Monday, November 23, 2009


At Vivocity....
I regretted not bringing Uncle's new DSLR camera out to try.

Enjoyed the sun, the company,
the Singapore Design Festival,
the BEN & JERRY'S Ice-cream(Hurray!)
and 2012.

Everyone MUST try the coffee flavour @ Ben and Jerry's!

X'mas is coming.
A new beginning is coming.
My life is going to start anew,
and get myself a new phone;
please let me 'fall in love' for any model,
nothing has yet caught my eye...
U only live your life once,
so live it right.
You don't have to envy someone with a good life.
The fact is, you can live a life like that IF YOU WANT.
There's never a good or bad life;
it's HOW you want to live it.
wake up if you're still dreaming, alright?
If the world is really going to end,
i want to die in my sleep,
wth my Yoyo, niu niu and my family photo beside me.
Before that,
i'm going to call my mum and dad respectively to tell them that i love them.
Last but not least,
pray for everyone in this world to die in the least painful manner.
Good Luck to mankind;
stop killing one another.

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