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WDA Music Career Program: Writing A Jingle, the final product! Part 2/2

This is a continued post about a given music assignment for our WDA Music Career Programme.

The given task was to create and produce a jingle for the song writing/music arranging course we are going through.

I only slept for about 2 - 3 hours everyday since Wednesday.
*My very serious eye bags*

=== Recap ===
My previous post was about project brainstorming, meeting my awesome team members up - Stephen and Kiah Gek, and giving you a brief idea of what a Jingle is.

By the way if you haven't been reading my blog OR missed the part I introduced our group name, we call ourselves YuMiPhen Productions which literally means 'Fish Bee Hoon'.



Let's move on to doing this video ad.

For this jingle + video assignment, YuMiPhen Productions decided to do a Stop Motion video advertisement.

A stop motion video is where you take many many (and I mean really many many many) photographs, then put and link them together into ONE video.


Kiah Gek and I did a FIRST version at Stephen's place, right after we complete writing the song together with the help of MinuteManSg.

Stephen immediately proceed to work on the music arrangement for the song.

Due to all the house lightings and reflective surfaces, we couldn't find a suitable place to do our filming and the best we found was under Stephen's dining table. Kiah Gek and I stayed that way for at least 2.5 hours while MinuteManSG took the photographs for us as we moved and drew objects on the blackboard.

YMP productions
Photo Credit: Kiah Gek

Our reference, a book with written song lyrics and solfege:
YMP productions

YMP productions

These numbers are the Do-re-mi-fa-so used in a Solfege script.
Take the first line "4 3 4 3 4 5", we interpret it as "Fa Mi Fa Mi Fa So".

Just so we'd remember how to sing our song later.

YMP productions

YMP productions

Props purchased from Daiso:

YMP productions
Photo Credit: Kiah Gek

YMP productions
Photo Credit: Kiah Gek

This mini microphone was a birthday present from my bestie, Kyel, 2 years ago:
YMP productions
Photo Credit: Kiah Gek

The Tripod was too small and the camera was too heavy that we had to tape it to a Pipa Gao Bottle *budget Film-making*

YMP productions

The 'mystery man' who was there the whole day, working things out, helping out with the project and even chipping in ideas!

Thank you so much, MinutemanSG:
YMP productions
Photo Credit: Kiah Gek

Take a look at some of the photographs we took for the stop motion video.
I like the colours:





Even after 2.5hours of photo-taking, we only managed to film only one part of the song.
There are a total of THREE parts: 2 verses and a chorus.

It was already 9.30pm by then and we took a quick dinner before we proceed to the vocal recording.

10.30PM: Stephen called us in to do the vocal recording after he's got the basic song arrangement ready.

Kiah Gek blogs at

Photo Credit: Kiah Gek

By 12.15AM, we called it a day and went back home respectively.


( T __ T ) 

I realised we made a MAJOR mistake the previous night!

We didn't calculate the timing and estimated the number of photographs we needed for each transition.
There was no storyboard (storyline) planned. We ended up with lack of photographs and story for the video. Also, Stephen included an intro and interlude which we didn't take into consideration, causing the whole video to stray out of the music timing.

YMP productions

This means we had to redo everything!

I spent my whole Sunday drawing a storyboard, plan out the shots while minutemanSG helped with the scene set up, hoping to stabilise the camera unlike the previous night while the shots kept shifting towards the left. Zzz….

YMP productions

See how MinuteManSG secured the camera by tying the tripod with sewing threads.
I used my Leopard print mini skirt as background fabric, own right?

YMP productions

Took about 400 photographs and short listed 200+ of them.
Our 58sec video ad is ready by 5AM~

Can't wait to see the final product, can you?

Take note of my microphone (birthday present from Kyel), my macbook from my Babyboy and my white ukelele, another birthday pressie from Fenny Hwang, Angie Chew and Conan Seow!

Here you go:
The end music was revised at least 4 times by Stephen himself.

Song Title: Will You Live Your Dream?

Produced by: YMP Productions

Song Composers/Lyricists:
Stephen Tong
Phan Kiah Gek
Colin Chang
Mint Leong

Phan Kiah Gek
Mint Leong

Music Arrangement and mix:
Stephen Tong

Phan Kiah Gek
Colin Chang
Mint Leong

Video Editing and Mix:
Mint Leong

Song Lyrics:

One (want), to make good music
Two, but we had no clue
Three hundred vibrant hours
Four (for) dreams to come true

One (want) to make a difference
Two, For love and passion
Three, that's who we want to be

Can you feel the colours, motifs make melody
Can you feel the music, enjoy the lyrics
Can you feel the story, as crazy as it seems
Will you Live your dream?

And here's Kiah Gek sharing this experience with you.


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