Sunday, September 13, 2009

Punggol Marina

I'm aching from HEAD TO TOE.
Learning golf ain't as easy as you think.

The correct way of hitting the ball with your club
requires abit of practice and patient.

One thing that i learnt from Uncle Jeffery,
it's not about hitting hard,
it's about hitting the right way in order to get the right combustion.

all the twisting, bending and tilting,
just to make my posture right,
caused me alot of aches.

But i guess,
it's all worthwhile when i didn't have to hit hard
and my ball can reach 50m.
When you hit the ball right,
you will be able to feel a 'hoot' impact that makes you feel really good. :)

I am taking Golf lessons together with my 3 cousins.
The lesson is 1hr every Saturday.
The price is relatively cheap,
i would say- $70 for all 4 of us.
I think the prices vary for different number of golf learners at one time.

This monkey at the Golf Range caught my attention.
It was trying to get the coke out of its bottle
but didn't know how to twist the cap open.

it ended up shaking the leaking coke bottle in return for the coke drink.
I grabbed another bottle,
and was showing it how to open the bottle cap,
with my fingers cross that it will mimick me.
it simply stared at me.
It looked dumb.
But i probably looked dumber- Teaching a monkey how to open bottle caps...

Straight after Golf,
i met up with my sister, anan, chrissy and my mum for dinner.
We had dinner at our usual 515 coffeeshop.
we went to Punggol Marina for a chill after sending my mum home.
I'm surprised there was an 'open' arcade at the lobby.
Why situate the arcade machines at the main lobby???
we challenged on the basketball-shooting machine.


We went to a KTV pub named 'Silent'.
It's situated at the other side of the country club.
The ambience was great and there was a sea view from where we sit.
And best, we can sing KTV, play pool and boardgames while waiting!
we could have steamboat there too.

If you're looking for a chill with some good friends,
Punggol Marina is the place to go.
There's several other KTV pubs there.
I think 4 others- one of which with personal KTV ROOMS.
A LAN shop,
24hr Prawning village and Sakura Japanese Restaurant.
that place is only car accessible. too bad.
It's right at the end of Punggol and NOT MARINA.

There was a casualty while we played the game of BINGO- AnAn.
His finger was cut by Chrissy's Blue Chip.
We improvised the game into sort of a challenged game:
One will roll out the number ball,say it out verbally
and the other 3 will have to use their respective colour chips
to fight to place it in the respective number holes.
The first person to be able to 'snatch' 5 holes in a row shouts BINGO and win!

I love my sister.
She can be such a funky person to be with.
And so is her Bf, anan.
all these playing made me miss Linder though.
When we were together,
We used to meet up with them weekly,
play games, have dinner and chill out together.
But like i say all the time.
Memories are like stories to be told once in a while.
Who never misses memories???
And who will never have memories.
I, personally, treasure all my kept memories.

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