Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Agony of Sg Teachers Facebook

The most concerned issue i had,
hit the headlines of today's The New Paper.

Primary school kids exposed to smut
photos & videos on Singapore Teacher's
Facebook Profile.

It's sensitive when it comes to posting photos or videos online.
My students used to ask me for my friendster and facebook account;
and i'll tell them,
"i don't have one"

My students will start to comment
that Miss Germaine is 'orbit'.
All the little voices,
trying to psycho me to create an account and add them up;
which eventually comes to an end by giving them extra homework
for 'irrelevant discussions'.

Friendster is still not so bad,
there's limited things you can do to it.
Just posting comments and photos.
But Facebook has become too personal with links, videos, blog links...

Which reminds me,
i had a student who asked me through MSN to add her in facebook.
I told her that my facebook is only opened to my friends and classmates.

I understand,
by being closer to your teacher,
you will want to go to her class and pay more attention.
The study environment becomes condusive.
To the extend,
u'll even feel good showing your peers
that ur teacher and you are 'friends'.

But if i start ending you students,
there's alot of things i can't post up anymore.

Dear Internet,
are you a friend or foe?

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