Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NANA With Birthday Girl- Crystal

The ladyboss of 'Catty and Eve' at Clementi Rd,
(beside NUS),
she's the nicest person in the world!!!


She gave me so many free gifts!
Bookmarks, Member card that's supposed to cost $8,
redemption card with chop,
discounts and even free wrapping service!

Passion, PASSION! :)

This Hello Kitty is This Year's Tokyo Xmas Season Series.

Happy Birthday Crystal, my love love.

Sisters forever!

NANA was freezing COLD!

My love love anxiously unwrapping her favourite Hello Kitty gifts.

I want to be a THAI!

This dancer simply earned herself minimum $5000 and above in one night!

For the period i was there at NANA,

everytime she went up to dance on stage,

a $500 or $1000 banner would be given to her.


Love love and I said her boobs are getting really big,


We camwhored each other;

and the above was the result of us taking each other since there's nobody else

to take our photos for us.

I heart Crystal. :)

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