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[Mint.Music.Journey] Best Model Of The World (SINGAPORE) 2013 at Pangae @ MBS

Best Model Of The World Singapore 2013

Best Model Of The World

The Best Model of the World contest is one of the few international contests for professional models in the world for men and women. It was established in 1987 by Mr. Erkan Ozerman who is the founder and owner of Best Model of the World.

Best Model of the World (Singapore) will see 12 male and 12 female models compete for 2 titles to represent Singapore in the Best Model of the World international contest held in Belgium, Brussels in November 2013.

Both winners walks away with S$1000 cash respectively, sponsored packages and services as well as a sponsored trip to Belgium, Brussels to participate in Best Model Of The World 2013 International Contest. In addition, there's a total of SGD $10,000 worth of Cash and Prizes to be won by all the contestants!

Best Model Of The World (SINGAPORE) 2013 Preview Show

Best Model Of The World (Singapore) 2013 Preview Show was held last Friday at Attica Too.

Guess who had the honour to host for the Preview Show?
And who get to spend time in the backstage with the hunks and babes?
Finally, guess who got to interview all the finalists?

You got it - Yours Truly.

PS: Major LOVE Elaine for giving me so much love.
This beautiful woman is the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 Panasonic Best Beauty Blog Winner wheeeee~! 

Photo Credits: ALL photographs are taken from Best Model Of The World (Singapore) Facebook Page.

Best Model Of The World 2013

The make up and hair of the day was done by:
School Of Make Up - Eleven and her teacher, Julia.

The event kicked off about 30minutes later than usual. By then, what a crowd! Attica Too was packed to the brim with party people in the house.

Best Model Of The World Singapore 2013

Best Model Of The World Singapore 2013

Don't ask me for my favourite contestant, I find them all fun-loving, especially when doing the dry run together. They had absolutely NO IDEA what kind of interview questions I would ask until the actual event.

While we were rehearsing, the question I posted to them was,"What's your name?"
They HAD TO answer it.


The preview show was also a pre-judging session for the audience to get to know the contestants better. At the same time,I thought it also acted as an excellent warming up session for the contestants to get used to answering impromptu questions from the host. Last but not least, I'm more prepared to meet and greet the contestants on stage for the finals!

Best Model Of The World 2013

Best Model Of The World 2013

Best Model Of The World 2013

Best Model Of The World (SINGAPORE) 2013 Grand Finals

Do join us for the Best Model Of The World (SINGAPORE) 2013 Grand FINALS at Pangea, Marina Bay Sands this coming Wednesday!

You will see all 24 finalists in casual, swimwear and formal wear.
Take photo with them and party with them all night long.

I'll also be in an evening gown that day.
Just did my fitting at Yvonne Creative Bridal Boutique and I can't wait!
My FIRST time wearing an evening gown to an event,


Hint Hint: The gown is going to be pinkish-purple. 

Best Model Of The World 2013

Event: Best Model Of The World (SINGAPORE) 2013
Date: 4th September 2013
Time: 9.15pm - 11.15pm
Venue: Pangea @MBS
Ticket Price: S$32
Facebook Event Page:

Visit Best Model Of The World (SINGAPORE) Facebook Page for more details.

I am thankful for all these opportunities and love.
Never-ending thank you thank you thank you!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Join the NEA Eco Music Challenge 2013

It's a song writing contest!

The National Environment Agency (NEA) will be organising its fourth Eco Music Challenge this year, and is calling for talented and passionate individuals or groups to submit their original music compositions online.

Submission Period: 5 August 2013 - 1 September 2013
Time extended to: 8th September 2013

The Eco Music Challenge is a national environmental song-writing competition to provide a platform for music talents of all ages to express their appreciation and support for the environment through music composition in any of the four main languages.

Developed as part of the Clean and Green Singapore (CGS) initiative, the Eco Music Challenge 2013 aims to inspire Singaporeans to care for and protect the environment through music. The selected winning song will be presented as the official theme song for CGS 2014 later this year.
Finalists Will Be Mentored by Music Professionals.

This year, NEA will also be partnering professional songwriters and music professionals like Dick Lee, Clement Chow, Shimona Kee and others for the mentorship programme where the twelve shortlisted participants will get a chance to undergo a comprehensive mentorship programme. This will include coaching sessions on making music, playing music, sharing music, personal styling, and showmanship.

The artistes and other industry players will lend their expertise during the personalised mentorship sessions to prepare finalists for the Grand Finale performance on 28 September 2013. The Grand Finale will see the shortlisted participants pit their skills against one another, and for the production of their final songs in the fourth Eco Music Album.

Apart from standing to win over $13,000 worth of cash prizes, shortlisted finalists will also have their winning entries compiled into a CD album. NEA will be partnering Warner Music, one of the world’s leading music publishers, to distribute the CD album at local retailers, as well as through their online distribution network. The winning entry will also get the opportunity to produce a music video, which will be widely marketed through various media channels.

Read up on ECO Music Challenge Rules And Regulation.

Interested participants, visit now!!!
Winning songs from previous years are also available at the same web link.

NEA Eco Music Challenge Official Facebook Page:

Do Your Part For A Greener and Cleaner place.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

WDA Music Career Program: Writing A Jingle, the final product! Part 2/2

This is a continued post about a given music assignment for our WDA Music Career Programme.

The given task was to create and produce a jingle for the song writing/music arranging course we are going through.

I only slept for about 2 - 3 hours everyday since Wednesday.
*My very serious eye bags*

=== Recap ===
My previous post was about project brainstorming, meeting my awesome team members up - Stephen and Kiah Gek, and giving you a brief idea of what a Jingle is.

By the way if you haven't been reading my blog OR missed the part I introduced our group name, we call ourselves YuMiPhen Productions which literally means 'Fish Bee Hoon'.



Let's move on to doing this video ad.

For this jingle + video assignment, YuMiPhen Productions decided to do a Stop Motion video advertisement.

A stop motion video is where you take many many (and I mean really many many many) photographs, then put and link them together into ONE video.


Kiah Gek and I did a FIRST version at Stephen's place, right after we complete writing the song together with the help of MinuteManSg.

Stephen immediately proceed to work on the music arrangement for the song.

Due to all the house lightings and reflective surfaces, we couldn't find a suitable place to do our filming and the best we found was under Stephen's dining table. Kiah Gek and I stayed that way for at least 2.5 hours while MinuteManSG took the photographs for us as we moved and drew objects on the blackboard.

YMP productions
Photo Credit: Kiah Gek

Our reference, a book with written song lyrics and solfege:
YMP productions

YMP productions

These numbers are the Do-re-mi-fa-so used in a Solfege script.
Take the first line "4 3 4 3 4 5", we interpret it as "Fa Mi Fa Mi Fa So".

Just so we'd remember how to sing our song later.

YMP productions

YMP productions

Props purchased from Daiso:

YMP productions
Photo Credit: Kiah Gek

YMP productions
Photo Credit: Kiah Gek

This mini microphone was a birthday present from my bestie, Kyel, 2 years ago:
YMP productions
Photo Credit: Kiah Gek

The Tripod was too small and the camera was too heavy that we had to tape it to a Pipa Gao Bottle *budget Film-making*

YMP productions

The 'mystery man' who was there the whole day, working things out, helping out with the project and even chipping in ideas!

Thank you so much, MinutemanSG:
YMP productions
Photo Credit: Kiah Gek

Take a look at some of the photographs we took for the stop motion video.
I like the colours:





Even after 2.5hours of photo-taking, we only managed to film only one part of the song.
There are a total of THREE parts: 2 verses and a chorus.

It was already 9.30pm by then and we took a quick dinner before we proceed to the vocal recording.

10.30PM: Stephen called us in to do the vocal recording after he's got the basic song arrangement ready.

Kiah Gek blogs at

Photo Credit: Kiah Gek

By 12.15AM, we called it a day and went back home respectively.


( T __ T ) 

I realised we made a MAJOR mistake the previous night!

We didn't calculate the timing and estimated the number of photographs we needed for each transition.
There was no storyboard (storyline) planned. We ended up with lack of photographs and story for the video. Also, Stephen included an intro and interlude which we didn't take into consideration, causing the whole video to stray out of the music timing.

YMP productions

This means we had to redo everything!

I spent my whole Sunday drawing a storyboard, plan out the shots while minutemanSG helped with the scene set up, hoping to stabilise the camera unlike the previous night while the shots kept shifting towards the left. Zzz….

YMP productions

See how MinuteManSG secured the camera by tying the tripod with sewing threads.
I used my Leopard print mini skirt as background fabric, own right?

YMP productions

Took about 400 photographs and short listed 200+ of them.
Our 58sec video ad is ready by 5AM~

Can't wait to see the final product, can you?

Take note of my microphone (birthday present from Kyel), my macbook from my Babyboy and my white ukelele, another birthday pressie from Fenny Hwang, Angie Chew and Conan Seow!

Here you go:
The end music was revised at least 4 times by Stephen himself.

Song Title: Will You Live Your Dream?

Produced by: YMP Productions

Song Composers/Lyricists:
Stephen Tong
Phan Kiah Gek
Colin Chang
Mint Leong

Phan Kiah Gek
Mint Leong

Music Arrangement and mix:
Stephen Tong

Phan Kiah Gek
Colin Chang
Mint Leong

Video Editing and Mix:
Mint Leong

Song Lyrics:

One (want), to make good music
Two, but we had no clue
Three hundred vibrant hours
Four (for) dreams to come true

One (want) to make a difference
Two, For love and passion
Three, that's who we want to be

Can you feel the colours, motifs make melody
Can you feel the music, enjoy the lyrics
Can you feel the story, as crazy as it seems
Will you Live your dream?

And here's Kiah Gek sharing this experience with you.


Friday, August 16, 2013

[Mint.Music.Journey] WDA Music Career Program: Writing a Jingle Part 1/2

It's one more month till my WDA Music Career Program (song writing) ends.


As much as I want to complete this course because there's so much commitment going on, I wish it wouldn't end because I won't be able to see my amazing classmates anymore!  *boohoohoo*

Please know that I'm so proud of every single one of them.
They made a huge difference in this society, daring to stand up and do what they love - Music.

Hopefully, all of us will make it into the music industry, which most of us already are.


Back in an academic school, everyone studies for the sake of getting an academic certificate, their parents, a 'good future'…

What's a 'good future' to you?

I don't know how my 'good future' will turn out to be.
But one thing I know for sure, I will not regret that I've ever tried to do music whilst I'm alive.

Here, my classmates and I study for pure passion, love and interest in music.
Here, the vibes are so positive.
Here, we have common goals in life.
Here, we all hope that one day, music can become our career.
We are Happy  (except when it comes to the financial part for now LOLX).

It is inspiring to be around anyone of them.

Even though we come from all walks of life,
we speak the same language - music and love.

I'm so blessed.

It's the final month.
I'm going to cherish it even more with all 40 of my freaking amazing classmates, collect little pieces of information about them and share with you just how amazing they are!

Two of them, Kiah Gek and Stephen, met up with me today.
We have decided to form a team for our upcoming assignment: to make an advertisement for our music career program. The three of us are thinking of coming up with a 30s - 1 min video about the course.

WDA music career program

Not as easy as it seems.
We have spent the entire afternoon brainstorming a full mahjong paper of ideas.

WDA music career program

WDA music career program

The most difficult part is to combine these ideas and write them into ONE jingle.

A jingle is a short tune/melody/song used in advertisements, particularly to promote its services/products.

1) You only have 30s to 1 min to convert ALL your message across.
2) The jingle has to be so catchy and attractive that when people hear it, they'll sing along with it or even take notice of the product when they see it outside.

For example the Jia Xiang Noodle advertisement that goes "Jia Xiang Jia Xiang Jia Xiang, Mian Mian Mian…" Everytime I walk past the stall at Jurong Point, I'll blurt out the jingle!

Here are some of my personal favourites.
My siblings and I used to know sing them all and even act them out!

This one, my younger sister sings it all the time:

This is an all-time classic.
I remembered on one family occasion where the adults threw us a performance task: to act out TV advertisements. The kids (we were young then) decided to role-play this one:

And how we'd always remember how wonderful Cadbury Chocolate is, a world of chocolate fantasy:

This is one of my favourite jingles, which is a proper song titled Sing it out loud.
They have a 3 minute plus MV which was shortened to 1.5minute and 30sec respectively for commercial use. So pro:

Who says "doing music" is improper and can't fetch you any income?

Who did these jingles then?

The lyricist and composer, the music arranger, the sound engineers, producer, publisher, sound effects-engineers etc. Aren't they professionals who "do music" for a living?

And what about teachers who teach musical instruments or/and vocals, band players, vocalists, back up vocalists, musicians, band instructors, music teachers, music academy teachers, voice-over talents, sound masters at movie-scenes?

There are plenty of job opportunities for our local music-makers, shall we not only think about one kind of job --to be a singer? If your child or better half is in love with music and hopes to path a career in this direction,  I strongly encourage you to show your support and understanding.

These are certainly jobs which require skills and professionalism. They can even fetch a decent income!

Anyway, while researching for jingles, we were brainstorming ideas for our ad too.

I'd like to show you random snippets of our brainstormed scribbles.
Personally find them quite interesting but they are really really super random.

You don't have to understand what we wrote.
Just know that A LOT A LOT A LOT of time and effort people have to spend on a 30sec advertisement and learn to appreciate these advertisements even more. Watch them and don't just switch channels please.

You don't have to buy the products, right?

Years later, I'd look back and smile at these …

Random photo 1: Coming up with a team name for credits.


FYI, Kiah Gek's mandarin name is Jia Yu.
We combined our names together and we got 'YuMiPhen', pronounced as 'Yu - Mi - Fen'.
It literally means 'Fish Bee Hoon' in mandarin!

This is crap but it's too catchy we HAD TO use it as our team name!

So it's confirmed, our team name is going to be YuMiPhen Productions, YMP Productions in short.
YMP sounds damn cool though.

More random photos: Lyrics spamming
WDA music career program

WDA music career program

Kiah Gek got so mind-blocked that she started drawing:
WDA music career program

Her interpretation of a 'music jungle' when we discussed about 'lost in a music jungle':
Music jungle

By 8pm BOTH of us were totally not discussing about the ad anymore but just stared blank.
It's so hard arghhhhhh!!!

Stephen's at home now waiting for our melody and he plans to do a music arrangement for it.
He's a piano instructor and we are collaborating to do more music performances together!

Life has indeed become so much more meaningful and fun, thanks to being able to work with like-minded classmates like Kiah Gek and Stephen.

This post is so random I know right.
It's not a review, an advertorial but really personal blogging yah?

I wonder how the final product will turn out to be but we'll do our best.

My life is


*Back to work*

Saturday, August 10, 2013

TRIAL Review (One Session) of POWERSLIM IMPACT Treatment at Spa Artisan

This phrase immediately caught my attention when I received an invitation mail from Spa Artisan,
"55 minutes of treatment = 5 hours of Gym!"


I have to try it out myself even if this is only one trial session.

The Spa Artisan

The Spa Artisan  at The Fullerton Hotel has launched The PowerSlim Studio which is First In Asia!

The Spa Artisan is one of the three spas under Aramsa Lifestyle Pte Ltd.
The other 2 outlets are:  The Garden Spa (Bishan Park) and Club Med Bintan Spa (Bintan Island)

I like how peaceful and calm once I stepped into Spa Artisan.
I'm a sucker for nature and some greenery was just what I needed before my music lesson starts at 6pm.

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

INBODY Analysis Report (30min, worth S$20)

Heidi did this total body assessment for me with a body analysis machine from Korea. The machine, as Heidi told me, is able to break down and analyse information of my body including fluids, fats, body circumference and more. It'll also be able to calculate for me how much weight, mass, fats, muscles and fluids I need to gain/lose!

I was surprised that the machine was also able to calculate my water retention index!

The machine is almost 99% accurate.

Using this analysis report, the therapists can better assess my needs and treatments required to get a better + healthier body.

Yes, Heidi highlight that their services are not just about slimming, diet but more importantly your health and wellness!

Here's a list of what this machine can measure: 

I'm a 52KG.

In summary, I need to lose 0.7KG of fats, gain 2.5kg more muscles and I have a good index of 0.333 water retention. Any amount over 0.5 means I need to lose fluid. My right arm is slightly bigger than my left so it'll help if I tone up my left muscles.

Oh yah, I told Heidi to leave my butt alone because I like how perky it is and we both laughed together! *heheehehe*

I hope to achieve an ideal weight of 48KG by the end of this year.
Heidi then advised and encouraged me that I'll be able to achieve my ideal weight with a healthy lifestyle in terms of sleeping/eating/exercise habits on top of their treatments.

A healthy lifestyle is essential and I was already working on it until I got my stomach flu.

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Height Measurement: I'm 1.58m, just in case you ask.
PowerSlim Impact review

Sweet-loving Heidi cleaning up the machine before we start the body analysis:
Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

PowerSlim Impact review

PowerSlim Impact review

I really like how meticulous their questionnaire is.

They'll ask questions like where I prefer to focus my treatments on - legs, abs, arms etc. One particular question I exceptionally like goes something like how I'd like my session to be with these following options to choose from: pampering, slimming, wellness, relaxation…

I chose pampering and relaxation so the therapists already have an idea beforehand that I wouldn't go for those intensive slimming treatment!

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

The Common Changing Room For Ladies

Very neat, clean, smells good and all the necessary toiletries are available.
I feel pampered. :)

The sauna and steam room is located in the Ladies as well.

Last but not least, we'll be leaving our belongings in the lockers provided here.

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

So Heng la, they gave me Locker 13, my favourite number!!!

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

PowerSlim IMPACT Session (75 minutes, worth S$298+)

Let's get my body toned up!

This Treatment Includes
  1. Relaxing Foot Soak
  2. Velvet Skin Prep on targeted area
  3. Stimulating IMPACT Therapy to obtain visible results
  4. Be surrounded by patented infrared and ionization technology to maximise comfort and effectiveness.
Instead of feeling that you're immediately being toasted in a oven, my therapist, Meri, led me through a gradual-warming and in-total-comfort treatment process.

We kickstart the treatment with a relaxing foot soak with lukewarm water + lavender-scented salt for about 5 minutes.

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

My shy Meri didn't want to be in any photos so here's a back view of her motherly figure. :)

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

This is it, the Powerslim Machine!

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

LIGHTS ON and you feel like you're sun-tanning.
Warm, comfortable, sleepy…

The adjustable bed brings you closer to the infrared heat.
You can always let your therapist knows your comfortable bed height should you feel too hot. She'll ask anyway. *smiles*

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

All these slimming treatment is working while I'm watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. on TV. Actually all these while I was wondering how come the TV didn't explode inside the PowerSlim machine when it's so warm!

PowerSlim Impact review

PowerSlim Impact review

PowerSlim Impact review

PowerSlim Impact review

2, Velvet Skin Prep on targeted area

Earlier on when doing my Inbody Analysis, I told Heidi that I'd like to tone up my arms, thighs and focus on my abs. Meri has been told what I'd like to do and she applied the Valvet Skin cream on those targeted areas for even better results!

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

More sun-tanning wohoooo!!!

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Last but not least, adhesive electro pads are placed over my abs to deliver electrical impulses which will help stimulate the nerves and cause the muscle to contract. You can adjust the power of these current so have absolutely no fear because it's PAINLESS!

It's a feeling like those head massagers behind placed around your bellies; comfortable.

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

How Does the Impact Therapy Works

  • Adhesive electrode pads that are placed over specific areas of the body to deliver electrical impulses stimulate the nerves and cause the muscles to contract.
  • The stimulation of the muscle by the electrical current creates a significant energy demand on the muscles so surrounding fat cells are burned for energy.
  • Stimulation also agitates the fat cells causing release of toxins and reduction of cellulite.
  • In addition, the deep muscle stimulation helps tighten and tone the skin and improve circulation.
  • The treatment is safe and non-invasive

Back to my show!

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

I perspired and was given a towel to wipe.
I felt thirsty and Meri got me a drink.
My legs felt too warm and Meri covered it with a towel.

Thank you for being there for me throughout, Meri!

The Results!

My body was coated with mild redness (it's the healthy kind) but it subsided after about an hour or so.
I felt good because it was like I've just finished sun-tanning and rejuvenated after a nap.

Maybe it's psychological because I felt lighter after letting out so much perspiration!

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

I was led to to the waiting lounge where I could enjoy some tea and sesame-crisped biscuits.

PowerSlim Impact review

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

I wondered where to buy these.
They are delicious!
PowerSlim Impact review

PowerSlim Impact review

The session is so comfortable and pampering.

But if you want to feel like you really WANT to work out and sweat it out, have a go on the PowerSlim Gym!

PowerSlim Boost (30min, S$118+)

30minutes of workout = 5 Hours Of Exercise.
Exercise + Triple-strength Infrared Heat = More effective workout!

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

I feel so energised and ready for class, GO!

Spa artisan power slim impact treatment

Read about PowerSlim Technology by clicking HERE.

By the way, I notice PowerSlim deals on those online best deals website. If you read blogs especially MINE,  I think you've just gotten the BEST AND CHEAPEST DEAL HERE! Muahahahahaha

Exclusive Deals for MintLeong.SG Blog Readers

Call 6423 1382 and quote to book your personal Free Body Composition Analysis Composition Report which includes body fat percentage, metabolic rate analysis and more!

PowerSlim $98nett Trial
Be the First in Asia to experience our PowerSlim IMPACT treatment at The Spa Artisan (The Fullerton Hotel) "55mins is equivalent to 5 hours in the Gym"

You'll get what I went through.
Treatment Includes
• Relaxing Foot Soak
• Velvet Skin Prep on targeted area
• Stimulating IMPACT Therapy to obtain visible results
• Be surrounded by patented infrared and ionization technology to maximise comfort and effectiveness
• En suite Bath Facilities provided

75mins = $98nett (U.P. $298+)

Terms and Conditions

  • Spa Reservation required, please call 6423 1382 and quote “Impact First Time Trial after Reading Mint Leong's Blog”
  • To purchase spa vouchers for PowerSlim First Time Trial, log on to - comes with free registered mail delivery
  • Redemption valid all day excluding eve of Public Holiday and Public Holiday
  • Valid for first time customers for PowerSlim Impact only


Be the First in Asia to witness the launch of the PowerSlim Studio at The Fullerton Hotel
Find out more about the revolutionary technology as well as explore our exciting range of products and services from our Power)FIT( Programme

Date: 24th Aug, Saturday
Time: 11am – 4pm
Venue: The Straits Room, Level 4
The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Get a 7-days complimentary trial pass to Pure Fitness when you join us on the 24th August.
Sample innovative calorie-controlled dishes and beverages, and bring home a welcome goodie bag if you are amongst our first 100 guests.

Stand a chance to win a One Night Weekend Stay in the Quay Room with American Buffet Breakfast for 2 persons at The Fullerton Hotel

Kindly RSVP to by 14 August with your name, mobile number and no of pax attending. Mail Subject: MintLeong.Sg Blog: The IMPACT Launch Party

Facebook Contest on Spa Artisan Facebook Page

Spa Artisan is giving away a FREE PowerSlim Trial

Like and Share their Promo to win a Free PowerSlim First Time Trial

- Like our Facebook Page , Asmara Lifestyle
- Like and Share the PowerSlim Album and comment “ 55mins = 5 hours in a gym! PowerSlim Exclusively at @AsmaraLifestyle”
- Winner will be announced on their facebook page