Monday, November 30, 2009

With All my Talented Musicians.

I heart them all!
Nave, YuXian, Longyin, Desmond, Arvind and Wei Xiang.
They are SOOOO full of musical talents.


The Video below was done up by Nave.
Personal comments:
We need to dress up.
I need to LOOK INTO THE CAMERA and smile more often.

I love the final part of the video!
The last 20-30secs.

I heart Nave's bedroom,
where my dreams always come true...

The recording at NAFA was a success.
All thanks to the willingness of passionate friends.

After lunch at Midfortune Centre,
We found a wonderful spot at SMU,
and started a little jamming session with the talents.

Oh god,
i've really never done this before.
And seriously,
i've enjoyed myself more than anything in this world.

I MUST improve my vocals and singing techniques so that
one day,
i'll be able to compliment their music.


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