Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dessert in JB

I was awoken by my uncle at 12plus in the noon.
Anyway, FYI,
i'm a late riser...

He proposed to go JB for Bak Kut Teh
with my aunt and my closest cousin.
Within 20min, we were on our way to JB.
There was a slight jam at the woodlands custom
hence we reached there much later than expected- 1hr later.

I haven't gotten the bak kut teh photos yet because it's taken in my uncle's hp;
but i felt it was quite costly because RM45 for 4pax meal in Malaysia .
Sounds like being "tok"....
Anyway, will post up the photos of that stall soon.

After our lunch,
we took a stroll at a nearby hawker centre and decided to have dessert!

I'm a sweet tooth!

Here's the address of the Hawker Centre.
The Bak kut teh stall is just a 5min walk away.

Can you believe it?!
RM 1.50 for a bowl;
meaning it's only about S$0.60!!!!!

Seriously, i'm amazed by the unique varities they have.
I had intended to try it ALL
but my stomach space only has enough for 1 more bowl.
awwwww.... =p

Here's another thing which i find it pretty amazing;

The hawker centre has stalls that sells seafood.
And the seafood are so fresh,
they're alive and rared in aquariums like those of
what we can find in Singapore Live Seafood Restaurants!
You can call me a "Mountain Tortoise" (i don't care).
I just feel peculiar because it's a sight seldom seen in Singapore.

By the way,
the photo below is my aunt with a black eye.
She was definitely NOT bashed up.

The incident happened 3days ago,
where she was balancing 2 bowls of soup and walking to the coffee table when
my youngest female cousin, Qi, came running and rammed into her- headfirst.
I don't know how she did it...
miraculously, she did.

In the nick of a second,
i heard my aunt screamed,
soup was spilled all over the floor and on her face,
(thank god it's not piping hot)
and Qi was holding her head because she was also bruised up there.
Come to think of it, it was rather comical.
Yet, dangerous if the soup was just warmed up.
Never run in the house.
You might never know who's holding something hot and coming out from the kitchen.

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