Sunday, November 15, 2009

Careless Dad and Mum.

I was taking a feeder bus to Woodlands Interchange yesterday,
sitting right behind the first exit door of the bendy-bus.

A chinese couple in their 30s,
decided to alight at one of the bus stops along the journey.
The woman was carrying an abt a year old baby,
the man was pushing a pram and carrying
bags of groceries in white 'seng siong' plastic bags.
There were at least 5-6 of them.

Both alighted the bus clumsily,
as they tried to help each other squeeze the open pram
and the bags through the exit door.

They finally made it after about 3-4minutes.
The other passengers were getting impatient,
including me.

The door close and the bus jerked to a move.

Before long,
the man was running like mad after the bus,
which had just left the bus stop.

He signalled for the bus driver to open the door for him as he ran.
Passengers helped shouted to catch the bus driver's attention.

After about 50m,
the bus halted to a stop.
Mr Bus driver opened the 2nd exit door for the poor running man.
Believe me, his facial expression was classic when he boarded again.

He ran up to the place he'd previously sat on;
the seats in front an open space on the right for passengers to stand.

He carried up a little girl in a pink dress frantically.
she looked about 4 or 5 years old.
The little girl had gone pale with fright.
She quickly buried her face into the man's shoulders
as the man asked in chinese-obviously he's from china when he spoke,
"Why didn't you follow daddy down the bus, silly girl?!"

As they both make their way down the bus,
I felt a sense of strong family love.
It must've been traumatising for both parent and child.

I miss my Mum, and Dad... ...

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