rachel and Terrance.

I heard from Wen wei we could try and sing Live there,

so i took a try.

And i love it, seriously.

Got to know the guitarist there, Mu Xiong,

and that he was the song composer of Rainie Yang's song: Ke ai.

When W2 told him about my interest to sing,

he proposed that i could join him at a pub in BQ in a few months' time.


I can't believe this opportunity given to me!

And seriously, i cannot believe my ears.

My prayings everyday paid off.

Thank you Guan Yin Niang Niang!

After Onyx,

we crossed over to Martin's Entertainment- a KTV pub in BQ.

Played pool and i was embarrassed that my pool skills detorriate so much.

Must brushed up on the skills soon.

Used to have Linder playing with me @ OCC all the time.

Had been listening and downloading those really old school songs.

Here is the list:

林志颖: 戏梦, 不是每个恋曲都有美好回忆,不喜欢看你流泪,爽约。。。

孙耀威: 认识你真好

杜德伟: 不走,把你藏起来,把你宠坏,天真,无心伤害,钟爱一生。。。

刘若英: 很爱很爱你

郭富城: 无忌,唱着歌,爱你,动起来。。。

黎明: 看上他, DNA出错

郑中基: 相思无用,绝口不提爱你

周惠: 约定


Went to Bt Merah- 668 Production House

for a mediacorp audition for a office lady role.

Hopefully i can get this deal.

I'll be praying for it.

bought Toto for the first time.

I was such a noob;

i had to sms my sister to ask her how to buy Toto.

I'll be having golf lessons tomorrow.

Will be doing my song recordings in the evening.

Pray hard no cramps and no PMS.


I cant wait to see him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(feel the excitement in my words!)