Monday, October 10, 2011

Latest Addiction: McDonalds Monopoly Game, Warehouse Sales,

New things, New In.

McDonalds Monopoly Game is running for its 3rd year from now till 2nd November 2011.  This year, however, it guarantees that ALL prizes will be won!

And how many prizes are there to be won?
There are over 3 million prizes up for grabs!


It's THE talking point now!

Friends will be flashing out their 'monopoly boards', the traymats of McDonalds, and strike discussions about it.

Caption: Wee Rong & Kyel showing me their crumpled board game at Marina Square.

It's brilliant of Mcdonalds to think of such idea:
To transform its traymats into a game board, then give TWO game labels in the form of peel-off stickers
to customers for every extra value meal purchased at any Mcdonalds Restaurants in Singapore.

Boyfriend's sister ordered 4 McBreakfast extra value meals last Saturday morning but we didn't get any  game labels.

*DEPRESS. We would have 8 more chances to get that Orchard Road!*

Girlfriend: "So what shall we eat for dinner?"
Boyfriend: "McDonalds!"

Thank God I can order cup-corn and Chicken McGrill Salad Value Meal. The whole world, Twitterville I mean,  knows I'm on a mission to lose a minimum of 7kg by the end of this October. Now you know it too.

On a lighter note, I've lost 2kg!

I can't deny that it's partially because I'm down with a sick-combo: fever, sore throat, block nose and cough, for the past 4 days.


Count the number of game labels which I've got from buying 2 extra value meals on a Sunday.  We should've gotten only 4. At first we thought how fortunate it was that the staff gave us 4 extra game labels by mistake.

Then, upon closer reading of the instructions, we realize the staff did not give them out by mistake. Customers actually receive DOUBLE the number of labels for their extra value meal purchases on weekends and public holidays!

There are 3 ways to win the McDonald's Monopoly game:
1) Collect To Win
2) Instant Win
3) Chance Card (NEW!)

1) Collect To Win

The game labels are peel-off stickers. Collect and stick them onto your game board and easily see what you have won! If you already have some of the stickers, please do not throw them away yet. Some of your other friends/colleagues might need them so you can exchange your stickers with them anyway.

Sharing is wealth.
The kind always gets a reward after that!




Oh yeah! I've got a new label!




Orchard Road, I'm waiting for you, wherever you are!

I don't mind Sentosa Cove too for that $80 000 cash!

Here's an line-up of "Collect To Win" Prizes:

  • 1 X S$80,000 cash (Grand Prize)
  • 1 X Volkswagen Touran 1.4 TSI
  • 1 X Holiday for 4 to Atlanta (USA) + $3,000 cash
  • 1 X Holiday for 2 to Prague
  • 20 X MacBook Air
  • 45 X Flowriding for 2 at Wave House Sentosa
  • 150 X $200 dENiZENTM Voucher
  • 200 X  $100 WE Cinemas Movie Card

2) Instant Win


McDonalds has prepared close to 3 million 'Instant Win' Prizes to be won and these can be redeemed at any participating McDonalds restaurants or their partner retail outlets. Prizes include:

  • McDonalds menu items (I've got Fillet-o-Fish & 6pc McNUGGETS)
  • McDonalds miniatures collector Sets (6 pcs/set)
  • Volkswagen Bobby Cars for toddlers
  • $20 off $50 minimum spend on VW Merchandise
  • $30 dENiZEN Vouchers
  • 1 for 1 Flowrides at Wave House Sentosa
  • $8 WE Cinemas Weekend Movie Tickets

3) Chance Card


For the first time ever, McDonald’s is introducing a new ‘Chance Card’ label which gives an instant prize of $100 in cash, plus an entry into a Grand ‘Chance Card’ Draw to be held at Clarke Quay on 15 December, where all unwon prizes will be given away.


Bubble's anticipating next to us as we were peeling the stickers. Do you want to play too?

Apart from the Mcdonald's Monopoly Game, Jackie is always aware of recent and upcoming warehouse Sales. Chanced upon on newspapers and TV commercial ads, you'll see Jackie and I taking trips down to these warehouse sales.

From my personal experience, although there are cases where it'd be flocked with foreign talents and pushy people, the security and system in the recent years have improved so much:

  • Guards will be at the entrance to maintain the crowd.
  • Sufficient Cashier counters with Q-poles
  • You may pay by credit cards in most warehouse sales. Even when there's not, expect NETS transactions.
  • One way flow to manage big crowds. Like Ikea. You just have to keep walking.
  • Plenty of freebies to give away. Buy this, get that and NOT gift VOUCHERS though, hurray!
  • Items are way more than 50% off!

Things to look out for at warehouse sales:

  • If there's a catalogue, grab it and browse it through first. Then you'll know just what you want and keep a look-out for it.
  • Stocks packed and labelled incorrectly. Especially shoes sizes. Shoes are usually not in their correct boxes. For instance, you'll find a pair of size 8 shoes in a size-9 shoe box.
  • No fitting Rooms. What I do is I'll wear it over (very 'auntie' but that's the only way)
  • Items not beautifully/neatly packed. The cashier will dump all your loot into an enormous plastic bag. Then locked the bag up with a plastic strap and give it back to you
  • Good stuff all over the place! Forget about directory & signboards. They don't work in warehouse sales. Even if there are, the items are already all over the place. If it's the right size and quality-checked by yourself, just TAKE it. Otherwise, somebody else will
  • Items available are already on display. You can ask for assistance. Chances are, what you see is what you get.
  • Some warehouse are really inaccessible. Just take a cab from the nearest MRT station. Best if you drive. Most of these warehouse sales comes with enough parking lots for everyone.

There's one we went last December; the Akira Warehouse Sale. I don't usually take photos when I'm at the warehouse sale. I'm busy looking for cheap deals!

Two weeks back, we went to a Sookee Warehouse sale at Kaki Bukit and got my proposal ring! The original price of the ring was almost $6000. We manage to get it for a real steal, about a 70% slash! Not only that, the ring comes with a Quartz watch worth $169 and a pair of earrings worth $69. (Pictures to be updated)




I look so FAT please!



It was such a pleasant trip with friendly staff, air-con room, little crowd, a lot of discounts!!!


Then yesterday, I went ITE College West in Choa Chu Kang for another Sale. Jackie saw the shout-out on papers. I was coughing like mad in the air-con room because I was still sick. But that wasn't enough to keep me away from a warehouse sale so near to where I stay!

The warehouse sale is until tomorrow!
ITE students gets additional 20% discount on top of the discount given!



The original price of the trackpants was $99. It's sold for only $20!


See, my loot. I paid less than $100 for everything. If I were to get them at boutiques, they'll add up to a total cost of almost $300.

Keep your eyes open for shout-outs on warehouse sales. Some companies hold them to clear stock or to create brand attention. Items are cheaper than retail prices also because they come in plain packaging(just a plastic bag) or even no package/box/wrappers at all. In fact, these are really good items to begin with.

Warehouse Sale =/= purely rejected products

Before I end of this post, here are the TWO winners who have won themselves a brand new pair of Crocs Tone Shoes worth $90! I'll be sending the winners an email real soon!

Hi Jezzie, thank you for such an insightful comment! You definitely deserve a brand new pair! Hope your new crocs shoes help lighten your leg problem.

I've been thinking through the night as to who should be the other winner for the next TWO comments:


Personally, I thought that the benefits can be written in more proper sentences rather than copy and paste and making the sentence sounds a little funny. I wish that I had stated this in the first place. Well since I didn't...

Congratulations Coldkohmew, for winning the other pair of Crocs Tone shoes!


Hi Sky, if you're reading this, I really hope you win the next time. You were so close!
Hi Shin, I'm sorry I didn't get your comment but I definitely got your email. I hope you had received mine.

To everyone: There are plenty more giveaways for you. Do try to log in to your gmail account before you leave a comment so that blogger doesn't ask you to log in and refresh a new comment page for you. Your comments will be lost! To be safe, always select & copy the comment you've written so even if the page gets lost, you can paste and send it in again.

Keep trying, you'll never know you might be one of the lucky ones the next time!


  1. Oh my goodness,Mint! You gotta a great deal-ring,watch plus earrings!! :P

  2. by the way, i am valentine a.k.a stardreamer cos i like to dream under the

  3. Valentine: :) don't worry, I dream alot too. Success comes from dreams so you're on the right track dear.

    Coldkohmew: You deserve it! :)

  4. That was absolutely beautifulTourist. You have a gift for writing and it shows. Thank you for all of your work on this blog - I REALLY enjoy reading it AND the beautiful pictures.