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[Mint.Music.Journey] WDA Music Career Program: Writing a Jingle Part 1/2

It's one more month till my WDA Music Career Program (song writing) ends.


As much as I want to complete this course because there's so much commitment going on, I wish it wouldn't end because I won't be able to see my amazing classmates anymore!  *boohoohoo*

Please know that I'm so proud of every single one of them.
They made a huge difference in this society, daring to stand up and do what they love - Music.

Hopefully, all of us will make it into the music industry, which most of us already are.


Back in an academic school, everyone studies for the sake of getting an academic certificate, their parents, a 'good future'…

What's a 'good future' to you?

I don't know how my 'good future' will turn out to be.
But one thing I know for sure, I will not regret that I've ever tried to do music whilst I'm alive.

Here, my classmates and I study for pure passion, love and interest in music.
Here, the vibes are so positive.
Here, we have common goals in life.
Here, we all hope that one day, music can become our career.
We are Happy  (except when it comes to the financial part for now LOLX).

It is inspiring to be around anyone of them.

Even though we come from all walks of life,
we speak the same language - music and love.

I'm so blessed.

It's the final month.
I'm going to cherish it even more with all 40 of my freaking amazing classmates, collect little pieces of information about them and share with you just how amazing they are!

Two of them, Kiah Gek and Stephen, met up with me today.
We have decided to form a team for our upcoming assignment: to make an advertisement for our music career program. The three of us are thinking of coming up with a 30s - 1 min video about the course.

WDA music career program

Not as easy as it seems.
We have spent the entire afternoon brainstorming a full mahjong paper of ideas.

WDA music career program

WDA music career program

The most difficult part is to combine these ideas and write them into ONE jingle.

A jingle is a short tune/melody/song used in advertisements, particularly to promote its services/products.

1) You only have 30s to 1 min to convert ALL your message across.
2) The jingle has to be so catchy and attractive that when people hear it, they'll sing along with it or even take notice of the product when they see it outside.

For example the Jia Xiang Noodle advertisement that goes "Jia Xiang Jia Xiang Jia Xiang, Mian Mian Mian…" Everytime I walk past the stall at Jurong Point, I'll blurt out the jingle!

Here are some of my personal favourites.
My siblings and I used to know sing them all and even act them out!

This one, my younger sister sings it all the time:

This is an all-time classic.
I remembered on one family occasion where the adults threw us a performance task: to act out TV advertisements. The kids (we were young then) decided to role-play this one:

And how we'd always remember how wonderful Cadbury Chocolate is, a world of chocolate fantasy:

This is one of my favourite jingles, which is a proper song titled Sing it out loud.
They have a 3 minute plus MV which was shortened to 1.5minute and 30sec respectively for commercial use. So pro:

Who says "doing music" is improper and can't fetch you any income?

Who did these jingles then?

The lyricist and composer, the music arranger, the sound engineers, producer, publisher, sound effects-engineers etc. Aren't they professionals who "do music" for a living?

And what about teachers who teach musical instruments or/and vocals, band players, vocalists, back up vocalists, musicians, band instructors, music teachers, music academy teachers, voice-over talents, sound masters at movie-scenes?

There are plenty of job opportunities for our local music-makers, shall we not only think about one kind of job --to be a singer? If your child or better half is in love with music and hopes to path a career in this direction,  I strongly encourage you to show your support and understanding.

These are certainly jobs which require skills and professionalism. They can even fetch a decent income!

Anyway, while researching for jingles, we were brainstorming ideas for our ad too.

I'd like to show you random snippets of our brainstormed scribbles.
Personally find them quite interesting but they are really really super random.

You don't have to understand what we wrote.
Just know that A LOT A LOT A LOT of time and effort people have to spend on a 30sec advertisement and learn to appreciate these advertisements even more. Watch them and don't just switch channels please.

You don't have to buy the products, right?

Years later, I'd look back and smile at these …

Random photo 1: Coming up with a team name for credits.


FYI, Kiah Gek's mandarin name is Jia Yu.
We combined our names together and we got 'YuMiPhen', pronounced as 'Yu - Mi - Fen'.
It literally means 'Fish Bee Hoon' in mandarin!

This is crap but it's too catchy we HAD TO use it as our team name!

So it's confirmed, our team name is going to be YuMiPhen Productions, YMP Productions in short.
YMP sounds damn cool though.

More random photos: Lyrics spamming
WDA music career program

WDA music career program

Kiah Gek got so mind-blocked that she started drawing:
WDA music career program

Her interpretation of a 'music jungle' when we discussed about 'lost in a music jungle':
Music jungle

By 8pm BOTH of us were totally not discussing about the ad anymore but just stared blank.
It's so hard arghhhhhh!!!

Stephen's at home now waiting for our melody and he plans to do a music arrangement for it.
He's a piano instructor and we are collaborating to do more music performances together!

Life has indeed become so much more meaningful and fun, thanks to being able to work with like-minded classmates like Kiah Gek and Stephen.

This post is so random I know right.
It's not a review, an advertorial but really personal blogging yah?

I wonder how the final product will turn out to be but we'll do our best.

My life is


*Back to work*

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  1. Awesome pics and I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and time into the stuff you post!! Thumbs up!