Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mint & Her Passion

My days are always fulfilling;
be it just to be alone reading a book
or to party like a wild animal at night.

Met up with Cindy Jie @ Holland Village.
It's been a while since i've met up with her.
As usual, we held endless conversations,
from weddings, to men and women,
personalities, careers, blogs and living life...

How i wish i can meet up with her more often.
i do not stay so far away...
Then i can meet her up in the west as often as i want to.
i have a driving license... =p

We had THIS for lunch!
It only cost $10/person.
Both of us ended up pushing the last dumpling to each other-
the food served here is really filling.

My favourite ROYCE champagne Chocolate!!!
This little thing here however, cost $15/box.
Thank you W2 for this treat!
Don't underestimate the attraction power of this tiny little box.
For chocolate lovers,
it's unstoppable once you get your hands on it!

Here are some overdue photos that our Candace finally post it up-
Christopher's Farewell Night Out @ Onyx.
The group were camwhoring all through the night-
176 photos in total.
Of course, i didn't post it ALL out!
Let's take a look at the group photo below:
(Left to Right)
Terrance, Wayne(in specs), Rachel(off-shoulder top),
Candace(behind Rachel and I), Me, Chris(behind me in white),W2.

The feeling of singing live on stage is really an eye opener for me.
And thanks Mu Xiong for the wonderful guitar perfomance!

Candace and Mint!

The wall print is supposed to protray some 'vomit' effects out of someone's mouth.

Wayne and I own this photo below!
He 'vomitted' and i'm trying to 'shield' myself away!
we went over to Martin's Entertainment@BQ after that.

i love this photo below.
The composition fits very well.

That's James in the middle of Candace and I.
Hmmm... honestly speaking,
If i don't know him, i think he looks a little Gay...

Did more recordings on Tuesday over at Flutter Music.
I am quite disappointed with my voice performance on that day.
we spent about 9hours doing the recordings of 4songs- until 3plus in the morning.
I don't think i managed to record any up to my expectations.
Evan and Wenwei was patient enough to listen to the songs over and over again.
i've to sing the songs at least 9times.
Then, it's the valuable feedbacks they gave...
it's the genuine hard work they go through for me without asking for any credits.
I'm very touched that they really put in 200% efforts to fulfil
a dream of 'someone' who really isn't anybody-
at least not yet 'somebody'. =p
"Thank you" is never enough to express
the amount of gratitude for these 2 fairy godfathers of mine.
How did i even come up with this word?! Lolx

What is exactly my genre of music?
Where will this path heads to?
How do i improve my vocals?
Will people out there love my songs?
Can i never stop?
Will our hard work pay off?
Many questions starts to ponder and my goosebumps starts rising.
I fear.
The future lays mysteriously unknown;
yet my journey to the future is exhilarating- i'm hyperventilating.
The kind of thrill not for the weak hearted,
the type of easy-complicated life not for the common.
For a moment,
i seem to forget to breathe.
By the time i exhale,
i remember it's time to give tuition again.
Today i simply feel like staying at home...

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