Monday, November 30, 2009

I am a pampered princess.

There's always Sunshine after the Rain.
I am a such Pampered Princess now.

DD is spoiling me rotten.
Genuine friends stayed by my side,
My family supports everything that i do,
and my dreams are gradually coming true.

I am so,so blessed.
Thank you all for the willingness to share a part of my life story with me.

I feel so blessed,
Very,very blessed.

With All my Talented Musicians.

I heart them all!
Nave, YuXian, Longyin, Desmond, Arvind and Wei Xiang.
They are SOOOO full of musical talents.


The Video below was done up by Nave.
Personal comments:
We need to dress up.
I need to LOOK INTO THE CAMERA and smile more often.

I love the final part of the video!
The last 20-30secs.

I heart Nave's bedroom,
where my dreams always come true...

The recording at NAFA was a success.
All thanks to the willingness of passionate friends.

After lunch at Midfortune Centre,
We found a wonderful spot at SMU,
and started a little jamming session with the talents.

Oh god,
i've really never done this before.
And seriously,
i've enjoyed myself more than anything in this world.

I MUST improve my vocals and singing techniques so that
one day,
i'll be able to compliment their music.


Ashley's Birthday @ BEDS

This happened last Friday Night.
I didn't stay throughout.

Happy Birthday to you,
Dear Ashley.

She's one of the best singers I know!

Patrick serving Lychee Champagne for us. (on the house)

Amanda(My Man) and Ashley

Susanne and Ashley

Patrick and Ashley

Novem and Ashley.

Kane and Ashley
Paul and Ashley.

Miko and Ashley
Winnie and Ashley

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Busy week!

My life is so packed with activities!
I was out with the Flutter and talented musicians on Thurs and Friday.
I really enjoyed my time with them,
singing and 'buskering' at SMU.

Nave brought his entire bedroom here!
He is such a dedicated person at times;
sometimes really honorable and i really appreciate it alot.

Saw my beloved Andrew on the way to BEDS to attend Ashley's Birthday.
I shall call him out and meet him soon!
celebrating Ashley's birthday.
I went to join the Pizza Making session organised by The New Paper and Social Development Network.
The photos are still with William.
I will update soon!
It's Sunday today!
Went for lunch at Causeway Point with My special Mei,
Xiao Razer, her elder Brother Jaime and her bf, Pek Feng.
I love Xiao Razer! *muacks*
after sending her bf and her back to seng Kang,
DD and I decide to drop by Punggol Marina and Punggol End.
I'm off to work now.
Will upload photos and videos tomorrow.

Busy Week

i will BLOG soon,
i promise!

Schedule too packed!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I feel so SLIM!!!

2.5 hours at the gym and went for a jog with my Dum.
He's a sweetie. :)

Demsey Road is really a wonderful place to relax and chill.
I was at P.S Cafe with my good old friend, Eddie, and my Dum.
We had root beer float, White Wine and Bailey's.

Can't wait to see Eddie again!

He asked about Sharlene and Joel.
Isn't he a sweetie too...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i'm going to slim down.
i'm going to aim for FULL attendance in school from tomorrow onwards.
i'm going to make sure i work FULL shift at BEDs.

No more slacking!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NANA With Birthday Girl- Crystal

The ladyboss of 'Catty and Eve' at Clementi Rd,
(beside NUS),
she's the nicest person in the world!!!


She gave me so many free gifts!
Bookmarks, Member card that's supposed to cost $8,
redemption card with chop,
discounts and even free wrapping service!

Passion, PASSION! :)

This Hello Kitty is This Year's Tokyo Xmas Season Series.

Happy Birthday Crystal, my love love.

Sisters forever!

NANA was freezing COLD!

My love love anxiously unwrapping her favourite Hello Kitty gifts.

I want to be a THAI!

This dancer simply earned herself minimum $5000 and above in one night!

For the period i was there at NANA,

everytime she went up to dance on stage,

a $500 or $1000 banner would be given to her.


Love love and I said her boobs are getting really big,


We camwhored each other;

and the above was the result of us taking each other since there's nobody else

to take our photos for us.

I heart Crystal. :)