Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thomson- The Roti Prata House

I had a Superb dinner.

Although it's just Banana prata,
Sardine Murtabak, Crackers and
Maggi Goreng...

It's the crowd i'm with that really makes my day.

Lao EE's helmet made me thought that i had multiple visions.
But it's his visor that's really doing those illusions;
spoilt and needs to be changed.
Faster go get me a personal helmet.
I'm a good pillion,
so you can pillion me often from now on.
i told u right...

I didn't know Sebes and saiful stayed so near me!
And i have a new Chauffeur to school every morning.

I look old and tired.
And i really am tired and feel older with the eye bags.
I want to learn make up!
24hr never seems enough for me.

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