Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Efforts of True Friends.

True Friendship does not come easy.
You don't just meet a friend out in a million people
and don't do anything about it.

Over the week,
i went out with my sister and her bf,
plus my cousin and her bf.
Someone had asked me,
aren't I playing a gooseberry going out with them?
I joked that i'm not but i'm playing a role of 2 gooseberries!

Seriously, i don't mind one bit.
I'm enjoying my singlehood, very much.
And being out with loving couples does not make me jealous
and crave for a boyfriend just like that.

This time round,
i'm going to take things slow and choose very carefully.

Mint is really going to OPEN HER EYES.

Anyway here we are,
we caught "The Ugly Truth" together @ Iluma.
There's something i want to comment about the washrooms there.

This is OWNAGE i tell you....

After the movie,
my cousin, my sister and I went to the ladies.
We were deciding which is the ladies
when my sister pointed to the TINY grey female icon on the wall
on one of the two openings.

The female icon was at her eye level and she's only 1.55m tall.
She joked about it by saying,
"Aiya Jiaxin, you cannot see because you're too tall.
This toilet is catered for short people like me!"

I had to agree with her.

I started pushing the cubicle doors one by one
to choose the cleanest one for my own use.
Guess what?

I was so shocked to see a man backfacing me,
peeing in one of the cubicles!
Surprised as i was,
i walked out to double check the icon again
to make sure i wasn't in the wrong toilet.

There was not only 1 of them,
because when i turn around,
there were TWO men walking out!
At the same time,
my sister was telling them that both had went into the wrong washroom!

I remembered clearly the man whom i saw in the cubicle,
had newspapers cramped under his armpit!
Just like a typical peeing guy.

Last Friday, we went cake decorating at THE ICING ROOM @ Jurong point.

We were preparing for JK's upcoming Surprise birthday party.
Red- JiaXin, my cousin.

Black- Joey, my younger sister.

i wrote the FONTS! :)
It says- J-GAY, Happy 20.

Who says men can't decorate?
they can do it as well as the ladies ok.
Here's An an and my best Twin,Chrissy,
proving women wrong!

Chrissy had to rush home,
so the rest of us went to Mustafa Shopping Centre to
shop for some camping needs.
Mustafa is one of the best place to be when u're bored.
there's just sooOOo much to see and buy!
And it's really cheap.
I'm going to get a tent myself soon.
It cost roughly about $30 for a 3-men tent.
But the titbits there were rather costly.
Buying snacks at Seng Siong is better. :)
the only thing about shopping there,
you get really giddy after awhile if you
really have no idea what to buy.
There's just too much to see...
THe endless brands, labels, varieties....

Anan- the SHOPKEEPER. =p

I went for Sushi Making on Saturday morning with Jiaxin.
I know how to make SUSHI!
Jiaxin's friend, Amelia, was kind enough to get her
Japanese Dad to teach us.
I really, really enjoyed myself very much.
And her dad invited me to go to his place to learn to
cook more japanese food! :)

U know what,
i will!!!!

Our finished Product! :)

The big day came- Jk's surprised birthday party.
we went to East Coast Park for a day of camp.
It was slightly drizzling then.
My plannings were slightly misunderstood,
and friends had a little conflicts between one another.
But in the end,
everyone was cooperative and everything turns out well again.
It's time to take a break and stop planning for awhile.
Chrissy said i'm beginnig to look bossy.
Perhaps i asked for perfection,
hence things i do looked overly systematic and stern,
words i said became orders and commands.
Chrissy advised that i should speak more gently.
anyway, Thanks for the well advice.

This has always been my greatest weakness,
people thinks that i'm overly stern,
especially Bfs.
Will be more cautious in future. :)

Jiaxin, JK- Lovebirds.

Jk, Eden and Yong Kang- good friends!

weida, Jk, Chrissy- My GOOD FRIENDS.

JK, Anan, Joey- My family!

JK, Eugene(blood brother) - His Family!

Mint, Jk - MMz, KKz, chill out pals!

You're under attacked, JK!

ACt cute!
Bear that in mind.

WeiDa, Mint- Secondary school friends.

My Yoyo in the house!

And i caught the sunrise because i was facing it from my tentage!!!!

Went to work at BEDS on Sunday.
I was late and tired for not resting enough over camp.
Glad to have met Ah Xiang and his treat to Hotcakes with Sausage Meal
which i've been craving for MONTHS!
It's just pure Indulgence. <3

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