Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia Reality Singing Contest

You know what, your singing isn't just restricted in the bathroom anymore.
Here's your open door to becoming an overnight superstar.

BONUS: Trainings will be arranged for you if you're chosen!

About Academy Fantasia

Academy Fantasia is a popular and internationally singing contest + reality show first conceptualized in Mexico in year 2000. The finalists will be housed in a specially built academy monitored by close-circuit cameras and undergo 10 weeks of intensive training which include singing, dancing and acting lessons by well-known personalities.

Similarly, 14 finalists of Sunsilk Academy Fantasia in Singapore will be housed, trained and will pit against one another during weekly concerts held at Dragonfly Bar, St.James Power Station where contestants with the lowest votes will be eliminated. Results will be based on a 70-30 ratio:

70%: SMS Voting by the pubic
30%: Decided by a panel of judges

We can watch the makings of a star from start to finish!
The weekly concerts will be telecast too!


'LIVE' Telecast

For the first time ever, Academy Fantasia Channel will be made available on these platforms, bringing you LIVE 16 hours of exciting life within the academy(They are going to install CCTVs~) . :

~~~ Starhub TV
~~~ Simulcast of the Academy Fantasia Channel online on
~~~Starhub TV mobile
~~~ E City (Starhub TV Channel 111/825) will screen daily recaps, highlighting the best & funniest moments.

Watch more behind-the-scenes footages and contestants' blogs, want to know the latest gossips? Visit and follow their twitter, Finally, you can join in the discussions and share your thoughts using twitter hashtag: #AFSG.

Plus plus plus, there'll be a weibo account and Sunsilk Academy Fantasia APP for smartphone users at a later date!

Now that's what I call,  Engaging + Interactive!

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia AUDITIONS

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia is calling for auditions!

Venue: Square 2 Shopping Mall (Novena MRT Station)
Date: 19th & 20th May 2012
Age: 16 - 30

14 contestants will be selected to enter the finals.

Register for Audition priority queue here.

Prize for Winner of Sunsilk Academy Fantasia

2 year singing contract & recording album with reowned local record label, Ocean Butterflies Music + grooming under the wings of Ocean Butterflies Music.

For more information , visit

I'm already trembling with mix feelings, both excitement & fear. 
This is Sooooo tempting!


  1. Hi :) I tried clicking the link to register for the competition. But it says page not found. :/

  2. It's accessible from the desktop and laptop. Have you tried using that?

    1. Thanks! I tried accessing using my laptop. I guess it didn't work cos I used my phone :) thanks!

  3. jia youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! im all behind you!!!!!!!

  4. Can't wait when we can see you in the top 10!!! :D All the best!