Saturday, October 29, 2011

[Sponsored] Jill Lowe International, Professional Image Consultancy

This gift is truly god-send from above!

I was very troubled over the path I chose earlier this year-- stepping into the media industry.

In this world, it is THAT crude.
People here say you need the X-factor.

Sad to say, I do not possess a sharp nose, pearly straight white teeth, a petite face or even ultra slim  model-like figure. As a matter of fact, I know I'm just a plain Jane. And I know very well that in this media industry, everyone is extraordinary, one way or another.


This mandarin quote simply means that there are no woman too ugly in this world; probably just too lazy to do anything about her appearance. So this year, I began picking up basic skincare knowledge from attending various beauty events for my blog. On top of that, dearest Trixy aka Quentria, ,a japanese-style-inspired beauty blogger, offered to teach me basic makeup and recently, I began to pay more attention to what I wear instead of just the typical style: T-shirt, shorts and slippers. At least, I don't have to spend up to a minimum sum of $40 doing makeovers for functions.

It is essential to look after your skin & body so that it's healthy-- the clean look. Personal grooming affects the way people look at you. I can't find a correct explanation why this is so. I just know, through my personal feelings, that I feel comfortable around friends who are well-groomed, positive in life, cheerful. Humans are naturally attracted to happy vibes, don't you think so?

I'll give you an idea.

Do you prefer me to look like this when we hang out together:

(not photoshop-ed)

Or like this:

(not photoshop-ed either)

It's obvious, isn't it?

Clean looking aside. So why is it that some people, clean or ragged-looking, pretty face or not, have this appealing factor (known as X-factor) which stands out from the crowd and people turn their attention to them so easily?

I was at Jill Lowe International last week.

In 1985, Ms Jill Lowe started Colorays Beauty Image Consultants, empowering ordinary women to pursue success while preserving their true beauty by letting these women acquire fine values as well as personal presentation skills. It expanded to cater men and corporations to enhance their corporate culture.

Established in 1991, make up products and skin care were then researched on and developed. This marked the birth of the new product brand JILL LOWE for the company.

26 years later, the company continues to expand its experience and market size in the area continuous education, service and retail operations to set new boundaries; possessing a sincere passion to share with others on grooming standards for individuals and corporation to maximize the returns on their talents.

Presently, a new series of programmes have been designed to meet YOUR new lifestyle of careers and social pursuits. "Presence communications" is a reinvented series of programs that will equip YOU (of this modern era) with the skills needed to scale new heights in their careers.



I guess there's only one explanation to this X factor issue afterall:
Presence communications

There are silent messages transmitted through our actions, our fashion choices and our vocal communications. You won't know it. Within 5 secs, the messages are actually interpreted by those around us and a perceived presence is formed in their minds; we term this as "first impression".

Our ability to present, convey, persuade and influence is vital to effective communications. Our presence is one capital asset which cannot be taken away, irreplaceable by others and definitely not to be neglected. It often does though, and you should be aware of such negligence. The reason being, a convincing, confident visual presentation provides lasting advantages which supports your path towards greater aspirations and excellence. Especially in my case; singing, acting and hosting!

~The 2 Hours Colour Dynamics Seminar~

Last Thursday, I attended their 2 Hours Colour Dynamics Seminar by Trainer, Gwen Goh. Like I say, this gift is truly god-send from above!

The seminar is about choosing and wearing the right colours at the right time for both MEN AND WOMEN . Discover the psychology of colours and the impact it has on our looks and emotions. What I like about this seminar is how Gwen shares both theoretical and practical advice which can be easily digested, precise and personal.

Other similar courses I have gone through only addresses colours in GENERAL; this seminar gives you MORE.

I have attended communications and design modules during my poly years. I know very well how colours can easily provoke one's emotions and senses. I studied how the different colours match different occupations. For instance, white makes you think of nurses, lawyers, red is usually linked up with celebrities performing on stage, green and blue colours is more suitable for banking and accounts companies because these colours represents trust. Even buying different flowers of different colours suggests different hidden messages.

Young children are especially sensitive towards colours. I guess we kind of lose it as we grow up due to environmental and other external factors.

You know, all the general stuff.

Now here's something new I learnt from the seminar:
Wearing the right colour clothings for the right reason makes MONEY. 

$$$ $$$ <-- I don't have to spell this out again, do I?

Yes, what you wear can other attract people or turn people off. Your first impression is vital in business deals and events, even towards your partners.

Now I'm not going to pen down everything Gwen has taught the class that day. But I can tell you, it is definitely VERY beneficial and fulfilling. Be surprised at how much knowledge she shares with her class.



Let me just write down, in point form, some interesting facts she mentioned:

  • Humans perceived 55% visually, 38% vocally and 7% knowledgeable. We get more comfortable with you by SEEING you first, then we hear you before finally listening to what you have to say. Remember the first impression of your school teachers? Those relieved teachers are the ones who never fail to catch your attention because they are young with pretty voices. 
  • Always have something white in your wardrobe. It can be a shirt, shorts, pants but a jacket will be the best, because white colour possess all primary colours. It represents honesty & purity. The tip is, wearing white or light colours on your first interview or first date leaves an impact for the other party.
  • One doesn't have to wear black all the time to look slim. 
  • Matching your bottom with your shoe colour makes you looks taller. Matching your top with your shoe colour makes you look shorter!
  • BLACK & WHITE comes in different shades. Get it, Men? In this case, ladies have wider colour spectrum.
That day, I learnt things way beyond these facts and statistics. 

We played little games:

It's scintillating to watch how Gwen changes her blazers to different colours in which she includes role-playing of different characters. It proves even more just how much a colour can change the look of a person. In fact, she doesn't have to say anything. Changing the colour of her blazers right in front of my eyes already tells me so much.



We don't just try the colours on Gwen.

When a male blogger ask her him wearing a white tie, Gwen invited him up to try it out for himself.

During the seminar, I sat at the very back. What I saw were shaking and nodding heads from everyone else as the colours changed. Colours cannot deceive a human eye.




As the seminar went on, Gwen invited more friends up as she shared tips about wearing the right colours.




This is James, a jovial blogger from Living In Singapore Today. Thank you so much for inviting me to this wonderful seminar!

There was a tea-break before Gwen continued to share with us the seasons of colours and our respective season/seasons suitability.








Look at how she helped Cheryl and me 'decode' our season suitability.
Amazingly proven and I know what colour clothings suit me best now!

Cheryl is suitable for autumn colours while I'm both a spring and winter-coloured person, direct opposites of Cheryl. (probably that's why we attract?) Wearing colours which are not suitable for us makes us look older, boring and even unattractive.

It was then that both of us realized we were buying clothings of the opposite colours all along. Let's exchange wardrobes, Cheryl!

This is Cheryl Tay.






That not-convinced look until I look at the pictures again.

Thank God I'm VERY suitable for Red, and I'm talking about different shades of red!

Not only that, Ms Marion Neubonner also shares her knowledge about human peak performance. She is a professional learning specialist with an applied psychologist and researcher from a human development and training background. She took her masters from Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA. 

Read more about her profile here.



I really love her presentation but I love speaking to her even more.
Thank you for your motivation, Ms Marion!

Last but not least, we got to meet Ms Jill Lowe herself!
You won't believe her age when she tells you!



You know, I left this happy place with a precious gift from Gwen, pics taken with happy friends and a mind full of new knowledge and inspirations!



Here's Cheryl.

And my dearest Yingzi!

Mint Leong transforms into a better person; in progress.
Anyone can be beautiful!


Don't you wish to know your colour season and get some tips too?

I'm inviting the FIRST 5 readers, regardless of your age please, to the next 2 hours Dynamic Colours Seminar(worth $88) for FREE. Experience it all for yourself!

It's for both guys and girls!
You need NOT have to be a blogger.
All you have to do is to RSVP to this blog entry by leaving a comment below, tell me the name of this seminar and how much it cost by 3rd November, Thursday. Don't forget to leave your email address too.

What: 2 Hours Dynamic Colours Seminar
Date: 22nd November 2011, Tuesday
Time: 7pm to 9pm.
Location: 328 North Bridge Road, Raffles Hotel Arcade #02-37 S188719

Thank you, Jill Lowe International!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

REDUX Project Green Room by Heineken

Who says you can't sing LIVE for disco music, Jamie Woon did. Everyone in the house nodded in agreement the moment his music came on. I shall leave the photos to do the speaking, you know how a disco party is like: music, dance, drink, music, dance & drink again.



My favourite place at the location, the smoking area; because of its design.





The test subjects:




I've uploaded the rest of my photographs onto my Facebook Page. Click on this to view:

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

REDUX: Project Green Room By Heineken


The Heineken Green Room 

 A room at 15 Stadium Link is constantly striving to discover, and create the latest sounds and music experiences. In a place like this, the essence of music is re-engineered and fuses machine and man, music and soul together in a new life with a new sound. Heineken Green Room events have featured the likes of Thievery Corporation, Peter Kruder, Moderat, Gaslamp Killer, Caribou and Nosaj Thing, running since 2002.

 A by-invite only event, Heineken Green Room members are invited to join as test subjects in their launch experiment to create the future of music, with their most revered prototypes:

Jamie Woon & Ikonika in the house!

DJ Ikonika

How do you express yourself freely in just beats & patterns of music?
Here, Ikonika is a genius!

With her brilliant debut release 'Please', Ikonika firmly established her place in the Dubstep landscape. As an in-demand DJ, her sets showcase the constantly mutating underground sounds of the UK, spanning from the freshest Dubstep and Funky dubplates to the classic foundations of House and Garage.

Doesn't matter that this DJ is a girl; she blew me away with her remixes. 
They say girls are more sensitive creatures on earth. 
I believe so.

Can you FEEL her?


 Love this most!


This is so unlike those electronic music I've heard. Her music is so upbeat, groovy that you'd want to move your body. I feel myself being sucked into her world, clicking on her YouTube links one after another.

Just make me wanna dance & sway myself away, yo ah yo, yo ah yo...

This informative website about Project Green Room is one of the COOLEST!
You have to be above 18years of age to log in.

Left me breatheless.

Monday, October 17, 2011

[SingTel] Win a $10,000 CASH prize & a hosting contract?

Ladies in the house, have you ever dream of being a host for a brand new YouTube Channel? Guys, do you know any of your girl friends who might be interested?

Well, that dream might just come true!

SingTel is on the search for their next Social Media Star and the winner will walk away with a $10,000 cash prize and a contract to host the new weekly YouTube programme that will be introduced at the end of this year.

The weekly programme will showcase the latest in consumer technologies, local news and events, as well as content aimed at engaging social media users.  More details of the YouTube programme will be made available at launch.

The Social Media Casting Call is open to ANYONE as long as you are:
  • A Singapore or Permanent Resident.
  • A Female
  • Above 18 years old

The casting call will be run on SingTel’s Facebook page from October 15 to November 8 2011. If you or any of your girl friends is/are interested, log on to SingTel's Facebook page, ‘LIKE’ it, then click on the 'SingTel Casting Call' tab to register!

Submit a photo, short video introduction, and bio of yourself to enter this contest. The length of your video should NOT exceed 3 minutes. Here's the contest trailer for more information:

Annex 1 - Casting Call Selection Process
$10,000 CASH Prize + A hosting contract is waiting for you, Social Media Star! 

I was at Halo Lounge on top of Wangz Hotel for the briefing of this contest. It's such a cosy place and to think I miss it even though I've passed by several times! Situated along Outram Road, Wangz Hotel is less than a 5-minute walk away from Outram MRT Station, convenient or not you say!






Malibu Pineapple, very few places can mix this well. Halo Lounge just did; so much so I had to have 3 glasses.

The view at the top was breath-taking.








It was a great night chilling out with Tech Bloggers like DK, Victor, Justin Ng, Justin Lee, Dennis, Ridz and Lester. Not to forget about SuperAdrianMe and I met Amanda Val for the first time! This is also my first time staying late into the night after an event, I'm talking about pass 1AM; where the bloggers just sat around, chit chatting. There were just too much to talk about!

We were sharing pointers on how we may improve blog templates, the latest and coolest tech gadgets, interesting encounters, upcoming movies, about Steve Jobs, scary stories... We can rattle on and on.  

Who says bloggers are introverts and haters who keep to our own world?! 

I can proudly say that we can mingle faster and warm up to conversations much faster than my relatives visiting on Chinese New Year. Most of us have no problem initiating a 'hi' and strike conversations with one another at ease. 

More meet ups PLEASE!!!