Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[Review + Free Gift] Halal-certified Ultimate Colla-gen Drink From Korea

I was at Sarang Restaurant, located on the 7th storey of Orchard Central. Sarang restaurant serves authentic korean cuisine. Cuisine aside, I was there for another reason.


It was a day to witness the launch of a brand new product from Korea....

Ultimate Colla-gen,
brought to you by NewScience Laboratories.


People out there, women especially, are crazy over collagen.
You know what keeps you young-looking?

It's Collagen.

As we age, collagen levels in us will start to drop at about 1.25% per annum. Which means by the age of 45, the collagen levels in our bodies will have reduced by up to 30%.

Picture this:
your cell lose its structure and start to sag due to lack of internal support, contributing to those fish lines!


This HALAL-certified collagen drink has one of the smallest molecular collagen size enabling ease of absorption. Ultimate Colla-gen contains the key active ingredient of Nano-molecular collagen, a type of collagen which is 50% smaller in size than normal collagen found in products available in the market.

The product is also GMP-certified.
GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice; according to the stringent korean-GMP regulations of health supplements. GMPs emsure that proper controls are in place for dietary supplements so that they are processed in a consistent quality manner.


Ultimate Colla-gen Product
photo credits: NewScience Laboratories

Each sachet of Ultimate Colla-gen contains nano collagen and other multi nutrients like Acai Berry extract, Glucosamine, Vitamin C, Chrondritin etc in optimum mixtures of 7 multi nutrients in one sachet per information.

The calorie count per sachet is only 38kcal.



It taste wayyyyyy MUCH MUCH MUCH better than the other collagen drink I tried; contains REAL BLUEBERRY EXTRACT; light and refreshing.


Standard consumption:
  1. Mix one sachet into a 200ml glass of water/juice.
  2. Stir well.
  3. Drink.

Unusual but can-be-done consumption:

Drink it in a shot, like tequila.
*Shot glass recommended*

The stability of the drink has been proven to be very stable under various temperature conditions. Even at a temperature of 120 degree celcius, the amount of the proteins in the collagen remains at more than 95%!

Which means....

You can pour a sachet of collagen whilst cooking your soup and make Collagen Chicken Soup!
Or you can make Collagen Agar Agar and invite people over for Hi-Tea!


This is collagen brand XXX (white) which I tried.
It taste like detergent, fish oil, really diluted.
*Yuck with a troll face*


Brand XXX VERSUS Ultimate Colla-gen;
Ultimate Colla-gen win hands down.



Miss Brigid Ann Loh is the Director of NewScience, a wholly owned subsidiary of New Eastern(1971) Pte Ltd, whose main business is chemical raw materials and food commodity trade for the past 41 year.

I'm taking this personal--- I heart her. *grins*
She is so geniune and sincere.

Thank you for sharing so much information with us!


And look what Miss Brigid got for us all.
Bags of Ultimate Colla-gen wrapped in Burberry & YSL scarves from Japan!!!

My sister and I squealed at the goodie bags.
It was ultimate thrilled!



Here's what Sis and I chose, Arigato Gozaimasu~!



There are 2 formulations available for Ultimate Colla-gen.

Ultimate Colla-gen Plus(PINK) is suitable for individuals in their 20s till late 40s, nurtures skin, hair and nails.
Pink Box Front
photo credits: NewScience Laboratories
Pink Box Back
photo credits: NewScience Laboratories
Pink Front and Back
photo credits: NewScience Laboratories

The Ultimate Colla-gen Gold is suitable for individuals in their golden years, nurtures joints, bones and skins. Friends with weak bones and joints can drink this too. The Gold series contains glucosamine.
Blue Box Front
photo credits: NewScience Laboratories
Blue Box Back
photo credits: NewScience Laboratories

Blue Front and Back
photo credits: NewScience Laboratories

Blue Close up
photo credits: NewScience Laboratories

1 box = 30 sachets = 1 month supply = S$88.

Ultimate Colla-gen can be purchased from Nishino Pharmacy Outlets, Pharmex Healthcare outlets from May 2012 onwards; Robinsons Centrepoint from June 2012 onwards.

Nishino Pharmacy Outlets: Shaw House, Liang Court, Takashimaya.
Robinsons: Centrepoint
Pharmex Healthcare: Kembangan Plaza(tel: 6841 0636), Blk 4 Kaki Bukit(Tel: 6841 7494)


Giveaway = FREE GIFT
So many people still don't understand this term, why huh?
I'm sending you TWO sachets of Ultimate Colla-gen Gold to 5 LUCKY YOUs who plan to share this blog post on your facebook/twitter. Have a try before deciding to buy the entire box.



The Ultimate Colla-gen GOLD sachets are waiting for you, wohoooo~!

Come, let's become pretty pretty together !
Pretty skin. :)




Tuesday, May 22, 2012

[Movie Review]Din Tao: Leader of The Parade

CPOP Song Of the Day 03

The theme song of movie titled, Leader Of the Parade,a Hokkien song sang by Taiwanese, Alan Kuo.

柯有倫 Alan Kuo《陣頭》

未來 往往攏去乎時間偷拿去
緣分 路草擱甲長嘛會相遇
弟兄 我是你的BACK 免驚惶
鬥陣ㄟ啊 無人敢逼你 逼甲未喘氣

是青春是成功 咱鬥陣(認真)追 
我相信 一生的 所有漂泊的青春 攏有代價 
現在是 咱ㄟ世代
屬於你的 是我的 攏免歹勢
(屬於你的 是我的 是咱的 攏做你拿)

I love the lyrics of this song. The lyrics talks about fate bringing friends(brothers) together and that we should support and back one another up. Let's pursue youth and success together!

阵头 Leader Of The Leader

'Din Tao' is a Hokkien word for 'Leader Of the Parade'.
I'm always interested to know more about chinese traditional religious rituals like these and was thrilled to be invited to watch the preview!

Din-Tao is the most successful sleeper hit during Chinese New Year in Taiwan.With more than 10M USD box office, the film had already moved millions ofaudiences! It is now the no. 1 film in 2012, beating all the local andHollywood films.  

Din Tao-1sht-B

Din-Tao starrs Alien Huang and Alan Kuo, who were born into a long-line of Din-Tao players.  Their dads are rivals in the story, which makes them rivals too.



Ah-Tai(Alan Kuo) was deemed as a good-for-nothing since his childhood days and a little boy who is disrespectful of gods. His father decided to send him away, increasingly straining the relationship between this father and son. Unintentionally, Ah-Tai is appointed the leader of the parade and resulted in him leading a troupe of school drop-outs to compete against their rival troupe. 

Ah-Tai decides to prove his worth by embarking on a performance journey across Taiwan with his young troupe members. 

Watch the movie to find out how the characters overcome obstacles which include family miscommunication, rivalry, jealousy, team-bonding. 

More about Din-Tao Culture

The leader of the parade plays an important role in Taiwanese culture and religion. Din-Tao is a religious ritual performed in order to express people's gratitude towards gods and goddesses at the religious festivals. These Din-Tao troupes act as bodyguards when the gods and goddesses go on a parade. Moreover, it has become an important street art in Taiwan.

The 124-minute movie is based on the true story of Chio-Tian Folk Drums and Arts Troupe in Taichung. The troupe was founded by Daoist priest Hsu Chen-jung in 1955 to help school dropouts and bring ceremonial folk performances to the public. 

Group members play the roles of demigods with painted faces and colorful costumes to lead long processions of the faithful in parades organized by temples on religious festivals. In 2004, the group carried heavy drums and other props to the top of Yushan in central Taiwan, the highest peak in East Asia. In 2011, they completed a seven-day, 250km journey to carry a statue of the Daoist deity Nezha across the Sahara in temperatures ranging from 50 degrees Celsius in the daytime to 10 degrees at night. (source taken from here)




Get ready to be moved to tears as you watched.



Leader Of the Parade is more inspiring than I thought. In addition,the movie is extremely educational. Learn more about this beautiful culture, appreciate it even more. I'd also like to stress that many moral values were being conveyed via this movie.

The director:

Interview of my favourite boy in the movie. He plays an autistic child with a talent;he can play the drums just by listening to the rhythm once. Most suave!

 His scenes are the MOST TOUCHING!

Follow Din-Tao on facebook here.
Photo credits to: 20th Century Fox

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia Reality Singing Contest

You know what, your singing isn't just restricted in the bathroom anymore.
Here's your open door to becoming an overnight superstar.

BONUS: Trainings will be arranged for you if you're chosen!

About Academy Fantasia

Academy Fantasia is a popular and internationally singing contest + reality show first conceptualized in Mexico in year 2000. The finalists will be housed in a specially built academy monitored by close-circuit cameras and undergo 10 weeks of intensive training which include singing, dancing and acting lessons by well-known personalities.

Similarly, 14 finalists of Sunsilk Academy Fantasia in Singapore will be housed, trained and will pit against one another during weekly concerts held at Dragonfly Bar, St.James Power Station where contestants with the lowest votes will be eliminated. Results will be based on a 70-30 ratio:

70%: SMS Voting by the pubic
30%: Decided by a panel of judges

We can watch the makings of a star from start to finish!
The weekly concerts will be telecast too!


'LIVE' Telecast

For the first time ever, Academy Fantasia Channel will be made available on these platforms, bringing you LIVE 16 hours of exciting life within the academy(They are going to install CCTVs~) . :

~~~ Starhub TV
~~~ Simulcast of the Academy Fantasia Channel online on
~~~Starhub TV mobile
~~~ E City (Starhub TV Channel 111/825) will screen daily recaps, highlighting the best & funniest moments.

Watch more behind-the-scenes footages and contestants' blogs, want to know the latest gossips? Visit and follow their twitter, Finally, you can join in the discussions and share your thoughts using twitter hashtag: #AFSG.

Plus plus plus, there'll be a weibo account and Sunsilk Academy Fantasia APP for smartphone users at a later date!

Now that's what I call,  Engaging + Interactive!

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia AUDITIONS

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia is calling for auditions!

Venue: Square 2 Shopping Mall (Novena MRT Station)
Date: 19th & 20th May 2012
Age: 16 - 30

14 contestants will be selected to enter the finals.

Register for Audition priority queue here.

Prize for Winner of Sunsilk Academy Fantasia

2 year singing contract & recording album with reowned local record label, Ocean Butterflies Music + grooming under the wings of Ocean Butterflies Music.

For more information , visit

I'm already trembling with mix feelings, both excitement & fear. 
This is Sooooo tempting!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

[New Crocs New You] CROCS Fashion Show 2012

CPOP Song Introduction 02 

热气球 by Aki 黃淑惠

热气球  is pronounced as 'Re Qi Qiu', which means 'Hot Air Balloon'.
Sis introduced it to me 2 weeks ago and I've been listening to it ever since. 

I'll be sharing with you a CPOP Song at the beginning of all my blog posts.
Read here to find out why.

I think the reason behind why I choose to share this CPOP segment at the beginning of the post instead of at the end is just so that you can listen to the song while reading the rest of my entry like how I'm listening to this same song(on repetition) while blogging. :)

The Singer

Aki Huang Shu Hui(黃淑惠) is Malaysian who was born in China. She has written songs for singers like Angela Zhang Shao Han, Hebe Tian, Rainie Yang Cheng Lin etc. Read more. Re Qi Qiu is a song from her 2nd song album (Year 2006).

The Song

I'll do my best to explain what the song lyrics meant in summary:

The song is about a girl sharing her memories of promises which were promised by her other half in her previous relationship: the promise of traveling with her on a hot air balloon, the promise of giving her happiness.

Crying alone in a rainy season, she asked herself for reasons why this relationship had to come to an end: her bad tantrums, stubbornness to compromise in the relationship, her over-reliance on her boyfriend and his fear for all the above.

What's left of this relationship is nothing except a deflated hot air balloon & empty promises.

消失了 爱的影子 
Xiao Shi Le  Ai De Ying Zi
随风飘走 不再回头 
Sui Feng Piao Zou  Bu Zai Hui Tou
留下了 你给我的承诺 
Liu Xia Le  Ni Gei Wo De Cheng Nuo
再见了 亲爱的你 
Zai Jian Le Qing Ai De Ni
孤独的 热气球泄了气 
Gu Du De Re Qi Qiu  Xie Le Qi
下不停 的雨季 
Xia Bu Ting De Yu Ji
雨滴 落在 我眼里 
Yu Di Luo Zai Wo Yan Li

你说过 带我去飞行 在热气球里 
Ni Shuo Guo Dai Wo Qu Fei Xing Zai Re Qi Qiu Li
Hua Guo De Liu Xing Dou Shi Ai Wo De Zheng Ming
你说过 不会离开我不会留下我 
Ni Shou Guo Bu Hui Li Kai Wo Bu Hui Liu Xia Wo
Mei Yi Ci Dou Hui Gei Wo Hen Duo De Kuai Le

Shi Bu Shi Wo De Huai Pi Qi  Yong Yuan De Ren Xing
Hui Gei Ni Tai Duo Tai Duo Tai Duo De Kong Ju
Wo Xiang Wo Ye Xu Tai Yi Lai Rang Ni Shou Shang Hai
Qi Shi Ni Zao Jiu Xiang Yao Li Kai


Ni Shou Guo Dai Wo Qu Fei~

Hua Guo De Liu Xing Dou Shi Ai Wo De Zheng Ming
你说过 不会离开我不会留下我 
Ni Shou Guo Bu Hui Li Kai Wo Bu Hui Liu Xia Wo
Mei Yi Ci Dou Hui Gei Wo Hen Duo De Kuai Le

Shi Bu Shi Wo De Huai Pi Qi  Yong Yuan De Ren Xing
Hui Gei Ni Tai Duo Tai Duo Tai Duo De Kong Ju
Wo Xiang Wo Ye Xu Tai Yi Lai Rang Ni Shou Shang Hai
Qi Shi Ni Zao Jiu Xiang Yao Li Kai

--- End of CPOP Song Introduction ---

CROCS Spring/Summer Collection Fashion Showcase 2012


I was sharing with you  that I was super scared but had so much fun at my first hosting event, Crocs Fashion Show 2012.

It was nerve-wrecking and I made a few mistakes. But Kovit Ang, a professional stylist and our VIP guest of Crocs Fashion Show 2012, had been really patient with me. All the clarifications to confirmed, me turning up 1 hour late for our meet up, stammering on stage when asking him questions...

Kovit Ang

He gave me full cooperation, full encouragement & told me plenty of jokes to keep me relax.
Thank you, Kovit!

Photo credits to: Calvin Timothy Leong

Kovit first made his foray into the fashion industry more than a decade ago.

Both locally and in the region, he has accumulated vast experience, directing and producing shows and shoots for numerous brands involving many international labels including Agnes B, Burberry, Chanel, G-Star, Gucci and more.  These shows include Vietnam Next Top Model Season Final show & Supermodel Me Season 2, just to name a few amongst others.

I know Kovit previously while we did a movie production together in Year 2009. He was the fashion & imaging stylist for the movie. Jovial, easy-going, fun-loving; always humble, always willing to share his ideas, jokes & smiles! These are some of the traits he possessed which made him remembered so vividly!


I love this guy. <3

Kovit is the appointed professional stylist by Crocs for the New Crocs New You Makeover Contest. The winner will be able to work with him and be all prepared for the Regional Crocs Makeover Contest representing Singapore!

Also, Kovit will provide some great fashion tips via the New Crocs New You Website!
Stay up to date with Crocs fashion!

About Crocs Shoes

Over the years, Crocs shoes have changed so much!

They are no longer just shoes with holes, made of rubber, stones-look alike. Their shoes are so versatile, from work to play, you name it, they have it! In additional, the shoes ain't just for ladies, the men are in for a treat too!

photo credits to CROCS

photo credits to CROCS

With over 300 styles of designs to choose from, every pair of Crocs shoes is made with Crocslite material which is the proprietary, closed cell resin material. This material is soft, non marking, odor-resistant, light and best of all, each pair of shoes conforms to your feet.

What I'm trying to say is, Crocs shoes are very comfortable to wear! Not only that, they are so stylish and easy to match: sandals, flats, covered shoes, heels, wedges, work shoes.

Watch this video of the Crocs fashion show:

Video credits to CROCS

I feel that my friends who were seated at the front rows in front of the stage made me feel more at ease. Thank you Fenny, Yingzi, Bro Leong, Jac Jac, Bro Ang, Kaye and the rest of the bloggers. 

Here's a shot taken with Bro Leong & Bro Ang that day.
Photo credits to Calvin Timothy Leong.

I was very surprised to receive my favourite sunflower & a bottle of honey candies from Silver zir personally! She was supposed to be in China for her DeniZen campaign! She told me later that her flight was delayed so she could come down to show her support.  



Sis was present too. She was seated with Zir.


New Crocs New You Mix&Match Mobile App

Download this app on iphone & android where you can virtually choose and try out your desired crocs shoes via this application!

Crocs wants you to have the tools and be ready for the Ultimate Makeover!




Choose from one of the option to get started:


When you clicked on 'catalog', you'll be able to take a look at the most updated Croc Shoes deisgns.


Click on the shoe to view more details and information.


Pose and snap a picture of yourself with the shoe to try it on!


Having a headache over which shoe to match with your outfit?
Try the 'mix & match' option!




Look at the suggestions which the app gave me; not bad!







Download download!

New Croc New You Makeover Contest


All you have to do is to:

1. Visit NCNY(New Crocs New You) website here.
2. Write in 500 words or less why you deserve to win this ultimate makeover.

You will be sent on a shopping spree with Kovit Ang where your NEW transformation will begin from head to toe. Don't worry about the money, you'll be given S$6000 worth of shopping spree vouchers!!

Shop until you drop!

The local winner will then take part in another regional makeover which entitles you to win a total makeover package worth USD8,000. If you are chosen, the finalist (one from each participating country) with the most votes will receive round trip tickets and accommodation in a city of your choice. 

For more information, visit
*Terms and conditions apply.