Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I love C - POP.

I've always loved music, especially mandarin songs.
I have many favourite chinese songs(C-songs).

Since the day I remember, I'd beg my mum to switch on the radio instead of the television. My siblings and I will remember every song from TVCs and TV drama series. We'd sing them out loud at the back of the car during our family outings together.

Due to my young age however, I possess vague memories of the song titles and their actual lyrics. I'm trying to revive them all by searching on Youtube-- one links to another! Then, I'd tweet a part of the lyrics, the most meaningful parts. Click here to follow my Twitter timeline. These lyrics hold so much values and bring back so much nostalgic childhood, as well as teen-hood, memories.

I know very little about the genres of the songs, which era they are from, the generation difference. I know music as ONE.

I've heard discussions about the Xin Yao era, Japanese translated C-songs era, the four heavenly kings era, the R&B era... If you know any of these, feel free to leave comments or email me (mintmintLeong@gmail.com) and share the knowledge!

Someone told me that C-pop is no longer popular, that it is going nowhere but I beg to differ. With the advancement of technology, I conveniently realise that I'm not alone; friends are also posting C-songs youtube videos on their Facebook wall and Twitter timeline; more classic ones lately.

The other day I heard a classic C-song titled Childhood Lovers on FM958 on my way home in a cab. This song was written & composed by the singer himself, Zhou Zhi Ping, in 1990. I tweeted the 1st two lines of the chorus and to my utmost surprise, friends responded with more lines from the chorus until we had posted out the entire chorus!

The feeling is heartwarming.

This group of friends and I weren't the best of friends. Neither does any of them know each other. We either met through other friends, school or work separately. Overnight, this song became something we have in common; it means a whole lot more value to me, even more now.

Here's the awesome song:

I've been wanting to do this for the longest time: to share C-songs I've heard, known, loved, remembered.

At the beginning of every blog post from now on, ONE C-song will be shared with you. It can be:

  • a new learning experience for those who've never followed and listened to Chinese songs from the past to now. 
  • my very own C-songs collection before I forget their titles again. Also you'll learn to know the kind of songs I've been listening to since young. Can KTV~! 
  • bonding with C-Pop Lovers all across the world! *WAVE WAVE*
I'll include a new tab on my blog to store songs I've posted-- my database. 
*jumps over the moon*

On a lighter note, I'm really delighted to be the appointed VJ for a brand new Live C-Pop segment on www.liveomusic.com. Tune in every Thursday, 9pm to 10pm & listen to LIVE C-POP related performances. Read here to find out more about the mechanics of the show.

If you are a singer, dancer, band member who plays C-Pop related music, we welcome you on the show! Email to mintmintLeong@gmail.com to liaise.

Music has no boundaries. 
C-pop rocks!

Happy Labour Day!

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